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These 14 Parenting Podcasts Are Exactly What You Need To Hear Right Now

For when you need advice, comradery, or just a really good laugh.

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Being a parent comes with worry, questions, loneliness, exhaustion, success, and pride, but what it doesn’t come with is a how-to manual. Thankfully, we live in the digital age which means we have easy access to the best parenting podcasts that are packed full of tips, insights, validation, and, sometimes, a lot of humor. It’s like having a parenting book with you at all times, only you’re able to multi-task and soak up the information while you clean, fold laundry, or commute to work. As an added bonus, podcasts for parents also happen to be really good for drowning out the sounds of your toddler watching Cocomelon for the billionth time.

The best thing about parenting podcasts is that there is at least one for just about every parenting style and personality. Are you looking for a research-backed podcast about behavior? Maybe you prefer parenting stories with little lessons weaved into them. Or perhaps your idea of a good parenting podcast is something relatable that makes you laugh and feel a little less alone on this wild ride. Whatever it is that you’re looking for in a podcast, chances are high that it’s out there. But if you’re not sure where to start looking, here are some of the chart-topping, highly-rated, best parenting podcasts out there right now.

“Good Inside With Dr. Becky”

“Good Inside with Dr. Becky” is hosted by clinical psychologist Rebecca Kennedy, Ph.d. In addition to her academic credentials, Dr. Becky is also a mom of three, so she knows what it’s actually like to be a parent today. Basically, you can trust the information that comes from this parenting podcast.

Every week, she releases a new short episode that focuses on a different aspect of parenting. They’re about 30 minutes long and always provide listeners with some sort of actionable guidance in their parenting journey. Past episode topics include sibling competition, screen time, tantrums, and feeling rejected by your child.

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“The PedsDocTalk Podcast”

If you’re looking for a podcast about toddlers, you should check out “The PedsDocTalk Podcast” with Dr. Mona Amin. While the podcast itself isn’t specifically focused on toddlers a lot of the episodes are centered around the topic and she has been hosting this podcast for a couple of years, so there is plenty of content to check out.

Dr. Amin is a pediatrician with a large Instagram following, which is what inspired her to start this parenting podcast. Episodes range in length and are usually under 30 minutes long. Her ultimate goal with this podcast is to equip parents with the knowledge they need to help their children establish healthy habits now, whether it’s mental health, sleep, or food, that will carry them into adulthood.

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“Motherhood Meets Medicine”

“Motherhood Meets Medicine” is hosted by Lynzy Coughlin, a physician’s assistant who started a blog nearly a decade ago that turned her into a full-blown influencer today. Her podcast focuses on different health aspects for parents, whether it’s postpartum care for moms or tips for managing toddler tantrums.

Weekly episodes range in length, but are usually under one hour long, and feature different guests who serve as experts on different topics, all of which are discussed from a medical perspective. Don’t worry, though, this healthcare podcast for parents isn’t full of medical speak, the conversations are casual and understandable even if you don’t have a medical degree.

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“Raising Good Humans”

Dr. Aliza Pressman hosts “Raising Good Humans,” which offers guidance and advice on a variety of parenting topics. As a developmental psychologist, assistant clinical professor, parent educator, and co-founder of both Mount Sinai Parenting Center and SeedlingsGroup, she knows what she’s talking about. Oh, and she’s also a parent herself.

With more than 100 episodes already recorded and released, “Raising Good Humans” offers advice on things like divorcing when you have young children, whining in kids, entitlement, and puberty. While she does some shows solo, Dr. Pressman also often brings guests onto the show to share their own expertise.

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If you’re on the hunt for a podcast for parents with anxiety, “Flusteclux” is for you. It’s hosted by Lynn Lyons, a psychotherapist with a specialization in anxiety. While some of the podcast’s episodes do touch on anxiety and other mental health topics in kids, most of them are centered around helping parents who are trying to raise kids while also managing their own anxiety.

Some of her past episodes include “Summer Camp & Separation Anxiety,” “How Silliness and Laughter Can Be Your Best Parenting Tool,” “Parenting Perfectionism and Anxiety,” and “The Bad Advice That Makes Anxiety Worse.” Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, this parenting podcast is worth a listen because it’s full of tips and guidance that anyone can put to use.

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“The Honestly Adoption Podcast”

There aren’t a lot of podcasts for adoptive and foster parents, unfortunately, but “The Honestly Adoption Podcast” is one of the best ones. Mike and Kristin Berry founded The Honestly Adoption Company, which provides support, resources, and guidance to parents in the process of adopting, adjusting with a newly adopted child, or who are in the foster care system, and this podcast is an offshoot of the brand.

