mom taking photo of her child on the first day of school

From Poses To Backgrounds, These Are The Best Back-To-School Picture Ideas

Your pics will definitely get an A+ for effort.

Freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils. Composition notebooks. It’s the most wonderful time of the year — when kids go back to school, that is. And to commemorate the start of the scholarly season, you’ll most likely want to whip out your camera to capture the moment. So assuming your kiddo will cooperate, (because sometimes they just don’t), these back-to-school picture ideas will put them at the head of the class.

As sensational as your summer might have been, there’s nothing like a new school year to make you heave a huge sigh of relief. After all, even if your kid goes to camp, you’re still going to be together… a lot. That’s probably, in part, why there’s such a buzz in the air when back-to-school items hit the store shelves. And all that new clothing, haircuts, backpacks and other school supplies are all part of the excitement that deserves to be documented.

So make sure your phone is charged, and get ready to snap some awesome back-to-school pictures that you’ll want to look at long after your kiddo has boarded the school bus.

Back To School Poses

No matter what position you pick, you’ll want your back-to-school images to have an academic angle to them. And that usually comes via props you can use for the pictures.

Holding Books

By far, this is the easiest way to show that this is your child’s first day back at school. They can hold some of their new notebooks, or even pretend to be reading a new book.

Wearing A Backpack

Sometimes the best accessory for your child to wear in their back-to-school portrait is their backpack. It immediately connotes “school” and chances are, your kiddo will be happy to show off their new school gear.

Holding An Apple

An apple is the perfect prop for a back-to-school pic. Have you child hold it, or even take a bite out of it if they’re running late for the bus and haven’t had breakfast yet.

Back To School Backgrounds

No matter what style you select for your back-to-school background, you’ll want to keep it simple and uncluttered. Here are some options:

A Brick Wall

For a background that has a bit of an edge, you can’t beat a brick wall. The clean lines make a brick wall a classic choice, especially since it can look like the façade of a school, too. Have your kiddo sling their backpack over their shoulder for a cool back-to-school shot.

Outside Your Home

Sometimes you don’t have to go too far to get a great image. Before heading off to school, simply position your child outside your home. They can stand by the front door, or sit on the steps or on your pretty porch. They can hold a notebook or an apple as a way to show it’s the start of school.

In A Field

You just can’t go wrong with an image shot in a field or a grassy area. You can position a batch of books in the grass and have your child sit on top of them. Or you can have your child “reading” a book among the flowers and other flora for a more natural back-to-school photo.

Outside School

The first day of school is always chaotic. So if time got away from you in the a.m. (and you didn’t have time to get a pic in), you can always snag one by the school. It can be on the side of the steps (and away from the other students), or even in the schoolyard.

By The School Bus

If your kiddo is big enough to board the school bus, well, then you’ve got the most perfect backdrop. Set your phone to Portrait so that it blurs out the background, and have your child face you as their bus pulls up to meet them. It’s the quintessential back-to-school shot.

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Back To School Backdrops

No time to create the perfect backdrop? No problem. These back-to-school backdrops will make your pictures perfectly themed for the special day.

Back To School Instagram Captions

Let’s say that you managed to snag a pretty decent shot of your child before they either scowled at you, turned their back, or had a meltdown before getting on the bus. Well, the hard part is over, right? Not necessarily. You’ll want something quippy to accompany said cute back-to-school photo. But if the words are failing to flow, these universal back-to-school Instagram captions can cover it all.

“School daze”

“And so the adventure begins.”

“Head of the class.”

“Work hard, nap harder.”

“Too cool for school.”

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for this mom.”

These back-to-school picture ideas can help you elevate your images while also documenting your child’s educational adventure. Be sure to replicate the image again on the last day of school so you can see how far your child (and your whole family, really) has come in a matter of months.