'Floribama Shore' Season 3 Could Be More Dramatic & That's Saying Something

Floribama Shore Season 2 is coming to an end, but before you hang up your beach towel and disconnect the alligator phone, you might be thinking about what comes next. Because of the mid-season break, the season honestly felt like two combined, which might make some fans worry that there will be a longer wait for Season 3. As of right now, there has been no official announcement and it’s still uncertain when Floribama Shore Season 3 will premiere.

Season 2 saw more fights, makeups, and breakups than Season 1 while the cast continued to get to know each other. There were also some almost hookups between cast members who might not have seemed like a match at the start of the series. Ahem, I’m looking at you, Codi and Candace. While they aren’t exactly a couple right now, there might be some feelings there that need to be addressed next season. And Gus and Nilsa went back and forth with their own feelings for each other throughout the season, finally ending things on a platonic note. But it seems like every time they’re thrown together in the Floribama Shore house, those feelings come rushing back. Season 3 is a must to see how the would-be couple works things out.

Although there’s been no official announcement about Season 3 of Floribama Shore, if the MTV reality show is renewed, it could premiere as early as this summer. Season 1 premiered in November 2017 with an eight episode order, but when the show returned in July 2018, it had a full 26-episode season. There’s a good chance that if Floribama Shore is renewed, filming can begin this spring in time for a summer premiere date.

MTV probably won't start filming until there’s an official Season 3 renewal, but right now, things are looking a little dicey. Even if Floribama Shore comes back, the network may not have booked the house just yet. The vacation house on Floribama Shore is booked for the first and last weeks in May, with a week in the middle of the month and some other days open. If Floribama Shore planned to film at the same house as the previous two seasons, I would think they would have the house booked for the allotted filming time.

There is the chance that the cast will return to the house but travel on a couple of different mini vacations throughout the season, much like they did during Season 2 when they went to New Orleans and then Cabo. But since nothing is set in stone yet, Season 3 filming and a premiere date are still up in the air.

If Floribama Shore is renewed for Season 3, I doubt fans would have to wait until November 2019, despite that being the same month the series premiered in 2017. If the extended second season is any indication of the show’s success, then Season 3 should be just as long, which would mean a premiere date later in the year just wouldn't make sense. Unfortunately, it’s all speculation right now since there’s been no official renewal, but the good news is that Floribama Shore hasn't officially been cancelled either.

If Season 2 was supposed to be the last one, I think MTV would have prepared viewers for that ahead of time. It’s possible that the renewal announcement was just put on hold until after the Season 2 finale aired. There’s definitely a lot of unfinished business that I refuse to watch play out on social media instead of on the actual show. Like Candace and Codi, who are still in limbo, even after he kissed her goodbye. And I’d like to see how Kortni works out filming another season with a new boyfriend back home. That just screams drama and I am here for it. Hopefully Floribama Shore will be renewed sooner rather than later with a premiere date attached.