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Lauren B. May Have Made A Major Change In Her Life After 'The Bachelor'

With Arie Luyendyk Jr. down to his final two Bachelor contestants, Lauren Burnham and Becca Kufrin, things are getting serious in more ways than one, though it's not clear yet who he proposes to and who gets sent packing. He seems to have admitted to falling in love with both of them, but in the end, only one can win that final rose. So, what is Lauren B. doing now after The Bachelor?

When you end up in the final two on The Bachelor, you almost have to wonder if it’s not a better deal to be sent home well before then to save yourself some of the potential heartbreak. At least then, you can work through your emotions privately before things get too far. It’s difficult to say if Arie ends up proposing to Becca or Lauren B. and, as to be expected, Lauren B.’s Instagram is bare of any clues to give away whether she’s currently engaged or not. But aside from either having her heart broken or going home to hide an engagement, she seems to have taken the time to bond with family and friends from back home. In fact, it looks like she may have made the move from Dallas, Texas, where she’d been living before The Bachelor, back home to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Since filming for The Bachelor ended in November, it would seem that Lauren B. moved back home to Virginia Beach, given all of her Instagram posts where she adds the location to show that she’s back in her hometown, seemingly for good. I don't know if that has anything to do with the way things turn out with Arie’s proposal at the end of the season, but it could mean something very good or very bad for her. She may have very well had her heart broken and needed to make the move back to her hometown near her family to recuperate, Or, Lauren B. is now engaged to Arie and decided to leave her life in Dallas behind and wait out the interim period in Virginia Beach before she and Arie are allowed to announce their engagement to the world. Either way, there's a good chance that what appears to be a big move for Lauren B. correlated with her experience on The Bachelor.

On Lauren B.’s LinkedIn profile, she has her tech sales job in Texas still listed, but she also has a marketing job on there that doesn't have an end date and is based in Virginia Beach, so it’s also likely that work has taken her back to her hometown and she decided to make the move official once filming ended for The Bachelor. Either way, it was obviously a big change for Lauren B. and lately things seem to be about reconnecting with her loved ones and spending time with them.

She also seems to have maintained a close (and adorable) friendship with Jacqueline Trumbull, who’s from West Virginia. They even recently had a professional photo shoot that Lauren B. posted on Instagram with the caption "Just a couple of VA girls." With so many women and so few episodes to fit literally everything in throughout the season, it's often hard for The Bachelor to really capture not only some of the women’s personalities, but also some of their friendships. But apparently Jacqueline and Lauren B. got close while going through The Bachelor journey together and even after filming, they stayed in touch.

I don’t know if Lauren B.’s big move across the country has anything to do with how Arie’s season of The Bachelor ends, but at the very least, she seems to be happy and enjoying life after The Bachelor. Whether that’s because she’s moved on from the race car driver/real estate agent or because she’s planning to marry the guy, Lauren B. seems to be doing well and walked away from the show with at least one new BFF.

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