Funny and popular dad memes will make you laugh out loud.
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These 25 Funny Dad Memes Are Totally Keeping It Real

Share a laugh (or awww) with every dad you know.

by Lindsay E. Mack

Sometimes the smallest online jokes can tell the biggest truths about parenting. That’s why browsing dad memes from all corners of the internet is so rewarding. Dads all over the world probably share your experiences with everything that goes into raising kids, and you might even wear the same style of sneakers, too. (Those sweet New Balances are a vibe, and don’t let anyone take that away from you.)

While there are plenty of memes about parenting and all the work it entails, the dad memes in particular are charming in their own way. Some are based on the ever-popular dad jokes, and others are genuinely sweet reflections on parenthood. Great dads have always been around (as the adorable vintage photos of dads prove), but navigating fatherhood right now is a different journey entirely. That’s why all the cute memes about dads can ring true, whether the kids are still in the newborn stage or already adults. Some seemingly universal dad-traits, such as their undying love for puns, makes great material for all kinds of memes. (Hey, there wouldn’t be any dad jokes without dads, after all.) Read on to see which of these wholesome and relatable dad memes speaks to you the most.


Why Not?

To be fair, you don’t have to have kids to enjoy this. It’s just a fun thing to do in the gardening center.


Dad + Dog Forever

There’s nothing like the bond between a dad and the family dog. They’re destined to be BFFs.


Good Work

The write-up about the meme’s creation is almost better than the meme itself. You can just feel the pride.



Beautiful. This is some next-level punning.



You don’t know how this story is going to end. But chances are a glass of juice/jar of peanut butter/gallon of paint got spilled all over the carpet.


Lessons Learned

Don’t worry. The dad is only going to keep telling this story for the rest of the kid’s life. It will soon become family lore.



To be honest, it’s pretty cute when kids just have to show you something. Then you get to act all impressed.


Saw It Coming

Well, at least the kid is having fun. And getting kids involved in the kitchen is one way to work with picky eaters, so this kind of counts?


So True

Once you start identifying more with the parents in Rugrats, it’s all over. You’re officially an adult.


Going For It

Navigating school pickup lines can be rough. It’s one of the many things they don’t tell you before you have kids.


Wait, What?

It’s one of those cryptic statements your kid will have to stop and puzzle over. Then one day years from now they’ll be like, “Oh! Now I get it.”


So Tiny

No one warned you about just how difficult this would be. Here’s some tips on how to cut your baby’s nails, because it’s legit kind of terrifying. Those nails are just unbelievably small.


Own It

One day half your social media posts were just pics of your kids with some cute story and the dadlife tag. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Too Cute

See, memes can be super wholesome. This is super precious.


The Correct Definition

Again, earnest and cute memes always have a place. This is doubly true when talking about parent-child bonds.


True Facts

Encouraging small kids to get in the car shouldn’t be such a struggle But. It. Always. Is.


Get Up And Go

Why are little kids such early risers? And where does that skill go by the time you get to adulthood?


All The Dads

There’s no one correct way to be a dad. But all great dads have one thing in common: they love their kids unconditionally.


No Thanks

You might as well have fun with all the weirder aspects of #dadlife. Never expected to be boiling every part of a bottle, did you?


And Then . . .

Seriously, adults just don’t recount their days with the same level of enthusiasm. Toddlers can make every day sound completely epic.



There should be a whole category for dad jokes about eggs. Call them dad yolks.


Dad Is A Verb

The lawn looks pretty great, though. But what would you expect?


Manage Expectations

Well, it looks like you have a project for the next day. Maybe the next several days, actually.


If It Works . . .

There’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken. Just call it a signature style.



But then who’s going to talk about not wasting electricity every day? It’s one of the key duties of #dadlife.