Where To Rent Maternity Clothes, Because It's Actually A Really Brilliant & Convenient Idea

If spending money on maternity clothes makes you feel like you're tossing cash out the window, you're not alone. Pregnancy is so temporary, it's not like you can get away with convincing yourself that you're making an investment purchase. And yet, there's that little matter of needing clothes to wear. What to do? More and more expecting moms are deciding to rent outfits instead of paying full price for things they're only going to wear for a month or two at most. But where can you rent maternity clothes from?

Back in the old days, women who wanted to rent a maternity dress for a special event, say, probably had very few choices. Maybe formal wear rental places had "Mother-to-Be" sections? Or maybe not. Now, of course, you can rent literally anything on the internet (like, anything), so it only stands to reason that there would be some amazing maternity clothing rental options online. Whether you're looking to build an entire maternity wardrobe or just rent the occasional nice outfit, there are services available at a wide range of commitment and price levels. And naturally, there's way more variety than anything you'd find at a single store (online or off). Even better? There are lots of perks involved, like personal stylists and discounts on purchases.

1. Mine For Nine

Mine for Nine

Offering a wide variety of styles and plenty of flexibility, Mine for Nine gives you the option of borrowing or buying pieces: This black Dacja maternity dress, for example, can be borrowed for $38 per month or bought for $110. More than one item can be borrowed at a time, and most clothing can be kept longer than one month for an additional charge (with the exception of evening gowns, which can only be rented for 14 days). Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping, and Mine for Nine handles all the dry cleaning.

2. Rent The Runway

Rent the Runway

Expecting fashionistas everywhere rejoiced when Rent the Runway recently announced the launch of Rent the Runway Maternity. Like the regular RTR, the maternity version offers an enormous array of choices from designers including Ingrid & Isabel, Rosie Pope, Vince, Isabella Oliver, Citizens of Humanity, and more; the above blouse is from See by Chloe. Access maternity styles on rotation with RTR Unlimited ($159 per month for four items with unlimited swaps), RTR Update ($89 month for four items per month without the swaps), or RTR Reserve, a "pay as you rent" feature (prices start at $30 per piece for four to eight days). Cost of shipping is included in the monthly fee and items ship in two days; RTR handles the dry cleaning. Membership comes with complimentary access to personal maternity stylists as well as a discount on purchases, and right now subscribers will also receive a $75 gift credit to purchase Rosie Pope maternity basics.

3. Borrow For Your Bump

Borrow For Your Bump

If you're into subscription boxes, Borrow For Your Bump could be for you. When you fill out a style profile with the "Borrow a Box" option ($99 per month), a personal stylist will curate a box for you containing four items that you can keep for as long as you want. You can also "Borrow a Dress" for one to four weeks, though prices vary by item and generally range from $50 to $100, so the box option is probably a better deal. This lace cocktail dress from Seraphine, for example, rents for $68 (or more, depending on how long you keep it). Return shipping is free and you're not responsible for cleaning.

4. Le Tote

Le Tote

Another rental service that offers the curated box (or "tote") experience, Le Tote offers three levels of Maternity subscriptions: three clothing items and two accessories for $69 per month; four clothing items for $79 per month; or six clothing items for $99 per month. Totes are styled based on your input, but you can change the items before the tote ships. Plus, you can get as many totes as you want per month (but only one tote at a time). No purchase required, but members get 50% off the retail price of any items they decide they want to keep.

5. La Belle Bump

La Belle Bump

More personalized clothing boxes can be found at La Belle Bump. Fill out a style questionnaire and they'll send you a curated box of three items (for $69) or five items (for $99). Keep them for as long as you want, or exchange anytime. There's also a "special occasion" option which allows you to rent a single item for seven days; prices vary.