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If Your Kid Likes Skateboards They'll Love These Free Coloring Pages

Coloring skateboards today, competing in the X Games tomorrow.

Once they’re interested in something, kids tend to live and breathe it and immerse themselves in it as much as possible (until the next thing comes along, at least). If that all-encompassing interest is skateboarding for your kid, then you have to print out these skateboard coloring pages for them. Not only will they help keep your child busy with their new favorite thing, but it won’t cost you a penny since they’re totally free.

It’s easy to understand why kids would be so fascinated by skateboards; they look like a lot of fun. Even as an adult, when I see someone riding down the street on one or doing some cool tricks I can’t help but be a little mesmerized. Of course, if I tried to ride one I’d inevitably break every bone in my body, so hanging out with my kid and focusing my efforts on some skateboard coloring pages is probably much safer for me. The same is likely true for young kids who can barely walk without running into something, let alone balance on a skateboard.

Since you can’t just go to Target and pick up a book with only skateboard coloring pages, print out your own pages and create something totally custom for your aspiring athlete. Your kid will love the gift, and for a hot minute, they might even think you’re just as cool as a skateboard (at least until you ask them to clean up their crayons when they’re done coloring). Here are some skateboard coloring pages to help get you started.


Cartoon Skateboard Coloring Page

Good for kids who are still learning how to color inside the lines, this coloring page has just the right balance of details and free space for crayons. It’s also a good picture to help you talk about the safety equipment that needs to be worn while skateboarding.


Skeletons & Skateboards Coloring Page

Does it get much cooler than this picture? Seriously, there are skulls, bones, lightning bolts, and skateboards on this coloring page, so it basically screams “hardcore.”


Blank Canvas Skateboard Coloring Page

Kids who dream of designing their own skateboard can get to work dreaming up possibilities with this coloring page. It’s a totally blank canvas that they can do anything they want with. You may even want to print them a few of these pages so they can get it just right.


Mickey Mouse Skateboard Coloring Page

The littlest skateboard fans will enjoy this coloring page that features none other than Mickey Mouse. Who knew the famous mouse was so athletic and hard-core? He’s a total natural.


Girl Skateboarding Coloring Page

In my head, this is what I would look like if I were to try to skateboard. In reality, I’d just be laying on the ground, probably bleeding somewhere, next to the board after managing to crash on a totally level surface. I can dream though, right?


Cool Pig Skateboarding Coloring Page

This little piggy went to the market looking like a total badass on a skateboard. Seriously, though, what kid wouldn’t want to color in this very cool pig? Personally, I see neon green glasses frames, pink lenses, and a purple hat.


Lightning Bolt Skateboard Coloring Page

Here’s another great coloring page for a kid who enjoys designing skateboards. It’s not a totally blank canvas, but the two lightning bolts still leave plenty of room for creativity and details. Plus, I’m fairly certain they would make the board go faster.


Bart Simpson Skateboarding Coloring Page

Kids who are fans of The Simpsons and skateboarding will particularly love this coloring page featuring Bart on his board. Looking at the drawing, Bart could either be nailing a really cool trick or losing control after trying one. Either way, it’s a fun page for coloring.


Sunshine & Smiles Skateboard Coloring Page

This coloring page is absolutely adorable. This kid is having the time of their life hanging out with their board on a sunny day. One warning, though, your kid may ask about the Walkman and make you feel like you’re 100 years old.


Downhill Skateboarding Coloring Page

She looks like she is going downhill really, really fast, doesn’t she? Personally, I find that to be rather terrifying, but a skateboard-loving kid will probably find it absolutely thrilling, so it should definitely go in their custom coloring book.


Smiling Kid Skateboard Coloring Page

Everyone knows some of the most incredible skateboarding tricks happen on ramps like this. While your kid is coloring this page, ask them about their favorite tricks or what they think the child in this picture is doing.


Decorate Your Own Skateboard Coloring Page

Instead of designing the top of a skateboard, this coloring page lets kids work on the bottom of the board. For skateboarders who do a lot of jumps and tricks, the bottom design is arguably more important than the top, since it’s what fans will be seeing the most.


SpongeBob Skateboarding Coloring Page

SpongeBob has found a way to skateboard under the water, and honestly, that’s no small accomplishment. This coloring page is obviously especially great for kids who happen to love both skateboarding and the famous cartoon character.


Elmo Skateboard Coloring Page

Elmo is officially one cool puppet because apparently even he is brave enough to get on a skateboard. Toddlers will really get a kick out of this picture, which will also remind them of the importance of safety equipment.


Balancing Skateboard Coloring Page

This coloring page is good for older kids for two reasons: it has a lot of small details to color in and it features a skateboarder doing a trick a little kid probably should not try. That’s not to say a younger child can’t color this picture but be prepared for them to beg you to try this trick by themself.


Robot Skateboarding Coloring Page

Do you what is cooler than a robot? A robot on a skateboard. There is a lot to love about this coloring page and it’s one that kids (and grown-ups) of all ages will enjoy working on. Really, who wouldn’t enjoy coloring this page and imagining what it would be like to look out the window and see a skateboarding robot rolling down the street?


Lisa Simpson Skateboard Coloring Page

Another great coloring page for fans of The Simpsons. This page features the usually-reserved Lisa looking totally relaxed with some serious 90’s vibes. Or, maybe it’s Gen-Z vibes now? Has Lisa’s look come full circle?


Skateboarding Tricks Coloring Page

For kids who love skateboards, seeing tricks probably never gets old, so the more coloring pages you can add to their book that feature cool jumps like this, the better. Just be sure to keep an extra close watch on them the next time they go play on their board because they will most certainly want to try a jump of some sort.


Bunny Skateboarding Coloring Page

I bet this bunny spends its days just hanging with friends at the skate park without a care in the world. In fact, if you were to ask your skateboard-loving kid, this bunny is very likely living the dream. Well, until it finds out bunnies aren’t allowed to participate in the X Games, at least.


Smiling & Waving Skateboarding Coloring Page

With lots of details, this coloring page is good for kids who have mastered coloring in small spaces. With so many stripes and little sections all over this boy’s outfit, this page will surely keep your kiddo busy for a while.

Now that you have everything you need to create a custom coloring book for your little skateboarder, get moving. You never know when your kid will suddenly drop this interest for something new.