The White House will welcome trick-or-treaters this year.
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Trump Will Hand Out Candy To Trick-Or-Treaters At The White House This Weekend

While communities across the country are deciding what Halloween will look like for them this year, it has been confirmed that there will be trick-or-treating at the White House in 2020. Since everyone now knows what a big fan First Lady Melania Trump is of decorating for the holidays, this should be interesting.

Ever since First Lady Mamie Eisenhower first decided it would be a good idea to decorate the White House for Halloween in 1958, presidents and their wives have been celebrating the holiday. President John F. Kennedy was the first president to start handing out candy to little trick-or-treaters as a father of two young children himself, and since then the tradition has continued.

President Donald Trump has been keeping up with the trick-or-treating since being voted into office in 2016, but naturally 2020 looks a little different and the fate of the White House Halloween celebrations were uncertain. COVID-19 concerns and rising numbers of confirmed cases have caused many communities to reconsider whether or not they would allow children to trick-or-treat this Halloween. Not to mention the fact that the president, first lady, and their son Barron Trump all tested positive for the coronavirus earlier in October.

Never fear, trick-or-treaters; White House staffers will join the president and first lady in welcoming children of frontline workers and military families to dress up in their costumes on Oct. 25 for some spooky fun. Plus candy handed out by President Trump... with some extra safety precautions.

The White House issued a press release explaining that social distancing measures will be in place, personnel working at the event will wear face coverings as will all attendees above the ages of 2 years old, and there will be a reduced guest capacity and the hours will be extended. There will be hand sanitizer made available and a no-touch approach to trick-or-treating will be observed.

If there are any children dressed as a Minion this year, perhaps President Trump can simply put candy on their head as he did in 2019. Or toss it.

Hopefully First Lady Melania Trump likes Halloween more than Christmas. In early October, according to CNN, a former friend of the first lady released a phone conversation where she was heard complaining about decorating the White House for Christmas because "who gives a f**k about Christmas stuff and decoration?" Jury's still out on if she feels the same about Halloween...

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