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Sasha Pieterse Found Success At A Very Young Age

The "stars" part of Dancing With the Stars typically includes a few younger celebrity contestants each season who might be lesser known among the other actors and athletes. Sasha Pieterse is definitely one of the young ones this season, but at 21 years old, her star is only continuing to rise and she’s definitely not new to the acting game. So, what is Sasha Pieterse’s net worth before she decided to hit the ballroom floor on Dancing With the Stars?

The actress already has an impressive resume and according to AOL.com, she's already racked up a net worth of $2 million. Fans know her best as Alison DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars, but long before she was part of the mystery and intrigue that the Freeform series brought for seven years, Pieterse was dipping her toes into the acting pool as a young kid. In 2002 at the age of six, she co-starred in the WB series Family Affair and a few years later appeared in the much-loved Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D movie.

She later had a multi-episode arc in the NBC series Heroes and then landed a role in the Disney Channel Original Movie Geek Charming, and if there’s one thing we all know and love about Disney Channel Originals, it’s that they’re pretty much timeless and almost a rite of passage for some stars. Obviously the biggest part of Pieterse’s career has been her role on PLL though, making the 21-year-old an accomplished actress already.

Fans may not have been too familiar with Pieterse before she landed her role on PLL back in 2010, but in an old audition tape on YouTube, you can see that the actress’ talent was already there, even at a young age. Not many 21-year-old actresses can lay claim to such success without there being at least a little bit of scandal thrown in there, but it seems like Pieterse has a good head on her shoulders. This will no doubt take her far this season on DWTS, since you have to have a certain amount of focus and discipline to have a chance at the Mirrorball trophy.

Up next for Pieterse, that is if PLL doesn't get resurrected, is the movie Honored, which is still in production and described on IMDB as "A story of 4 friends and a bucket list." But since Pieterse is also currently on DWTS Season 25, I guess a full schedule doesn’t scare her, which is good since those all-day DWTS rehearsals can be grueling. And apparently, they’ve already been that way for Pieterse. "[I’m] so sore," she told Us Weekly. "Ice baths and sore in places that I didn’t even know were possible. That is a challenge, but I feel like it’s awesome and it’s conditioning. There is no turning back now, but I’ve been having so much fun."

It also doesn’t hurt that the PLL star already has the confidence to beat out the other contestants this season. "I’m 100% competitive. Everyone has been so nice and friendly so that aspect I don’t think will change," she admitted. "But like, I’m going to win."

Pieterse told Entertainment Tonight that she’d been approached "three or four" years ago to participate on DWTS, but had to decline due to scheduling conflicts. So now that the series finale of PLL is behind her, apparently there’s no better time for her to compete on the ballroom floor.

Pieterse might be the youngest contestant on DWTS this season, but as her net worth and career show, she already has the drive to keep her going throughout the season. And if she’s as competitive as she claims to be, then pro partner Gleb Savchenko really has nothing to worry about.

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