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8 Fascinating Facts About Babies Born In May

They have a lot going for them.

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May arrives on the cusp of summer, when flowers are at their peak and the promises of warm weather brings everything into bloom. Maybe that’s why May babies are so special. Take a look at the research and data in these 8 facts about May babies and you’ll find that children born in this month seem to have particularly great characteristics.

From studies that indicate May-born people are more positive to research that suggests May kiddos might be night owls, there’s mystery and magic to these sweet spring arrivals. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that their last few months of incubation happen when the days are longer and mamas-to-be get more Vitamin D, or maybe their unique attributes are thanks to their zodiac sign or something else science has yet to uncover. What is for sure is that May children are a reflection of their birth month — wonderful rays of light for any family they join.

And, if it matters, May babies are in great company. Celebrities including Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, comedian Will Arnett, George Clooney, and Dwayne Johnson all blow out birthday candles in May. Even before they’re born, these kids have these bragging rights.


Children Born In May Might Have a Lower Risk of Disease

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In 2015, the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association published a study that looked at the relationship between birth and disease risk. The findings revealed that of the 1,688 conditions reviewed, 55 diseases — like cardiovascular diseases and asthma — were significantly dependent on birth month. “Overall, we found that some months, namely May and July, had zero at risk diseases,” the authors wrote.


Babies Born in May Are Night Owls

If you find your child humming along to Alicia Bridges 1978 classic “I Love the Nightlife”, there could be more to it than an appreciation for disco. The medical journal Sleep published a 2009 study of 5,720 university students found that “the effect of the season of birth on sleep preference timing was significant.” Subjects born in May tended to go to bed later than subjects born in December or February.


May Babies Have Luck On Their Side

Self reporting one’s luckiness might seem like a strange way to evaluate luck. However, what is luck if not a perceived experience? One that, apparently, May babies see in themselves more often than others. In 2004, 40,000 people gave their birth dates to British psychologist Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire and shared how lucky they considered themselves, reported the Sydney Morning Herald. The highest proportion from any month? You guessed it. May babies.


May Babies May Have a Lower Chance of Eczema

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a medical term for eczema, an itchy scaly rash that can appear anywhere on the skin and typically develops early in childhood. Treatable with creams and ointments, it’s prone to flair ups that can be uncomfortable.

May babies, however, might have a lower chance of experiencing atopic dermatitis. “Compared with people born in May, people born in December had the highest risk of AD,” a study in Allergy, a medical journal that looked at 31,237 AD cases, reported.


Babies in May Have the Rarest Birthstone

It might seem like April got the best birthstone with diamonds, but May babies get to boast of having the most rare. Emeralds, fine emeralds that is — those that fall under the highest color and clarity — are more rare than diamonds, per As rare as your sweet May baby, you might say.


May Babies Might Be More Optimistic

Here’s a more uplifting factoid: temperament might have something to do with birth month and it when it comes to May babies, that’s a good thing.

“March, April and May babies get high marks on the hyperthymia scale, a measure of general optimism,” reported Time. Great news for parents hoping to raise happy kids.


May Babies’ Birth Flower Symbolizes Happiness

The good news keeps coming. May babies get to enjoy the birth flower of Lily of the Valley which, according to Flower Meanings, has long been a symbol of happiness. All the more reason to fill your house with Lily of the Valley every May in honor of your little babe.


May Babies Have Strong Zodiac Signs

You child will either be a Taurus baby (April 20-May 20) or Gemini baby (May 21-June 20). The former who fall under Taurus (bulls) are noted for being sensual, practical, and, not surprisingly, determined. Gemini, on the other hand, are symbolized by a pair of twins and can be quick-witted, pioneering, and innovative.

Either way, you’ve got a creative, curious kid on your hands, so plan accordingly.

Are May babies the best? Their parents probably think so. But others might agree after reviewing some of these extraordinary characteristics.

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