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What Does Lace Think About Chad After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She's Not Amused

After what has been described as the shortest relationship in Bachelor In Paradise history, Chad and Lace ended their hurricane of a pairing shortly after it began Tuesday night on the season premiere of Bachelor In Paradise. The morning after both Lace and Chad got completely wasted and developed a weird relationship based on sexual tension and being mean to each other, the harsh light of day changed everything. And what does Lace think about Chad after Bachelor In Paradise? On the show, she was totally disgusted with the way he'd handled himself toward the end of the night, when the drinking had increased. Then in the morning, when he was confronted with everything he'd said to the women of Bachelor In Paradise, he was even worse, and she saw that. And now, with filming done on Bachelor In Paradise, Lace is still unamused by Chad's antics and Chad in general.

When Lace was on Season 20 of The Bachelor, competing for Ben's heart, she got a reputation as an early villain, and Chad was viewed similarly during his season on The Bachelorette, so it only makes sense that they would gravitate toward each other. Still, was it a good idea? It made for excellent drama for everyone on the first night in paradise, but no, it was good for no one. And when someone tweeted at Lace that "Chad is hilarious," she was super quick to shoot that down.

When Lace Morris, of Season 20 of The Bachelor, and Chad Johnson, of Season 12 of The Bachelorette met on Bachelor In Paradise, it was like a match made in dysfunctional Heaven. They were kind of drawn to each other's chaos, and eventually, after several drinks and shots, they were a unit for like two hours, before Chad started acting a fool and Lace was done. Then, he started in on all of the other women, insulting them to no end, sending Sarah Herron running off in tears that we all kind of shared with her, and being the villain we all remembered him to be.

The next morning, Chad was actually surprised when Chris Harrison told him to get his things and basically GTFO of paradise. Come on Chad, really? And Lace being over Chad like a few hours after whatever they were began extends to friends of Chad too. We haven't seen her say as much on Bachelor In Paradise just yet, but on Twitter, she's been quick to shoot down fans' claims that she belongs with his BFF, Daniel. Please, God, no.

Luckily, any possibility of Chad and Lace on Bachelor In Paradise died out when Chad passed out, a drunken mess who'd allegedly pooped his pants. Unfortunately this means we won't have Hurricane Chad to entertain and offend us for the duration of the season, but we will have the chance to see a more mature Lace find actual love on Bachelor In Paradise.