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child swimming with goggles, instagram captions for kid's first swim
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17 Instagram Captions For Pictures Of Your Kid's First Swim

Come on in. The water’s fine.

The summer time is packed with kid firsts: first trip to an amusement park, first visit to a National Park, but how about their first time swimming? If your little fish is ready to test their water wings, you better have your camera ready. You’re going to want to capture that inaugural dip with these Instagram captions for pictures of your kid’s first time swimming.

Whether they’re in a swim diaper being clutched by you in the pool or taking off for their first swim lesson, that first time swimming is a meaningful event. It’s an opportunity to enjoy one of the purest experiences in nature while also learning some important safety lessons they’ll hopefully not soon forget. And you can guarantee their reaction to the water will be something you want to photograph. Squeals of joy and/or shrieks of terror will make for a classic core childhood memory.

Just don’t forget to butter your babe up in sunscreen first before you hit the pool or lake and pick an Instagram caption for your kid’s first swimming pics. No one wants to caption a sunburnt picture of their child after a day on the water. (But if you must, consider: “Sick burn, bro” or “Feeling hot hot hot.”)


Like a duck to water.

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The saying says it all. If your child takes to swimming better than walking, you know you have a true blue water baby on your hands.


Diving into summer.

This instagram caption for pictures of your kid’s first time swimming is great in that it recognizes that it’s a new dawn for summertime fun in your house. Now it includes water activities!


Official water-baby status.

Welcome to the club, baby. You’re now a water baby and with that comes tan lines, sun-kissed hair, and the constant smell of sunscreen.


Blowing these swim lessons out of the water.

If you’re doing infant swim lessons, then you could consider this Instagram caption for pictures of your kid’s first time swimming. Especially if they’re loving every minute of water play.


Just keep swimming.

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Gotta love Dory’s popular line from Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming.” It’s great advice for life and for the pool.


Jumping in with both feet.

For the little one in your life who is fearless even in the face of a giant pool, this Instagram caption says it all. Even if you wish they were a bit more cautious.


Swan dive!

If your little swimmer belly flops their way into their first time swimming, this is a funny ironic Instagram caption to post with that perfect picture.


Come hell or high water, this kiddo will learn to swim.

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Ensuring a child knows how to swim is one of the best things a parent can do to keep them safe. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be a walk in the park. If your child’s reaction to getting wet is a state of horror, then perhaps this is the best Instagram caption.


Look at this little duckling.

Clad in their swimmies or floaty, babies look so dang darling on their first trip to the pool. Much like a baby duckling, you might say.


Float on.

Love the band Modest Mouse? Then this is your obvious Instagram caption for pictures of your kid’s first time swimming.


The life aquatic.

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The name of Wes Anderson’s comedy makes a great caption for a baby’s first time swimming, especially if that child seems particularly keen on the water.


Check out that breaststroke

If you snag a video while snapping photos of your child’s first swim, this could make for a fun Instagram caption. Their splashing around is certainly nowhere near a proper breaststroke and that’s the joke.


Splish splash

What’s more fun than splashing water? Nothing if you ask a baby on their first visit to a pool.


My Little Mermaid

Find your child falling in love with swimming after their first dip? Prepare to cue up the Little Mermaid on repeat for, oh, the next five to 15 years.


Next stop: The diving board

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This caption is a subtle way of telling your child to dream big. If they can handle their first time swimming, the only logical next step is a jump off the diving board — in a few years, of course.


Nemo ain’t got nothing on this guy.

Another nod to Disney, any parent will appreciate that while the little fish Nemo is cute, your tot taking their first swim is way cuter.


Free Willy

Have a child named William? Enough said.

Use these Instagram captions for pictures of your kid’s first time swimming to make the most of the special day. You’ll love looking back at the shots for years to come.