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Print Out These Super Cute Cat Coloring Pages For Free

You need to download and print these pages right meow.

I adopted my cat way back when I was in college, and today she’s almost 14 years old and is loved by my husband and two daughters. Suffice to say, we are cat people, so there is no doubt in my mind that my girls would love a book full of cat coloring pages that they could work on. Lucky for them (and me) there are a lot of great options online, which also happen to be free.

My cat, Coco, has been my sidekick throughout adulthood and brings so much joy to my life, as well as my family’s. She is so patient with my toddler and preschooler, and she loves to curl up in my husband’s lap while he reads. She is so admired that my youngest daughter’s first word was “Coco” (which is only mildly irritating as her mother). It is because of Coco that my daughters love any show or movie that features a cat, plush cat toys, and stories about kittens, so the fact that we don’t already have a book full of cat coloring pages in our home is somewhat mind-blowing to me.

That won’t be the case for long, though, because there are tons of free cat coloring pages online that can be printed and bound together to create a one-of-a-kind coloring book. So, if your kids are even half as obsessed with cats as mine are and you think they’d love a cat coloring book, too, then here are some great pictures to help you get started on your own.


Unicorn Cat Coloring Page

It’s no wonder why this cat looks so happy. Wouldn’t you be thrilled if you were surrounded by hearts, stars, sprinkles, and ice cream, too? This page is a masterpiece all on its own but will be made even better with the help of little artists who love nothing more than to make things bright and colorful. If you’re feeling a little extra adventurous (and brave), put out some glue and glitter so that the kids can add a touch of sparkle to the picture as well. However, all they really need are some crayons to have a good time with this fun page.


Fancy Cat Coloring Page

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably seen your kitten make itself at home in all kinds of boxes, but have you ever seen it emerge with a cute little hat like this? Junior cat-lovers will have a lot of fun coloring this adorable page in. Once they’re done with the picture, have them guess what is going on and create their own little narration. Is the cat going out for a fancy day on the town, trying to become a master of disguise, or just having a little kitten fun? Whatever stories the kids come up with, there’s no doubt they will be filled with imagination.


Hello Kitty Coloring Page

Even if your kids aren’t fans of Hello Kitty, who could resist coloring in this cute picture? It’s a good option for an artist of just about any skill level, but it is an especially great page for younger kids who are working on mastering coloring inside the lines. Even better, you can use it as a way to introduce them to the beloved cartoon character and teach them about her origins and how popular she is across the world. Honestly, what grown-up doesn’t jump on an opportunity to teach kids about something they loved back when they were a kid themselves?


Adult Cat Coloring Page

Adults who find coloring relaxing might really enjoy working through the intricacies of this cat coloring page. There are so many small details and designs in this picture that it will surely take a couple of hours for you to fully complete, so depending on how much time you have, this can be done in one long session or broken up over the course of a few days. It’s also a really good coloring page for kids who have already learned to stay inside the lines when coloring because it will offer them new challenges and require them to practice patience.


Smiling Cat Coloring Page

Okay, this little kitten is just downright adorable. And that tongue sticking out? Stop. Kids will certainly get a kick out of this coloring page, but as a cat-loving adult myself, I would say grown-ups will, too. Since the overall design is pretty simple, this coloring page is good for all skill-levels and would work well with crayons, markers, colored pencils, or watercolors. No matter what medium a child chooses to use, the finished product of this smiling cat coloring page will certainly deserve to be prominently displayed somewhere in the house. Whether or not you choose to frame it is entirely up to you (but something tells me it will totally be frame-worthy).


Cat With A Bow Coloring Page

With this picture, your little one doesn’t only get to color in a cat, but also its adorable bow and the flower on its head. This is a great coloring page because while the design is simple, it isn’t boring so it’s something that will interest kids across skill levels. For instance, the design leaves a lot of space for younger types to practice staying inside the lines or for more advanced artists who like to use blank space to add their own personal flourishes and details to coloring pages. For something so basic, there seems to be endless possibilities.


Space Cat Coloring Page

Apparently, these cats’ beds are both tuna cans and flying saucers, and it looks like they’re really enjoying their ride through space. Can you blame them, though? Based on this picture, it looks like space is an absolute blast. And, with so many stars, rainbows, stripes, and other details to fill in, this cat coloring page will not only pique your child’s interest but will also keep them busy coloring for a while. Once they’ve finished, this is another good page to ask them to come up with a story behind the image. Whatever they come up with to explain why two cats are flying through space in tuna can beds is sure to be incredible.


Playful Cat Coloring Page

When you envision a cute cat playing, something like this probably comes to mind, right? Just a sweet little kitten, rolling around on the floor with a ball of yarn, batting its paws and meowing with joy. It’s a nice mental image that must have been the inspiration for this coloring page, and it’s such a cute picture your kiddo is sure to have fun coloring it in. While it’s a good coloring page for kids regardless of their skill level, a good challenge for more advanced artists would be to fill in the ball of yarn to create a multi-colored rainbow effect rather than sticking to a single color.


Cats In A Shoe Coloring Page

If this coloring page proves anything to us, it’s that two kittens are better than one, especially when one of them is peeking out of a shoe. It’s definitely clear that these two little kitties are up to no good, but when you’re that cute, it’s easy to get away with just about anything (including chewing on the laces of their human’s favorite sneakers). There’s no doubt that your kids will love coloring in those cute little faces, but hopefully they don’t get any mischievous ideas from them. There’s nothing worse than when a kid realizes a pet can get away with something that they can’t.


