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These funny Instagram captions for Take Your Child To Work Day are a reminder of early pandemic days...
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Funny Instagram Captions For Take Your Child To Work Day

Apparently we’re really still doing this.

Welcome to 2022. This is the year that your employer officially lost their dang mind and announced that they’ll participate in the official “Take Your Child To Work Day” on April 28. Um, like we haven’t all been living this nightmare scenario for the past two years? I guess it is just one day this time around instead of months and months, but if the wound of unexpectedly working with your kids in your lap day after day is still fresh, perhaps a funny Instagram caption for “Take Your Child To Work Day” can be a bit of a balm for your weary soul.

Anyone who runs a workplace where “Take Your Child To Work Day” is still a thing must have had their memory erased at some point. (I guess the obliviate spell from Harry Potter is a real thing now?) How could they forget the world of endless Zoom calls with toddler interruptions galore? I can still feel the glare of three computer screens on my face as I simultaneously worked from home and helped my kindergartener and second grader muddle through online learning. It was the worst of times.

On the other hand, “Take Your Child To Work Day” was kind of fun in the before times, so maybe it won’t be so bad now. Either way, a funny Instagram caption about the experience and the irony of it all will be relatable for pretty much your entire friend’s list.

Funny “Take Your Child To Work Day” Instagram captions for when you’re totally not feeling it

  • Didn’t we just do this whole thing in reverse?
  • Take your child to work day? More like take your child to work for the last two years.
  • I’m only doing this to give their teacher a well-deserved break.
  • I really miss social distancing on days like this. (Insert photo of clingy toddler in lap.)
  • It’s been two years. If they don’t know what I do all day by now, they never will.
  • My boss doesn’t have kids and it shows.
  • Anyone else having deja vu?
  • I thought we all agreed to never do this again?
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Funny Instagram captions about “Take Your Child To Work Day” & working from home

  • Remember when every day was Take Your Child To Work Day?
  • Missing that WFH life.
  • Meeting all the kids I’ve only seen on screen just hits different.
  • If I can bring my kid to work again, can I start wearing sweatpants every day again?
  • At least we’re not also trying to do school from home this time.
  • Today my kid will play on their iPad in a whole new environment. It’s called enrichment, you guys.

Funny Instagram captions for “Take Your Child To Work Day” that aren’t pandemic-related

  • Happy “They look just like you” day at work!
  • Meet our newest staff member.
  • We’re officially changing it to Take Your Child To Werk Day. Tell the others.
  • My new boss.
  • There’s candy on my desk so they’ll think it’s fun here. (Spoiler alert: It’s not.)
  • My dog is like my kid. Can I bring him to work instead?
  • Work hard, play harder.
  • Nap time is our new happy hour.
  • Only one of us actually wants to be here.
  • I immediately regret this decision.
  • Is it time for lunch yet?
  • My kid just told my boss what I really think. Thanks, kid.

Funny “Take Your Child To Work Day” about your co-workers’ kids

  • Some of these kids are better at this job than their parents are.
  • Take Your Child To Work Day is hands-down the loudest day in this office.
  • Take Your Child To Work Day only further reinforces my fear that I can be easily replaced by a 5-year-old.
  • Meeting the miniature versions of all of my coworkers never ceases to amaze me.
  • Sharing is caring, so today all of these kids will be sharing their lunches with me.
  • Hearing some people explain to their kids what they do reminds me how little they actually do.

Like most parents, you probably have a strong opinion about Take Your Child To Work Day. Share it with the world with one of these funny captions that express your feelings to a T.