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Keep Kids Busy With These Adorable Free Ghost Coloring Pages

Featuring hauntingly spooky, silly, and sweet ghosts.

Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday because the only thing better than the costumes and candy are the decorations. My little kids love to help with the decor, and I’ve found that a good way to get them involved is through arts and crafts, such as ghost coloring pages. Once they’re finished with their masterpieces, we find creative ways to display them throughout the house, adding a little whimsy to the otherwise spooky aesthetic.

My family makes a whole day out of decking the house out for Halloween. We wear themed socks and clothes, munch on a mixture of candy and caramel corn, and listen to songs like “Monster Mash” as we drape fake cobwebs over picture frames and light my fall-scented candles. We also like to watch some of our favorite (kid-appropriate) Halloween movies throughout the day, which is the perfect time for the kids to work on their coloring pages and crafts.

While my kids enjoy all of their little projects, ghost coloring pages are especially great because once they’re done, I can either hang them up as they are or cut the ghosts out to hang them up in windows and on mirrors. If I’m being completely honest, I thoroughly enjoy working on my own ghost coloring pages right alongside my kids, because why not? If I don’t get to go trick-or-treating for myself anymore, then I should at least get to join in on the coloring fun. Here are some of the pages I plan to print out for us to use this Halloween.


“G” Is For Ghost Coloring Page

Since younger kids who are still working on learning their letters don’t tend to love super-scary things, this coloring page is perfect. The sweet, smiling ghost floating along in the sky is anything but scary. Since you can use this as an opportunity to have your little one practice identifying and/or writing the letter G, it’s basically a fun activity and educational lesson rolled into one.


Simple Ghost Coloring Page

This ghost coloring page is good for so many reasons. It’s great for kids who are learning how to color inside the lines or for kids who are super creative and love having the freedom to design their art however they want. This is also a perfect example of a ghost that you can just cut right out of the page to hang up somewhere in your house.


Stitched Up Ghost Coloring Page

The smile on the ghost’s face says “I’m a fun, nice ghoul,” but the stitches on its head and tail give him a little bit of a Halloween edge. What did he do in his past life that left him stitched up beyond the grave? I want to know his story.


Graveyard Ghost Coloring Page

For older kids who are getting into the spooky side of Halloween, this ghost coloring page features all of the classics like a full moon, bats, twisty trees, and a graveyard. The only thing missing are some skeleton hands coming out from the ground, but that’s nothing a little artist can’t fix.


Trio Of Ghosts Coloring Page

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that this is a cartoon image of me and my two daughters in the afterlife; them not respecting my personal space even in death. If you still have to go to the bathroom when you’re in ghost form, then there’s no doubt in my mind that that’s where those two little goons would be following me.


Casper The Ghost Coloring Page

This Casper coloring page is not only adorable, but it’s also a sneaky way to introduce your kids to the ghost, get them excited about it, and then ask “oh, do you want to watch a movie about him?” as if it just crossed your mind that there’s a classic 90’s movie starring Christina Ricci and Devin Sawa out there.


Scared Silly Ghost Coloring Page

What do you think this ghost saw that has him all shook up like this? Maybe he isn’t scared at all. Maybe he just survived an entire day of entertaining his two kids while they were hopped up on candy. This must be the ghost coloring page version of every parent’s face around Halloween.


Smiling Ghost Coloring Page

If you walked up to a haunted house and saw a broken window, you’d probably be sure to keep a safe distance. But, if a smiling ghost like this came out to say hello, then maybe you’d be more inclined to get close. Personally, I would not be so inclined; I’d be inclined to run as far away in the other direction as possible. I’ll have to ask my daughters what they would do while they color this page.


“Boo” Ghosts Coloring Page

Kids who enjoy making their art super detailed will have a lot of fun with this coloring page. There are so many stars they could use almost all of the colors in their crayon box to fill them in. Honestly, though, they don’t have to be master colorers to enjoy coloring this cute page.


Scary Ghost Coloring Page

This creepy ghost probably isn’t great for the younger kids (or for adults who scare easily), but it will fit right in with any spooky decor you have in the house. For kids who love a challenge, see if they can find a way to make the ghost even scarier than it already is.


Ghost Stories Coloring Page

Who knew ghosts could be so scared of ghost stories? I’d like to think that if we become ghosts, we will see that ghosts aren’t so scary after all, just misunderstood. I imagine this is exactly what my face would look like if I learned otherwise, though.


Halloween Ghost Coloring Page

It doesn’t get much more classic Halloween than a Jack-o-Lantern and a ghost, does it? This coloring page is great for any kid (or adult) and is another great layout if you want to hang cut-out shapes around the house.


Too Much Candy Ghost Coloring Page

Who can relate to this ghost who went a tad overboard with his Halloween candy? Maybe you can use this picture as a cautionary tale for your kids ahead of trick-or-treating so that they will be more willing to give you half of their candy stash at the end of the night.


Cat & Ghost Coloring Page

What is that cat doing on top of that poor ghost’s head? Whatever is going on here is pretty cute, though and a really good kid-friendly coloring page for this Halloween. If you want to go the classic route, color this cat in all black. Then you’ll have two Halloween icons in one coloring page.


Happy Ghost Coloring Page

There’s nothing flashy about this ghost coloring page, but there doesn’t need to be because this happy little ghost is great all on its own. It leaves lots of room for creativity, so maybe your kids can turn it into a rainbow ghost or use different shades of black and grey for a more spooky look.


Trick-Or-Treating Ghost Coloring Page

Here we see a kid dressed up in the most classic of all Halloween costumes: the sheet ghost. It’s such a simple look, but who can resist smiling at a kid when they show up wearing something like this? It’s especially charming if the eye holes are a little crooked or the sheet is a little too big.


Cute Ghost Coloring Page

Well if this isn’t the cutest little ghost ever, then I don’t know what is. Featuring candy, Jack-o-Lanterns, and this sweet ghoul, little kids, especially, will love coloring this adorable picture, and it will look really good prominently displayed on your refrigerator.


Full Moon Ghost Coloring Page

Such a simple design with so much potential. This coloring page is another good one for a cut-out on a window, but it’s also ideal for kids with big imaginations who will turn this basic picture into something totally unique.


Witchy Ghost Coloring Page

Can witches turn into ghosts? Or, did this funny ghost just happen to snatch this hat off an unsuspecting witch while she was flying on her broom one night? These are the kinds of questions you can ask your kids (and yourself) when they’re coloring this page.


Ghostbusters Ghost Coloring Page

Look, I could not in good faith present a list of ghost coloring pages if it did not include the most iconic ghost of all: the Ghostbusters ghost. No, it’s not exactly spooky-looking, but it definitely still has its place amongst a home’s Halloween decor.

With all of these fun (and free) coloring pages, you’ll have plenty of little ghosts to hang up and haunt your home this Halloween season. You don’t have to stop there, either; download a few bat, spider, or witch coloring pages too while you’re at it for a little more Halloween spirit.