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These 26 'Frozen 2' Toys Are Worth Every Penny

Like, every last one.

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Ever since Frozen 2 came out, it might feel like there’s been an avalanche of Anna and Elsa-inspired toys crashing their way into your home. And yet, your kiddo probably still doesn’t have all the pretty playthings that are out there, because, mama, there are a lot of them. Now that the holidays are over, though, your kid might be missing that one figure or play set that she had her heart set on. So if you have to schlep back into a toy store to exchange a toy, these 26 Frozen 2 toys are worth every penny.

Raise your hand if your child got a duplicate doll from a well-meaning relative during the holiday season. (Hand raised high right here.) But how many Elsas does your kid really need? Exactly. And with Frozen 2, there are a bunch of new characters that your child might want to play with, from the Nokk, a mythical water spirit, to the loyal Lieutenant Mattias who was trapped for 34 years in the Enchanted Forest.

With this list, at least you won’t be heading off into the unknown (get it?), and you’ll be able to get the Frozen 2 toys that your kid really wants.

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Disney Frozen 2 Sing & Swing Olaf

You won’t be able to resist giving this adorable Olaf a nice warm hug. He says phrases from the film and sings “When I Am Older,” while swinging and dancing to his signature song. And FYI: Olaf runs on 3 AA batteries.


Disney Frozen 2 Anna and Kristoff Fashion Dolls

Now your kid can recreate scenes from the movie with these Anna and Kristoff dolls. Although Anna’s red hair is styled in an updo, it might not last too long depending on the hair styling skills of your kiddo.


Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Fashion Doll and Nokk Figure

There are some fun new faces in Frozen 2, and the Nokk is definitely one of them. Your kid will have a blast having Elsa harness the power of the Nokk and ride it over the ocean’s waves (or in this case, the bathtub).


Disney Frozen 2 Into the Unknown Singing Feature Elsa Doll

First, there was “Let It Go.” But Frozen 2 is all about “Into The Unknown,” which is the song that this sweet little Elsa doll will sing to your child. But don’t worry; she also says 14 phrases from the movie, too. And woot, her dress also lights up in a beautiful pattern.


Disney Frozen 2 Necklace Activity Set

If you want to craft some memorable moments from the movie, this activity set can help. The set includes five rubber character charms and necklaces, 150 colorful beads, and a cute carrying case to tote it all around in.


Disney Frozen 2 Large Plush Sven

Move over, Olaf. This cuddly Sven is sure to warm his way into your kid’s heart — and become a bedtime buddy when the lights go out. Sven stands about 12 inches tall, and can sit on your child’s bed just as easily as he can stand on a shelf. He might even encourage your kid to eat her carrots, too.


Disney Frozen 2 Mattias Fashion Doll

Lieutenant Mattias is an important figure in Frozen 2, and your child can have a blast reenacting the movie’s best scenes with him. His oath to protect Arendelle causes him to spend 34 years locked in the Enchanted Forest.


Disney Frozen 2 Arendelle Royal Family Fashion Doll Set

Frozen 2 goes into depth about the history of Anna and Elsa’s parents, who are more than what they seem. Now your child can play with King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, and act out about what actually happened during their ill-fated sea trip.


Disney Frozen 2 MP3 Karaoke Light Show with Microphone

Your pint-sized songstress can belt out “Let It Go” and “For The First Time In Forever” with the best of them when she sings along to this karaoke machine. You can stream audio from almost any device and it features a multi-colored LED light show, too. It comes complete with a microphone (but no earplugs for the parents, natch).


Disney Frozen 2 Elsa’s Enchanted Ice Vanity

This ice vanity inspired by Frozen 2 features iconic songs from both films that your child can listen to while she styles her locks. The set also includes hair play pieces and a drawer for her to store all of her accessories in. And when she opens the doors, the Arendelle castle lights up in a beautiful display.


Disney Frozen 3-Wheel Kick Scooter for Girls by Huffy

When your kiddo can’t wait to ride through the streets of Arendelle, the Huffy Frozen 2 Kid Bike can have them riding in mere minutes, thanks to the Quick Connect set up. Plus, pedaling is so much fun when they’re shaped like snowflakes. It has blue and white sparkly streamers and snowflakes on the handlebars that will make her feel like there is a swirling storm all around her.


LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace

For your budding builder, this magical ice palace from LEGO offers hours of fun building time. She can build a 2-story palace that comes with a special sliding bridge, a revolving staircase, and even a outdoor playground that comes with a real working seesaw. The set comes with Elsa and Anna mini-doll figures, plus Olaf, Marshmallow and 4 Snowgie minifigures.


