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Sunday Night's 'Big Brother 19' Episode Is MIA For A Very Important Reason

After Friday’s special episode of Big Brother 19, there had to be a catch, right? As it turns out, Friday’s episode aired since there was no episode scheduled for Sunday night. But why isn’t Big Brother 19 on tonight? There’s one more episode left this season and it’s the two-hour finale on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Tonight, instead of Big Brother 19, the 2017 Emmy Awards are on CBS in its usual time slot. At the very least, there was the Friday episode to make up for Big Brother 19 not being on tonight and then, Wednesday’s episode will end the season with the jury vote and winner of the $500,000 prize money.

With just three remaining houseguests, things are officially very real in the Big Brother house and there are no more episodes leading up to the live finale night. The season overall has been full of surprises, twists (of course), and more than one surprise double eviction that warranted an episode in addition to the usual three per week. Unfortunately, Big Brother 19 isn’t on tonight to get the house ready for any special competition. Instead the network is playing host to the 2017 Emmy Awards show. Which means that when the show returns on Wednesday, it will be the finale of Big Brother 19 and the end of another wild season of watching strangers via feeds from dozens of cameras.

Of all the houseguests, there’s no denying the intricate and well-planned game Paul has played, working on almost all of the houseguests in order to secure his place in the final two to win it all in the end. Fans won’t get to see him continue his plans on Big Brother 19 tonight, but that will just make his expected (though not all the way certain) victory Wednesday night that much sweeter for his fans.

Of course, there’s the chance that Paul doesn’t get enough jury votes to win Big Brother 19, but the season has been a rollercoaster ride overall. From double evictions to Cody’s Battleback victory that helped him get back in the game and in the house, only to eventually be the first houseguest in jury, there have definitely been some memorable moments. Yes, all of Paul’s plans have made his game somewhat predictable, but there’s another way to look at it.

The bullying and sometimes over-the-line instigating Paul administered from those in his many alliances were in no way called for, but overall, he played a sneaky and pretty smart Big Brother game this season. He managed to have his adversaries taken out with ease without getting any blood on his hands, thanks to his secret meetings with different houseguests at different times. And now he’s at the end of another season, hoping to win the whole game. Like him or not, how Paul is a fierce competitor.

When Big Brother 19 returns on Wednesday for its finale, fans are either going to find out just how Paul’s game was perceived by the majority of the house during jury votes. Plus, there’s still the announcement of America’s Favorite Houseguest from Big Brother 19 and maybe another look into the jury house before all of the jury members are brought back to the Big Brother stage for the finale.

Unlike past episodes, where pre-season football ran over and interfered with Big Brother’s regular programming or forced the new episode to air much later in the night, there’s no episode schedule for tonight regardless. So enjoy the night off from Big Brother 19 as the remaining houseguests gear up for Wednesday’s live finale and try to stay positive about losing or winning half a million dollars.

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