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Whitney Port Turns To This 'Hills' Costar For Parenting Advice

Even though parenting is not a one-size-fits-all journey, sometimes you need to turn to a fellow parent to make sense of your struggles. That could be your best friend, your sibling, your own parents, or an online buddy. In the case of TV personalities, it may even be a fellow cast member. In a recent interview, The Hills star Whitney Port said she'd turn to this costar for parenting advice: Audrina Patridge.

Earlier this year, Port announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Tim Rosenman, who she married in 2015. The 32-year-old MTV alum and fashion designer told US Weekly in an interview published Wednesday that, if she ever felt like she needed "anything," she would reach out to Patridge. "Audrina is such a great girl," Port said.

Patridge was among one of the first Hills cast members to become a parent. According to E! Online, the former reality TV personality gave birth to her first child, Kirra Max Bohan, with husband Corey Bohan in June 2016. But Port is not the only costar to embark on the parenting journey; Hills costars Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag are also pregnant.

It's wonderful that Port has someone she trusts who she could turn to for advice. Having a close friend or loved one to confide in helps you make sense of this roller coaster called parenting. They can provide you with affirmation about your role as a parent or different perspective that change your whole outlook on parenting.

Before moving to Texas from New York, I would often talk to my younger sister, who has two children, about my parenting woes and victories. We would lament, usually over text, about difficult moments, as well as celebrate milestones. Even though I am now 1,780 miles away, she's still someone I turn to from time-to-time when I need advice or want to share kid news. I couldn't imagine not sharing my parenting journey with her; the same goes for my two best friends, one of whom is also a mom.

I am also grateful for Fit4Mom Sunset Valley, also known as Stroller Strides, the mom fitness group I belong to here in Austin. When I moved to the city a year ago, I didn't know anyone except for a few journalists, all of whom don't have children, save for one person. So it was important for me to connect with like-minded parents who could relate to my parenting concerns and joys, as well as understand my point-of-view. I tried a few groups before joining Fit4Mom eight months ago; none of them could match the enthusiasm, community, love and support Stroller Strides gave me.

Whether it's a co-star or a best friend, knowing that there is someone you could rely on for parenting advice really helps soothe the soul. I know that, without my confidantes, I would be lost as a parent.