These pediatric dentists are great to follow on Instagram.
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9 Dentists To Follow On Instagram For Kids’ Teeth Tips

These experts are sharing everything they know, including tried-and-true tips.

When you think about all the challenges that could come up with parenting, taking care of your kid’s teeth probably isn’t high on your list of concerns. But once that first tooth pops out, the questions start popping up: Do we brush this one little tooth? Is it safe to use toothpaste? Do we have to go to the dentist now? Who knew it could be such a *thing* trying to learn how to care for your little one’s mouth?

As a first-time mom, I find myself Googling something at least once a day, especially now that my baby has started teething. I’ve questioned if it’s normal for two teeth to come in at once (it is), whether amber necklaces and teething medications are safe (no and no), and how I can help ease my baby’s discomfort overnight (cold washcloths are his favorite).

Well, what if you could get expert info on brushing, flossing, and more when it comes to your kid's teeth? These dentists and hygienists (some of whom are also parents) have you covered, and they’re serving the toothy tea straight to your Instagram feed. Now that I follow these children’s teeth experts, I’m learning info I’d otherwise have to research before I even need it. Think: tooth eruption charts, flossing tips, and a heads up that hyperdontia is a thing.



Courtesy of @the.dentistmom

If you’re looking for helpful advice about teething, brushing, flossing, and a healthy dose of mom memes, look no further than Dr. Helen Mo’s Instagram (@the.dentistmom). She’s a pediatric dentist and a mom herself, so her tips on how to brush a toddler’s teeth and books about prepping for the dentist are tried-and-true recommendations. Plus, she shares relatable and heart-warming posts about motherhood that will hit you right in the feels.



Courtesy of @smilestreetdentistry

Dr. Marissa of @smilestreetdentistry is another pediatric dentist who shares ideas for family fun, mouth-healthy snack alternatives, and plenty of tooth-related info. Each month, she also posts a brushing chart you can print out and let your little ones earn stickers when they brush morning and night.



Courtesy of @sll.stories

Want to add some adorable illustrations and expert dental knowledge to your IG feed? Sarah Liebkemann is a dental hygienist and artist who shares her tips via hand-drawn graphics over at @sll.stories. Her posts include great tips on how to talk to kids about brushing, choosing the best brush for little ones, and how to make drinking juice a little safer for teeth. And check out her product reviews, too!



Courtesy of smallteeth_bigworld

Pediatric dentist Dr. Jordan Virden (@smallteeth_bigworld) is another excellent source of dental info for parents of babies, toddlers, and older children. She covers everything from general methods for preventing tooth decay and more detailed info on kid-specific issues, like mesiodens. Posts like that one may not apply to your kiddo right now, but when they wake up with a unicorn tooth one morning, you’ll be glad you saw it beforehand.



Courtesy of @askthedentist

What would you ask your dentist if, you know, they didn’t have their hands in your mouth the whole time? Dentist Dr. Mark Burhenne shares all his answers on his IG @askthedentist. He focuses on general dentistry for kids and adults, but his baby and toddler posts are especially helpful (like how crackers are the biggest culprit behind cavities, not candy).



Courtesy of @healthyteeth.fortots

Dental hygienist and mom Katie (@healthyteeth.fortots) has all the best methods for helping your kids brush and floss regularly, and she also shares encouraging content for moms who are stealing a few minutes of self-care/social media scrolling time. She also has great tips for moms who have dental anxiety but want to raise kids who don’t, and parents of children with sensory challenges.



Courtesy of @drbienstock

Paging board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Lisa Bienstock (@drbienstock)! How should I make brushing teeth fun and exciting for my kids so they’ll actually do it? Is this fancy kids’ electric toothbrush worth the money? Am I the worst mom ever if they eat a donut and don’t floss? For answers to all of these Qs and more, you should definitely give her a follow.



Courtesy of @dr_erin

Dr. Erin Issac is the kind of dentist you hope your kid has, but she can be everyone’s dentist thanks to her super informative IGTV episodes on @dr_erin. From teething woes and stinky breath to preventing sports injuries to teeth, she’s got answers for parents with kids of all ages.



Courtesy of @thumbsuckingprofessionals

As for tooth-health-adjacent IG accounts, @thumbsuckingprofessionals focuses on how sucking on pacifiers, thumbs, or fingers affect oral and dental health. It’s a little bit more medical than the other Instas in this list, but if your child’s dentist has pointed out concerns in their oral development, teeth, et cetera, you may find some useful info here (like common activities that lead to thumb-sucking, and how to wean).