St. Patrick's Day

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Fun & Free St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages To Print

Break out the green markers!

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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day for everyone to don some green and have some fun, whether your family has Irish roots or just appreciates the holiday as a break from routine. Get little ones in on the fun, pull out these free St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages for preschoolers and toddlers to keep your own little leprechauns entertained.

As you might have guessed, the majority of these free, printable St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages display the usual St. Patrick’s day suspects: Clovers, shamrocks, rainbows, and plenty of pots of gold. But there’s also plenty of unusual additions to the St. Patty’s party. Unicorns, anyone? Or how about a cameo from Piglet? Who says Winnie The Pooh’s favorite swine can’t have a good time on St. Paddy’s Day? An Irish princess makes an appearance, too.

In coloring world, all kinds of characters can get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. So when the kids tire of setting up a leprechaun traps or making green eggs and ham, get your little one a pack of crayons — make sure you have the entire ROYGBIV suite for those rainbows — and settle in for a creative afternoon having fun with these St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages with these holiday appropriate illustrations.


A leprechaun guarding a pot of gold

Let’s be real though, not all leprechauns are so generous with their treasure. This illustration shows a much more snarky leprechaun clearly protecting his pot of gold. Something tells us that merely coming to the end of rainbow won’t be enough to pry a coin away from this guy.


Pot of gold

Isn’t finding the pot of gold what it’s all about? Even a child can understand the allure of finding a treasure trove of gold. So they’ll love filling in this St. Patrick’s Day coloring page.


St. Patrick’s Day maze activity

Can a maze be a coloring page? Better question: have you hung out with a 4-year-old lately? Yes, yes it can. For a coloring page that comes with a game, try this one.


St. Patrick’s Day hat

A tony derby hat sporting a four leaf clover is the perfect chapeau for St. Pat’s. Let your kids consider what kind of hat they’d wear to celebrate while filling in this St. Patrick’s day coloring page.


A classic pot of gold

No St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages are complete without at least a few illustrations of pots of gold. So consider this option number one. In this page a leprechaun appears to be actually flying high above the world in a pot of gold.


Leprechaun with a lucky clover

What do leprechauns do when they’re not hiding gold? Romp around the fields looking for four leaf clovers, of course. At least that’s what this guy appears to be doing. That or farming the lucky plants.


A happy leprechaun with a pot of gold

If your child wants to build a whole legion of leprechauns, then add this to their St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages. It’s another illustration of a plucky leprechaun with a pot of gold, but this guy looks so friendly, who wouldn’t want to color him in?


A rainbow for good luck

Another classic symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is the rainbow. This likely stems from the fact that Ireland is such a rainy country, prone to beautiful post storm rainbow displays. Teach your kids about how a pot of gold is supposed to be at the end of the rainbow as they fill this St. Patrick’s day coloring page in.


Just a very cute leprechaun

What does a baby leprechaun look like? This illustration seems to suggest that it looks something like this. A forest nymph looking for fun. Your child can get creative filling in the details of this woodland scene.


Four leave clovers & a leprechaun hat

Perhaps the most exciting thing for a child to do after learning about St. Patrick’s Day is look for their very own four leaf clover. Help them get a handle on this member of the legume family by coloring this sheet.


Dancing leprechaun

Leprechauns love to play tricks. Everyone knows that. But your children might not realize that they also love to dance. So cue up an Irish ditty and teach your children a little River Dance while they pull out their crayons to decorate this St. Patrick’s Day coloring sheet.


A St. Patrick’s Day harp

The harp is synonymous with Ireland, so the musical instrument shows up a lot on St. Patrick’s Day. You can introduce your child to harp music as you play it in the background during their coloring time and have a lovely, soothing afternoon.


Complete the leprechaun activity

A super cute fill-in from Crayola, this St. Patrick’s Day coloring page will unlock your preschooler’s creativity for sure.


Irish princess

Princesses haven’t been a thing on the island of Ireland for some time, but it’s nice to dream about long lost kingdoms. Let your child play pretend while they go to work on this cute St. Patrick’s Day coloring page.


Unicorn with a shamrock

Kids love unicorns. So naturally, a unicorn would make an appearance in a collection of St. Patrick’s Day colorings pages. Why not? Let this mystical horse have his day of fun celebrating the luck o’ the Irish.


St. Patrick’s Day bear

Put a teddy in plaid and you have a St. Patrick’s Day bear. And there’s really nothing cuter than that. We’re sure your children will agree when you had them this St. Patrick’s Day coloring page.


Leprechaun sliding down a rainbow

Wouldn’t it be fun to ride a rainbow? If you’re a leprechaun, you probably can. At least this little guy appears to be able to defy gravity and take a ride on the multicolored spectrum.


A classic St. Patrick’s Day blessing

How about a coloring page with a little reading lesson. Have your child sound this statement out and then explain how it’s a nice thing to say to friends and family on St. Patrick’s day.


Shamrock heart

Is your child super into St. Patrick’s Day but still on a Valentine’s Day kick? Here’s the best of both worlds: A shamrock heart! They can celebrate their two fave holidays together when they color this page.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day sign

Work on reading while your child colors by filling in this sheet that says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” Kids can color in the page then post it on their door to add their own DIY decor to your home for the holiday.


A leprechaun mouse

What? Who says mice can’t be leprechauns too? In imagination land, every creature can vie for the role of the gold-loving holiday sprite. Let your kids have fun with this sheet featuring a darling mouse in full leprechaun regalia.


St. Patrick’s Day worm

In Ireland, worms probably even celebrate St. Pat’s because why not? This little earth worm looks saucy in his derby hat. He’s cleary ready for an underground fete.


Piglet as a leprechaun

And finally, looks like Piglet escaped the Hundred Acre Wood just in time for the river to be turned green. Kids can have fun imagining the sweet pig celebrating with her other cast of characters in this St. Patrick’s Day coloring page.

Ready to get your green on? Just be sure you have enough shades of it before you dive into these St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages for preschoolers.

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