Classic Cat Coloring Page

If you’re looking for a cat coloring page that is simple and to the point, this is the one for you. It’s a straightforward picture with plenty of space for coloring in the lines and adding personal touches, designs, and flourishes. Since the picture is mostly white space, it’s an excellent option for kids who want to paint (since paint often covers up the black lines of coloring pages) or if they want to create a colorful cat cut-out for some cute wall decor. Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with keeping it traditional by coloring in the page with crayons.


Kitten Face Coloring Page

The design on this cat coloring page is simple and bold, making it an excellent choice for younger kids who need a lot of space to color. While there is plenty of space for toddlers to scribble on here, it’s really good for preschoolers who are working hard on staying inside the lines while they color. As their fine motor skills develop, this challenge becomes more and more attainable, and this picture just might be the one that helps them master it. Of course, that’s not to say older kids won’t enjoy it as well, because just look at that cute face, who wouldn’t want to bring it to life with color?


Realistic Cat Coloring Page

If you’re on the hunt for a cat coloring page that has less of a cartoony feel and looks more realistic, here is an excellent option. Between the three cats, the stone pavers, the plants and flowers, and what appears to be an archway, there are so many little details in this picture that help it really come to life. The overall design is a good middle area between a typical kids coloring page and the more intricate adult coloring page, making it the perfect choice for more developed artists or even for kids who love real-life cats so much that cartoon cats just won’t do.


Hungry Cats Coloring Page

These stylized little kittens seem pretty happy being outside in the flowers with their bowls of food. Can you blame them? It’s basically a cat picnic, and I would be happy to join. Aside from it being downright adorable, this coloring page is also a fun option for younger kids who don’t want to navigate around a lot of small details, or for kids who want to color something but don’t have a ton of spare time to finish a more advanced picture. Honestly, it’s just a good option for anyone who wants to spend a little time bringing a cat coloring page to life with color.


Alien & Cat Coloring Page

If this picture is a glimpse into life outside of our planet, then I am totally on board with an alien encounter. There’s obviously no need to be worried since astronaut kitty is clearly doing a great job at showing this three-eyed, six-legged being that we come in peace. At least, this is my narrative when I look at this out of this world coloring page, but your kid’s perception may be totally different. Given how unique (and silly) this picture is, it can also serve as a great prompt to help your child come up with a story of their own.


Happy Birthday Cat Coloring Page

Two of the very best things in life are cats and birthday cake, and this coloring page happens to have both (or, well, a picture of both, at least). It’s one that most young artists will enjoy working on because it’s not only cute but it also has a lot of opportunities to use a bunch of different colors, such as on the cake, the party hat, and even the stripes on the cat. Fair warning, though, there’s a good chance your child will start begging for a piece of birthday cake after they start working on this; but can you blame them?


Detailed Cat Coloring Page

Grab your pack of fine tip pens, pencils, and markers because you’ll definitely be needing them to bring this stunning cat coloring page to life. It’s a classic adult design, with tiny details and seemingly endless little spots to be filled in, so it will surely take you a few sittings to complete (unless you’re up for a challenge). Of course, a lot of younger and older kids would love to work on this picture just as much as a grown-up, and since it’s free to use you can print one for you and one for them to work on together.


The Aristocats Coloring Page

For some reason, The Aristocats never got the attention it truly deserves and is one of Disney’s most underrated movies, in my opinion at least. It’s a story about a family of bougie cats who are taken from their home by the butler because their owner has left her fortune to them in her will instead of him. These three kittens are the kids of the family and are so stinking cute that kids would enjoy coloring them in even if they’ve never seen the movie. If that’s the case, you can surprise them by turning on the movie so they can make the connection (and hopefully become fans of it themselves).


Balloons & Gifts Cat Coloring Page

This is one coloring page that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, and probably some adults, too. There are enough details throughout the picture to keep older, more developed kids entertained, but not so many that younger artists will feel discouraged, and most toddlers don’t really care what the picture is as long as they can swipe their marker across the paper. Specifically, this cat coloring page is really good for kids who are determined to master coloring inside the lines because it has the perfect balance of details and white space. Plus, it has a smiling cat, presents, and balloons, and who can resist a picture like that?


Sunshine & Cat Coloring Page

Every coloring page offers kids a chance to use their imagination through color and design, but this one is a little extra special because the background isn’t very distinct so it lets the artist decide what exactly is it. Is this kitten standing on water with the sun setting in the distance? Are those rolling hills behind it? Or, maybe it’s a field of colorful flowers? It’s an especially perfect coloring page for a party or playdate activity because every kid will come up with something a little different from their friends and by the end, you’ll have page after page of beautiful, creative artwork.


Flower Power Cat Coloring Page

Here’s another fantastic coloring page for the most patient and determined artists out there. This one has some seriously fun hippie vibes and the picture is filled with things like flowers, a guitar, a peace sign, and what appears to be one very cool cat. If it were me, I’d go for a “totally far out” look and fill the page up with a rainbow of warm colors like orange, yellow, pink, and red and just a few cool colors like teal, purple, and green to balance it out a bit and create the colorful psychedelic effect that’s pretty much synonymous with the 1960s.

If you print all of these cat coloring pages out, you can easily bind them together to create a totally unique coloring book for your little cat-loving artist. And, maybe you could print one for yourself, too.