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Whole Foods Is Open Christmas Eve, But What About Christmas Day?

“I forgot marshmallows for the hot cocoa!” “How are we going to make Christmas cookies with no sprinkles?” “I can’t believe I didn’t get enough rosemary.” If you’re in a pinch this Christmas Eve, you may be wondering: Is Whole Foods open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Well, the answer is yes (sort of) but you’ll need to double check on when.

All Whole Foods stores are closed on Christmas Day, unfortunately. To find out if your local Whole Foods will be open on Christmas Eve, and exactly what their hours are, you’ll need to ring up your neighborhood location. Use their store locator to find the store you’d like to visit. Click the drop-down arrow next to the store’s address to find their phone number. Many stores are open their usual hours this day, but they can vary slightly, so be sure to call ahead.

If one of the reasons you’re wondering about Whole Foods’ holiday hours is because you still need to slap together a Christmas meal, they have a delicious looking menu pre-planned online. The spread includes a yummy starter salad with pears, walnuts, and goat cheese, a hearty main of beef tenderloin, and delicious sides, like scalloped potatoes and green beans with shallots. Each item has a printable recipe you can take with you into the store to simplify the Christmas Eve grocery scramble.

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If you’re hosting a Christmas Eve or Day party and need to stock up in advance, be sure to check out Whole Foods’ annual 12 Days of Cheeses from Dec. 12 through Dec. 23. The store is offering 50% off all artisanal cheeses so you can delight guests with a delicious cheese board, or delight yourself with a well-stocked dairy drawer in your fridge going into the New Year.