Where To Watch Alan Rickman's Best Movies So You Can Properly Celebrate The Actor

No matter which movies are your favorites, you're probably wondering where you can watch Alan Rickman's movies after hearing about his untimely death. Watching his films, from the Harry Potter series to Blow Dry, is a great way to celebrate the actor. (But make sure you have the tissues ready, because chances are you will cry.)

Known for some amazing performances, Rickman's film credits run the gamut of cinema. He's played criminal masterminds, sword-fighting villains, a double-agent wizard, a hairdresser, and even a giant, talking, floating cat. Known mostly for his roles as a baddie, Rickman has received tons of critical praise for playing such complex, difficult characters. He seems to embody these characters fully, but never so much that it interferes with other works. I mean, he is Professor Snape, right? But you can watch him in Love Actually or Sweeney Todd or The Butler and see no trace of Severus in his character. I'm not an acting coach, but I can only assume that feat is not easily achieved, especially since so many iconic roles take over an ordinary actor's future credits.

But Rickman was no ordinary actor. He was intense in the best way possible and took viewers on an incredibly journey with his acting prowess and his very real, cathartic emotions. Despite the fact that Rickman was never nominated for an Oscar, he's still one of the greatest actors of all time and should be honored with a binge session of his best and most compelling performances. If you're looking for where to watch Alan Rickman's best films, here is a list of 17 movies to stream and buy. It's time you built up that Rickman collection anyway.


'Die Hard'

The role that put him on Hollywood's radar is also one of his most memorable. Playing villain Hans Gruber against Bruce Willis's John McClane in Die Hard, Rickman is absolutely terrifying and a must-see.

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'Love Actually'

It may be advertised as a Christmas movie, but Alan Rickman's portrayal of Harry, the husband of Emma Thompson's character, is worth watching year round. Their story is one of the most heartbreaking of Love Actually, but will leave you with hope.

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'The Butler'

Rickman really goes for a different role in The Butler with his portrayal of President Ronald Reagan. It's enormous proof of his talent and will blow your mind, especially if you know him for his more iconic roles.

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'Blow Dry'

Alan Rickman as a hairdresser — what more do you need to know? OK, fine. I'll tell you that Blow Dry is touching, absolutely hilarious, and his performance in it is one of my favorites.

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A film based on the history of former New York music venue CBGB, the movie stars Alan Rickman as real-life club owner Hilly Kristal. His club quickly becomes known as the birthplace of underground punk and rock and roll, so Rickman leading the cast makes it even more badass.

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'Bottle Shock'

You love wine. You love Alan Rickman. Then you'll love Bottle Shock. The film is based off of a 1976 wine competition where Paris was defeated by a surprising competitor. It's a must-see with Rickman portraying a wine shop owner.

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'Galaxy Quest'

One of my favorite Rickman films also stars some other great actors (Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver for example) and can definitely be described as fun. Galaxy Quest is the story of the cast of an old sci-fi television show and their interactions with aliens that believe their TV show was actually a historical documentary. I know, you already want to watch it.

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Playing another baddie, Rickman plays Colin Firth's abusive boss in the art world. Firth tries to seek revenge on Rickman, and the movie quickly becomes a black comedy. Seriously, put it on your list.

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'Harry Potter'

The complete collection of our favorite saga is worth watching over and over with Alan Rickman's portrayal of Professor Severus Snape. I honestly don't think he's ever played a more complex role and I'm so glad he's legendary because of it.

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'Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves'

The movie may not have received a lot of praise, but Rickman sure did as Sheriff of Nottingham. A total villain, his performance is seriously delightful to watch and even earned him a BAFTA for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

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'Sense And Sensibility'

Losing the villain role for a bit, Alan Rickman blows everyone away as the romantic Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. Even if you're not a fan of period pieces, this one is worth a watch to see his incredible talent.

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'Alice In Wonderland'

You may only get to hear him as the Cheshire Cat, but Rickman still earns a lot of praise for playing one of the most famous characters in literature.

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'Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber Of Fleet Street'

This Tim Burton adaptation of an outrageously popular musical is entertaining, but it's Rickman's performance as the evil Judge Turpin that will keep you glued to your seat. You can also hear him sing, which is half the reason to watch this film.

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'Romeo & Juliet'

In the 1978 TV-movie, Alan Rickman plays Tybalt in Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo & Juliet. You don't have to be a theatre buff to appreciate his sword skills and immaculate performance.

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'A Little Chaos'

One you definitely can't skip out on seeing, A Little Chaos was directed by Alan Rickman himself. It's another British period piece and features some incredible performances, including one by Rickman as King Louis XIV of France.

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'An Awfully Big Adventure'

Set in a theatre troupe shortly after World War II, Rickman plays an actor haunted by his war experiences and grieving the loss of his love, a woman he also believes gave birth to his son. He ends up pursuing a young girl that he seems to have a deep emotional connection with, but the final twist near the end of the movie is one you'll never see coming, but will leave you deeply heartbroken.

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A fantasy thriller, Perfume is set in 18th century France and focuses on a murderer who kills women in order to extract their scents for his perfume. Totally creepy, but Alan Rickman's portrayal as the father of one of the murderer's intended victims is marvelous.

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Image: Twentieth Century Fox