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football coloring pages are a blast for all kids
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Print These Free Football Coloring Pages For Your Little Sports Fan

Hopefully they’ll choose your team’s colors, too.

Football is a way of life for many families, and it’s really never too soon to introduce your kid to the wildly popular team sport. That’s why these football coloring pages for kids are great, because they can teach your child to have love for the game as soon as they’re old enough to hold a crayon. Plus, these free printout coloring sheets can give your kids something to focus on when you’re trying to watch the game.

Whether your family is all about high school, college, or professional football, it’s a lot of fun to bring your littlest fan into the fold. Because honestly, it’s a wildly engrossing game, whether you’re watching an older sibling play on their school’s field, or sitting entranced by all the sights and sounds of an NFL game on the big screen. But it takes a little while to learn all the rules and history of your particular team, let alone the entire game, so it makes sense to introduce the basics to your kids as soon as possible. Encourage them to fill these free football coloring pages with whatever hues they desire, or feel free to *suggest* they use the colors of your beloved team. In any case, football coloring pages are a fun, quiet activity kids can enjoy during any part of the season.


Cool Helmet

This blank football helmet invites your kid to design it any way they please. They can use your favorite team’s colors, or invent logos for a brand-new team from their imagination. Plus, it’s a simple way to remind your kid that helmets are cool and essential for games like football.


Cartoon Football Running Back

This running back doesn’t look like getting through the crowd will be a problem at all. Smiling and chill, they’re just enjoying the game.


Classic American Football

This oval ball is probably the most iconic part of the whole game. Now your kid can design the pigskin however they like with this simple coloring sheet. Will their ball be the classic brown or some more unusual color?


Football Wide Receiver

This wide receiver is absolutely thrilled to catch the ball. Does your kid know the names for the offensive and defensive lines? Maybe your kid wants to be a quarterback or linebacker one day.


Super Bowl Coloring Page

This educational coloring sheet shares a little info about the first Super Bowl. In fact, coloring this pic could be an excellent Super Bowl activity for your kid. In any case, little football fans will have a blast coloring in this cute image.


Throwing Football Player Coloring Sheet

Who’s the number 7 for your favorite team? This one has a pretty intense throwing stance. Any any rate, your kid will enjoy decorating this player’s football uniform.


Football Kicker Coloring Page

Watching the kickers send footballs flying never stops being amazing. One minute it’s just a football chilling on the ground, and the next instant it’s over 50 yards away. It never gets old.


Football Fast Forward Coloring Page

This player has the ball and they’re ready to get down the field. You can just feel the speed in this image. Think they’ll make it?


Football Coach Coloring Page

The team definitely depends on their coach. And sometimes, an inspiring coach can make all the difference. Tell your kid about your own team’s coach, or share memories about the coach from your high school team.


Football Dot-To-Dot

An activity sheet and coloring page all in one, this free printout lets your kid connect the dots and then color in the football. It’ll help your kid become more familiar with the iconic football shape, as well as encourage them to make some cool color choices. They can even color in the letters for the word football, too.


Realistic Football Coloring Page

Drawn in a more realistic style, this football player looks super serious. Your kid will be able to make some cool designs with the bold outlines. Plus, you think the player’s going to catch it?


Exciting Football Coloring Page

And the crowd goes wild. You can almost hear the announcer shouting “It’s good!” It’s always an amazing moment.


Cartoony Football Coloring Page

For kids who prefer more cartoony designs, this little football-playing squirrel is perfect. Maybe your kid can give them a name and assign a position on the team, too. What’s the squirrel thinking about here?

Whatever your favorite team, raising your kid as a football fan is rewarding and fun. These football coloring pages are a perfect way to get your kid into the game.