Disney Frozen Elsa Styling Head

Sure, she’s known for her magical powers, but Elsa sure has got a good head of hair on her. And now your kid can practice her French braiding and side pony skills with this styling head. A snowflake hair brush, snowflake hair clips, hair tie and elastic bands are all included to give Elsa a gorgeous new look.


Disney Frozen Snack Time Surprise

What do snowmen eat? Well, the age-old question gets answered with this cute toy. Feed Olaf different treats and hear what he has to say about each one. And then when he’s done, um, “digesting” them, watch your kid’s reaction when they slide out of him.


Disney’s Frozen 2 Princess Frozen Ice Castle Set by LEGO Duplo

This set is for itty bitty builders who are looking to build (get it) their skills. Anna, Olaf, and Elsa figures are all included in the set, which helps kids build the exterior of the castle. A table and chairs allow Anna and Elsa to sit and play together.


Disney Frozen Tea Set

Your child can have high tea that’s fit for a queen (or two) with this cute little tea set. It has two teacups, saucers, and teaspoons. The teapot comes with a lid and there’s also a sugar bowl in case she prefers her tea sweetened.


Frozen Magic Touch Guitar

The Frozen Magic Touch Guitar lets your kid get in touch with his inner rock star. Simply turn the dial to hear a new song, like “In Summer” “For the First Time In Forever,” or “Let It Go”. Your child can sing along with Anna, Elsa, or Olaf, or choose to mute the vocals to let her own voice soar.


UNO: Disney Frozen 2 Card Game

If your family loves UNO, then you’ll love this updated version featuring the characters from Frozen 2. The same game rules apply: match cards by color or number. The “Forces of Nature” card lets you pick the color of your choosing until it’s your turn again.


Trouble Game Olaf’s Ice Adventure

In this version of the classic Trouble game, your kiddo can press the Pop-O-Matic dice roller to determine what obstacle Olaf will encounter along the way. The game allows you to play with real Olaf ice tokens. The last snowman standing is the winner.


Disney Frozen 2 Playdate Sven

Forget about building a snowman. Has your child ever wanted to ride a reindeer? Well now he can with this three foot tall Sven toy. Sven is sturdy (he can support up to 70 pounds), and he also says 20 fun phrases. Not only can your kiddo feed him a carrot and hear him chomping away on it, but he can also grab the reins and hear realistic galloping noises, too.


Frozen Bath Set

Bath time just got a boost, thanks to this sweet Frozen Bath Set. Your little one can splash in the water with Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff, and of course, Olaf. The toys come in a bucket that has a straining lid for easy storage once the bubbles are gone.


Hasbro Disney’s Frozen 2 Queen Iduna Lullaby Set

Although Queen Iduna isn’t often seen in Frozen 2, she’s a pivotal part of the story. So celebrate the love of a mother for her children (and how she helps them to find themselves) with this doll set. Queen Iduna plays the song “All Is Found” which your child can listen to as a lullaby before going to sleep.


Disney Frozen Arendelle

Do you want to build a… castle? Well, with the Disney Frozen Arendelle Solid Wood Playhouse, you can. From the scalloped aqua roof to the fancy double doors, this castle is fit for your little Frozen fanatic. There’s even a serving window with a canvas awning in case your kiddo wants to serve up, what else, frozen treats.


Disney Frozen Pop Adventures Arendelle Castle Playset

For on-the-go Frozen 2 fun, this portable castle playset can be perfect for playdates. It features two levels of fun, including a first floor great room, and a second floor bedroom for Anna and Elsa. The set comes with furniture like a throne, piano, table, chairs, and beds, along with the dolls, too.


Frozen 2 Light N’ Sparkle Elsa

Your child can design their own Elsa doll with the Frozen 2 Light N’ Sparkle Elsa. It comes with markers, stickers, and glue that your child can use to decorate the base of Elsa’s dress. Then, flip on the switch and your child can watch the doll shimmer and sparkle — just like their favorite Frozen queen.


Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Inspired Bear Travel Gift Set

Your child can travel into the unknown (or just to the supermarket with you) with this snuggly Frozen 2 Elsa Bear from Build A Bear. With her snow-white fur and regal outfit, the Elsa bear comes with her signature-style hair wig, coat dress, cape, and matching boots, making her cute and cuddly, and not, you know, Frozen.

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