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30 Names For Your Taurus Baby

They’re almost as fierce as your little Taurus will be.

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Picking out a meaningful name for your baby is no easy task, so if you’re struggling to come up with something, one place to draw some inspiration is from their astrological sign. For babies born in late-April and May, consider adding a few Taurus inspired baby names to your list of options. Whether you want a name that’s classic or totally unique, you’re sure to find something you love.

Babies who are born between April 20 and May 20 fall under the Taurus, or bull, sign, and if they end up being anything like their astrological profile, you can expect a patient and reliable kiddo who might also be a little bougie thanks to their love of the finer things in life. You can expect your Taurus baby to love soft blankets, soothing environments, and snuggles (which is unlikely to change even after they’ve grown out of the baby stage), and all of this can be used as inspiration for choosing their name.

If you love the idea of naming your baby after their astrological sign, but don’t want it to be overly obvious, there are plenty of options for you. There is no shortage of gorgeous names to choose from that are a subtle nod to their sign or are so loosely related that you may be the only one to realize the connection without having to explain it.

Whether you want something low key or would love to really lean into their astrological sign, here are some adorable Taurus inspired baby names to consider for your little one.



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Poppy is one of the flowers associated with the Taurus sign, and it also happens to make for a really cute baby name.



Since Taurus is an Earth sign, names that associate with the earth are excellent options, like Aaron which means “high mountain” per Nameberry.



While you may associate the name Venus with the word “love,” it’s actually the ruling planet of Taurus, making it a perfect name choice for a little Taurus baby.



Tauruses are often described as being reliable or trustworthy, and Aminah, per Nameberry, is an Arabic name that means “trustworthy” and “faithful



If you’re looking for a little more of an obvious nod to their Taurus sign, name your baby Taura which is Latin for “like a bull.”



Rose actually has a double meaning when it comes to Taurus because a rose is one of the sign’s flowers and its spirit color is pink.



This may be a more unique name, but Taurus’ lucky gem is an emerald, so it could be a really fun name for a little Taurus baby. It’s a really good choice if you’re a fan of nicknames because you could call them Emmy for short.



Adam means “son of the red earth,” notes Baby Names, so how could there be a better name for an Earth sign baby?



Not only is it the first name of one of Hollywood’s most precious men, but Keanu also means “the breeze” per The Bump, making it a wonderful name for an earth sign.



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The bull is the animal symbol for Taurus, which is strong and sturdy. Garret is an Irish name that means “spear strength,” per Namberry, which could serve as a subtle way to honor your baby’s sign.



If your baby is born between April 20 and 30, then they are both an April baby and a Taurus baby and the name April will fit them perfectly.



Another name that represents the Taurus bull? Angus. It’s simultaneously a well-known word while also being a unique name, and you can always call the baby “Gus” for short (which is just downright cute).



Sticking with the earth-themed names, consider calling your little Taurus is Wesley, which translates to “western meadow,” as noted by Nameberry.



Ami is another name that can mean “reliable” (an outstanding trait found in most Tauruses) or “beloved.” Go with whichever meaning is most important to you and run with it.



While “Rose” is the obvious name for a nod at the Taurus flower, Rhodes is a more subtle option that means “where roses grew,” according to Nameberry.



April’s birthstone is a diamond, and babies born in the last ten days of the month fall into the Taurus sign, so while it’s not an obvious way to honor the astrological sign, it is a fun sneaky way to do it.



In Greek mythology, Gaia is the name of the goddess of the earth. What name could better represent an Earth sign baby?



This gender-neutral name pretty much speaks for itself in its relation to the Earth sign, but in case you were curious, it means “from the woods,” per Baby Names which is perfect for nature-loving families.



For a little lady who is strong like her astrological animal, name her Millie which Nameberry notes translates to “gentle strength” and “strong in work.”



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Just like birthstones, everyone has a birth flower, too, and babies born in May get the lily of the valley. So, even though it’s not the official flower of Taurus, it still honors the sign since anyone born between May 1 and 20 falls under the Taurus sign.



Sticking with the actual gem of the Taurus sign, Esme is a French name that means emerald. It’s also a name that has seen increasing popularity over the years in the United States.



Another notable trait in a Taurus is their patience. If you’re hoping your Taurus baby will exhibit this more often than not, name it Sabri, which means “patient,” per Baby Names.



For a more feminine name that also means patience, consider the Arabic name, Halimah.



Georgia is an adorable name for a baby no matter what their sign is, but it works really well for Earth sign babies since it means “farmer,” per Nameberry.



Not only is this name just downright cool, it also means “strength,” per The Bump, which aligns well with the Taurus bull. Even better, it’s also Hebrew for “powerful” and “courageous,” so your baby will be bound to be a tough little cookie.



Babies born between May 1 and 20 are Taurus babies, so the name “May” can serve as a little nod to their sign (and possibly their birth month).



April’s flower is the daisy, which happens to make for a really cute baby name. It’s a fun way to honor your baby’s birth month and astrological sign all at once.



Tess is an English name that means “to harvest,” according to Nameberry. This is another option that acknowledges Taurus as one of the Earth signs.



Technically, Fern means “bold voyager,” per Nameberry, which is a wonderful sentiment to have behind your child’s name, but it’s specifically a good choice for a Taurus baby because of its association with the earth.



Why not just go all out and name your baby after their astrological sign entirely? After all, it’s a name that is associated with traits like strength, reliability, persistence, and stability, and who wouldn’t want those things for their child?

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