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From Splash Pads To Gardening Sets, Meet The Hottest Toys Of The Summer

There’s even a magic cauldron in here.

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Summer is here, which means the sun is blazing and the kids are home, probably spending more time indoors than usual thanks to the heat. If you want to help them get outside, cool down, and stay entertained, enlist some help from the hottest toys of summer 2023 (a title they earned from TTPM, a.k.a. Toys, Tots, Pets & More, a panel of expert toy reviewers). TTPM reviews countless toys each year to determine which ones kids will enjoy most each season. Their spring 2023 list featured some real winners, like the newest CoComelon Squishmallow and some specialty scented slimes, so you can count on them to pick out some seriously awesome summer toys.

When TTPM chooses hot toys, they select products that are new, on-trend, well-made, easy to purchase, and above all else, fun. How else are they supposed to compete with TVs and tablets? “Keeping kids engaged over summer break doesn’t have to be screens, screens, screens,” says Laurie Leahey, senior editor at TTPM. “There are lots of fun toys that get kids playing outside and being active (bonus points if it involves water on a hot day), using their imaginations to craft something unique, or interacting with family members for bonding time.”

So, if you’re in the market for something new to do with your kids while school’s out, these top 10 summer toys are here to help.


Hasbro Pie Face Splash Game by WowWee

You’ve probably seen the classic Pie Face game, where players try not to get pied in the face. The new Hasbro Pie Face Splash Game by WowWee takes the fun outdoors — just connect the game to a garden hose, take turns, and try not to get sprayed.

Recommended age: 6+ years


Fom Mania Quickshot Foam Blaster

Super soakers are great and all, but have you ever tried a foam blaster? The Fom Mania Quickshot Foam Blaster requires zero assembly or batteries. Just pop in the foam solution and prepare for a backyard battle.

Recommended age: 5+ years


Little Tikes Splash Beach

The Little Tikes Splash Beach combines the best features of a splash pad (the ability to get totally drenched and cool down) with the perks of a water table (an easy size to store, and lots of added toys). This bad boy connects to a standard garden hose and folds up for compact storage.

Recommended age: 24 months to 5 years


Barbie: The Movie Fashion Dolls & Accessories

Yes, you can now buy Barbie: The Movie Fashion Dolls and their accessories from the movie, and of course they’re going to be on every kid’s wishlist this summer. There’s a full line of dolls out now, including Kens and multiple Margot Robbie-inspired Barbies.

Recommended age: 6+ years


Bizyboo Hide ‘N’ Seek Busy Bags

Need screen-free road trip toys? The Bizyboo Hide ‘N’ Seek Busy Bags are compact and easy to toss in a bag and go. Kids massage the beads in the toy around to find the hidden items within these cute little characters.

Recommended age: 2+ years


Family Scavenger Hunt Road Trip

Another option for in-car entertainment: the Family Scavenger Hunt Road Trip card set from Outset Media. Players draw a card that will prompt them to find something red, or spot a sign with an animal on it. It’s all about keeping kids engaged and maybe even teaching them a thing or two before you reach your destination.

Recommended age: 5+ years


Hape Nature Fun Gardening Tool Set

As far as kids’ gardening sets go, the Hape Nature Fun Gardening Tool Set is the one most likely to actually work. Unlike flimsy plastic shovels and rakes, it’s made with real (sustainable) bamboo and metal designed to hold up to lots of digging, planting, and more this summer.

Recommended age: 4+ years


Creativity for Kids Plant Pet Paint & Decorate Dino Planter

If an indoor garden is more your speed this summer, try the Creativity for Kids Plant Pet Paint & Decorate Dino Planter. Decorate this dino with the included paint and stickers, plant the quick-growing seeds, and watch this self-watering planter begin to sprout. It’s also available in a unicorn design.

Recommended age: 6+ years


Elmer’s Squishies DIY Toy Activity Kit

From everyone’s favorite school glue, the Elmer’s Squishies activity kit lets kids create two mystery figurines that stretch and squish — they’re like DIY fidget toys. The kit takes about one hour to complete and includes safe, nontoxic ingredients. Kids can collect all 80 mystery figurines, including 12 rare ones.

Recommended age: 6+ years


Magic Mixies Magic Potion Cauldron Game

In the Magic Mixies Magic Potion Cauldron Game from Moose Toys, two to four players must race each other around the board to collect potion ingredients. When you place them in the cauldron in the correct position, the Magic Mixie will appear and crown a winner.

Recommended age: 4+ years

Which toys will you pick up for the summertime? There are so many options for screen-free toys and entertainment out there right now.

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