mom and baby; instagram captions for when baby says "mama" for the first time
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17 Perfect Insta Captions For When Baby Says "Mama" For The First Time

Say it again!

The first time a mom hears their baby say “mama” is a momentous day. Baby talk (which usually seems to start with a baby saying “dada,” tbh) completely changes the parent/child relationship from a one-sided conversation to two. So you need some great Instagram captions for when baby says “mama” for the first time to consider.

There’s the “aw, shucks” approach with a sweet sentence about how meaningful a baby’s sudden vocalization is. Or there’s the more silly route to take. Why not make a baby’s first time saying mama as a time to have a laugh? I mean, what a time to be alive?! Kids are learning to talk! Next thing you know they’ll be wanting to borrow the car keys and $20, right?

One way to capture a baby's first time saying mama in an Instagram caption is with a play on words or rhyme with mama in it. And there are plenty to choose from, too. Just consider all the songs, sayings, and stories that have the word mama. Perhaps the best way to share and savor the memory of the sound of the first time a baby says mama with an Instagram caption is to get a video. So have your phone handy and your Instagram app open to share with all the friends and family you know.


Let the record show, she said “mama” first.

Having a little friendly competition for what name your baby will say first? This caption will ensure you save who won forever.


What’s in a name? Everything. She said “mama!”

“What’s in a name” is a classic Shakespearean line from Romeo & Juliet conveying that names are irrelevant. But ask any mama if that’s the case and she’ll likely say “Hell no!”


Say what?

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Are you surprised to hear your baby say mama? Then this Instagram caption sums up that feeling perfectly.


Guess I better get used to hearing this all the time.

Your child can verbalize and you know what that means? You're going to hear the word “mama” nonstop from now on.


Mama didn’t raise no fool.

This hilarious saying applies perfectly. Your child isn’t a fool. In fact, here they are saying “mama” for the first time.


Mamma mia! Here she goes again.

When in doubt for an Instagram caption, turn to pop music. In this case, ABBA. The opening lines of their famous song well for an Instagram caption for when Baby says “mama” for the first time.


Mum’s the word!

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Mum is the word, in fact. And this is a fun way to play off an old timey saying.


Mama drama. Still recovering from hearing this sweet word.

Feeling a little light-headed after hearing your child say “mama” for the first time? Consider this Instagram caption then.


Making mama proud.

What could make a mother more proud than hearing her baby use her title for the first time? Share that pride by writing this on Instagram.


Come to mama!

This is an especially appropriate caption if you happen to get a video of your child saying that wonderful four-letter word.


The only four-letter word I want to hear out of this mouth.

Speaking of four-letter words, why not turn that concept on its head with this Instagram caption?


She’s such a name dropper.

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Gotta love the idea that now your title of mother can be included in your child’s future name-dropping conversations, right?


Guess I’ve become a household name.

The idea of a household name is a great concept as applied to the word “mama.”


Say it so they can hear you in the cheap seats, baby!

Love hearing your baby say “mama?” Share this with your friends on Instagram by encouraing your kiddo to shout it out loud and proud.


Four little letters never sounded so sweet.

Simple. To the point. This Instagram caption for when Baby says “mama” for the first time is ultimately what most mothers are thinking when they hear it with their own ears.


I’ve had a lot of titles in my day, but this is by far my favorite one.

Who could ask for a better title? You might not get this on your email signature, but it’s one to cherish nonetheless.


Music to my ears.

If the word “mama” sure sounds good to you, then simply write this on your Instagram caption.

Consider all of the feelings you’re feeling upon hearing your baby say “mama” for the first time and you’ll surely know the perfect thing to write in an Instagram caption memorializing this momentous occasion.