Mike and Kristin host the podcast alongside Nicole Goerges. Episodes are usually under one hour long and often feature special guests who are experts in different areas of parenting. Most episodes center around problems a lot of parents face, but they are always discussed from the perspective of adoptive and foster parents.

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“Betches Moms”

Sometimes, you aren’t looking for something super serious and would rather listen to a relatable funny parenting podcast. In that case, you should check out “Betches Moms.” Each week they tackle a real-world problem for parents, like staying cool during your toddler’s tantrums and car seat safety, but they do it hilariously and sometimes with guests like Catherine Reitman from Workin’ Moms.

This isn’t a child-focused-only parenting podcast, either. There are plenty of episodes that cover topics like maintaining a healthy sex life, body acceptance after having a baby, and signs you’re in labor. It’s the kind of podcast you listen to when you want to feel like you’re with friends.

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“Respectful Parenting”

Janet Lansbury hosts “Respectful Parenting” which has a backlog of more than 200 episodes (and counting). She is a well-known parenting adviser and runs a successful website that offers guidance and tips to parents across various topics of parenthood.

Her parenting podcast is a little different from most others because while she does offer guidance in every episode, it’s usually in response to real listener (or reader) questions. Also, all of the advice she offers is centered around her philosophy of parenting with respect in an effort to build a strong, trusting, and loving relationship with your child.

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“The Longest Shortest Time”

Unfortunately, Hillary Frank, host of “The Longest Shortest Time” is no longer releasing new episodes. However, if you haven’t listened to the show before, there are still more than 200 past episodes you can binge your way through. It’s worth it, too, because they’re really good.

It’s a unique parenting podcast, because most of the episodes are told in the form of a story and often feature guests, like celebrities, authors, and experts in their field. Sometimes there is concrete advice given, other times it’s a parenting story that broadens your view into other cultures, lifestyles, or circumstances.

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“Elevating Early Childhood”

“Elevating Early Childhood” is a fresh, newer podcast for teachers and parents who are looking for new ways to teach their young kids. It’s hosted by Vanessa Levin, an early childhood education teacher, author, and public speaker who offers real tips that she and fellow teachers use in their own classrooms.

Since it’s just starting out, the episode layout will likely evolve over time, but for now, they tend to be around or under 30 minutes long. The goal of the podcast is to help parents prepare their little ones for kindergarten with topics like alphabet activities, how to make learning fun, and ways to improve learning environments.

Find it on Apple Podcasts here

“TiLT Parenting”

“TiLT Parenting” is a podcast for parents of neurodivergent kids with ADHD, giftedness, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, autism, and more. It’s hosted by Debbie Reber who is an advocate, author, and speaker dedicated to helping parents of kids who are “wired differently.”

Parenting, in general, is difficult, but parents of neurodivergent kids often have to figure out different ways to parent their child without many resources. “TiLT Parenting” addresses this by bringing in experts and covering topics like big emotions, unique needs of gifted kids, trauma, coping skills, and more.

Find it on Apple Podcasts here

“Parenting Beyond Discipline”

Erin Royer is the host of “Parenting Beyond Discipline,” a parenting podcast that provides guidance in handling difficult situations beyond just disciplining your child. Erin has a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology and is well-known in LA for helping parents get through stressful situations with their kids in healthy productive ways.

If you’re struggling with your child’s behavior, then you should give this podcast a listen. Episodes are usually under 30 minutes in length and with more than 200 past episodes there is plenty to binge through when you have some spare time. Past episodes have discussed overwhelming preschoolers, extreme separation anxiety, the morning power struggle, and lying.

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“Parent Footprint”

The concept behind “Parent Footprint” is simple, in order to raise happy, loving, compassionate kids, parents have to be happy themselves. It may sound like a touchy-feely podcast for parents, but it actually has a healthy dose of humor in it. Plus, it features guests like Annie Murphy Paul, Georgia Hardstark, and Emily Gordon, as well as a whole heck of a lot of parenting experts, too.

This podcast is hosted by Dan Peters (Dr. Dan), a psychologist, author, and father himself. He’s been doing this podcast for a few years now and has covered a wide range of topics like empowering your kids, parent-teen dynamics, addiction, children’s mental health, and more.

Find it on Apple Podcasts here

“Project Parenthood”

If you’re looking for “quick and dirty tips,” then you should check out “Project Parenthood,” a parenting podcast offering just that. It’s great for busy parents because each episode is under 15 minutes long (so the tips truly are quick). If you happen to have some time on your hands, you can still binge your way through this podcast because there are over 600 episodes available.

“Project Parenthood” is hosted by Dr. Nanika Coor, a clinical psychologist specializing in parenting (ideally, mindful parenting). Throughout her hundreds of episodes, Dr. Coor has offered tips on topics like bedtime battles, coping strategies (for parents), child rebellion, strong-willed kids, and more.

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