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9 Fun Things To Love About Taurus Babies

Prepare to give your spring baby extra snuggles.

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If you have an April or May baby, they just might be a Taurus baby. The second astrological sign in the Zodiac, Taurus children are Earth elements and, as you likely know, they’re better known by their sign: a bull. This hints at a host of facts and benefits about Taurus babies and their personality traits.

How do you know if your child is a Taurus?

It all comes down to their birth date. Babies born between April 20 and May 20 fall under the Taurus zodiac sign. These spring Taurus babies are thought to have strong personalities, with an emphasis on practicality and stubbornness.

In Greek mythology, Taurus comes from the tale of Europa. Europa was the daughter of King Agenor of Phoenicia and Telephassa. Zeus fell in love with Europa, and in order to win her over he transformed himself into a handsome white bull (as one does). Europa climbed on bull Zeus’ back and he whisked her away to the island of Crete, ravished her in a shape-shifted form of an eagle, and then she bore him three sons. The constellation of Taurus illustrates this legend.

What does all that have to do with your baby Taurus? Let’s find out.

1. Taurus babies crave security

“They love to be held a great deal because it makes them feel safe,” astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Romper of Taurus people. “They need this reassurance in order to feel at ease and protected. They also crave especially soft and warm blankets and clothing that helps them to feel nestled.”

“Especially for Taurus babies, parents should set aside 10 minutes a day for a love break,” says Kirby Moore, an astrologer who specializes in trauma resolution. “Like, let’s just let's just snuggle. Go for two 10 minute or three 10 minute love breaks for that extra connection.”

Taurus babies are happy

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“Taurus babies are smiling from the crib. They're enthusiastic,” says Moore of their general personality. These Earth sign babies bring a pleasant disposition to their families.

3. They may be late bloomers (but that’s not a bad thing)

If you notice your Taurus baby learns to walk a bit later than other children or seems to learn things just a bit delayed, don’t fret.

“Taurus is pretty much the most organic rhythm-based sign, so Taurus is very Mother Earth-associated. As a result, Taurus wants to do things at their own pace,” explains Moore. “It’s possible Taurus babies might crawl a little bit late. They might walk a little bit late. Tauruses are associated with Venus, so sometimes they get a bad rap for being lazy. But I’m not sure if it's lazy. It’s more about appreciating comfort, doing things at their own pace.”

This can actually be a good thing. Moore says that while it may take a Taurus baby a minute to latch onto a skill, once they’ve got it, they’ve really got it.

“When they learn something, it sticks,” says Moore.

“As one of the slowest moving zodiac signs, Tauruses like to take their time,” Thomas agrees. “Anyone who rushes them will bring them anxiety and frustration.”

4. Taurus babies have heightened senses

“Tauruses are known for their ability to perceive the world through their five senses,” says Thomas. “They focus greatly on how things taste, smell, sound, and feel. As an Earth sign, they use their bodies as the gauge of what they like or do not.”

And what’s wrong with a baby that knows its own mind?

5. Taurus children can become possessive

“Whether it’s their favorite parent, sibling, show, toy, or food, a Taurus baby will be very clear about who and what he or she likes.” Thomas says. “This sense of familiarity brings them harmony.” So while you might want them to release their hold on a certain stuffed animal, consider the comfort it may bring your Taurus baby.

6. Taurus children love music and beautiful surroundings


“Ruled by Venus, these babies crave a sense of beauty,” says Thomas. As a parent, it’s important to appreciate this natural affinity, adds Moore, and support it by taking your Taurus baby outdoors to play.

“Because that resonates with Venus, getting out in nature, gardening, walking in the country, biking in mountain biking, swimming in nature is really important,” says Moore.

Taurus children are also drawn to pleasant sounds. This is why Moore encourages parents to introduce Taurus babies to dance. Their natural creative impulses can thrive in a musical setting.

7. Taurus babies want discipline

“They want structure around them. And knowing that things happen at a certain time is ideal,” says Moore. A parent can help a Taurus baby by giving them schedules and setting clear boundaries.

“They need rules. They appreciate rules and keeping their word,” adds Moore, so parents of Taurus babies should keep that in mind.

8. Taurus babies are driven by hunger

“While all children crave to be fed, Taurus babies can be especially fussy eaters,” says Thomas. “They like what they like — and will be stubborn to try anything else. These children were born to eat, and their moods will easily reflect their current sense of satiation.”

But careful on the treats though. “These little ones can quickly develop a sweet tooth because they are ruled by Venus, so it is best to manage this so it doesn’t get out of hand,” says Thomas.

9. They might need a gentle push from parents

Because Taurus babies operate at their own pace, a supportive but gentle push from parents may be necessary from time to time to encourage a Taurus baby to act, Moore says.

“If something is trying to disrupt that pace or transition too fast, Tauruses can get a little bit resistant,” says Moore. “So if we can prime the system early, you know, like a five minute warning, they’ll do better.”

“This is why it’s best to plan easy transitions for your child and not try to pack in too many things for your day,” adds Thomas. “This can also go as far as their preference for a routine, as it will bring them consistency.”

To encourage your Taurus baby to flourish, consider these zodiac-based characteristics, adjust your parenting accordingly, and you’ll have a happy baby on your hands.


Kirby Moore, trauma-informed astrologer

Kyle Thomas, pop culture astrologer and Tarot card reader

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