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You're Going To Want All Of Beyonce's Holiday Merch

While most Americans were busy stuffing their faces with turkey and mashed potatoes yesterday, Beyoncé quietly won Thanksgiving by releasing her holiday merch, all of which should go on your wish-list this year. She lowkey announced the launch with one of her epic Instagram photoshoots and once you swipe through the pics, you're definitely going to want to get Beyoncé's "Thicc Holiday" shirt and everything else in the shop.

Most of the holiday line is made up of cute t-shirts and hoodies with adorable holiday messages and some great ornaments for you to deck your halls with. Thank you, Queen Bey. The standout might be the sweatshirt she wore in her Thanksgiving 'Grams this week, which reads "Have A Thicc Holiday," which might be the best sentiment ever for the season. What else are the holidays for if not laying around and eating tons of great food? Beyoncé gets us.

Other shirts read "Beyoncé Holiday Sweater" and "Sis The Season." There's a super, ironically ugly holiday sweater that reads, "Shinin'" and wrapping paper with "The Best Revenge Is Your Paper," one of a few callbacks to lyrics off the Lemonade album. There's even adult onesies and a shirt that features a picture of Beyoncé wearing her reindeer ears from her Christmas Instagram sessions last year, too. Right now, all of this and more is available exclusively on her website.

"Have A Thicc Holiday"

This is a must-have for every holiday party ever.

She Thinks Of Everything

She's been planning this all year, apparently.

Holiday Sweater

Who says your your holiday sweater has to be ugly, or even a sweater?

Shinin' Onesie

Even the tiniest members of the Bey Hive can show their love this season.

Yonce Onesie

These come in a few colors, so your whole squad can be comfy all winter.

Sis The Season

It's always about girl power.

Make Sure Your Accessories Slay

This phone case is too good to take off once the tree comes down.

Best Revenge Is Always Paper

This wrapping paper will be hard to throw away. Maybe just frame it.

Beyoncé really knows how to give her fans what they didn't even know they needed when it comes to her merch launches. It's been a busy year for her, too. In addition to being featured on Eminem's "Walk On Water" and "Mi Gente," a track written to raise funds for hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, Bey also gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi this summer.

Her husband, JAY-Z, has been on tour for his 4:44 album and little Blue Ivy has even made her first foray into rapping. So there's a lot to be thankful for this year for the Carter - Knowles crew.

Bey didn't share where she was enjoying the holiday meal, but former Destiny's Child member and friend Kelly Rowland told Access Hollywood that she remembers a lot of Thanksgiving dinners with Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Lawson.

She said, "We just eat. We enjoy each other's company, we have great conversation." Rowland also raved about her fave holiday meal. "It would probably be my Mama T's [Tina Lawson], she makes truffle macaroni and cheese that's pretty sensational." If we had that mac and cheese on our table, we'd need a "thicc holiday" sweatshirt, too.

Lawson posted on Instagram after dinner this week from the movie theater. She wrote, "This is not right !!! After eating all of that Thanksgiving dinner that we are at the movies getting popcorn and chocolate covered almonds but what the hell ! I will start on Monday." So you know the family was having a good holiday, too.

As if you'd expect anything less. Beyoncé, her mom, and all of her loved ones obviously know how to do the holidays right. BRB while I get my adult onesie and make some truffle mac and cheese to channel her fabulousness until the New Year.

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