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11 Best Sex Positions To Help You Get Pregnant Fast
by Jennifer Parris and Maggie May Ethridge
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When you and your partner finally make the decision to make a baby, sex takes on a whole new meaning. It’s not just fun and orgasmic, but it becomes even more momentous and special, too. That said, once weeks (or sigh, months) pass and you’re still not knocked up, sex can become downright unsexy. So if you’re looking to position your partner’s little swimmers in the right direction, these 9 sex positions to help you get pregnant can make baby-making a whole lot more fun — and get you the baby results you want.

And here comes the boring, clinical disclaimer. If you’re looking for the one tried-and-true, guaranteed-to-get-you-pregnant sex position, it doesn’t exist, according to OB/GYN Dr. Kim Langdon. “There are no specific positions that enhance conception,” Dr. Langdon says. But some are better than others: “The best ones are those that allow the deepest penetration so that sperm is deposited closest to the cervix,” says Dr. Langdon.

So which ones will lead to a positive sign on a pregnancy test? Well, make way for the missionary position, which can boost your chances of getting pregnant, or any variation thereof. “The best thing you can do is be in the missionary or supine position so that the semen doesn’t come out due to gravity,” advises Dr. Langdon.

In the meantime, you might want to try out these positions if you’re TTC, to help you get pregnant — and have some awesome orgasms in the meantime.


Pillow Under The Butt

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Putting a pillow under your butt during missionary creates a tilt that gives sperm to have the best possible chance reaching the uterus. And as an added bonus, Love Sutras notes that pillow under the butt stimulates your G-Spot.


Doggy Style

Doggy style works especially well for conception because of the deep penetration, which actually moves the cervix. The Bump notes this is also a great position if you have a tilted uterus.


The Glowing Triangle

Make over the missionary position by trying out the Glowing Triangle. The glowing triangle looks like the missionary position with a twist. In this case, the man is on all fours, while the woman lifts her hips toward him, and rocks back and forth. Deep penetration and a very sexy hip swivel make this position a must-try.


Magic Mountain

The magic mountain is known for its deep penetrating qualities, which is exactly what you want for baby-making. Stack four or five pillows (i.e. the mountain) and bend over them, allowing your partner to enter you Doggy Style from behind (the magic).


The Splitting Bamboo

The name of this sexual position may sound painful, but the splitting bamboo is actually easy to do and even easier to enjoy. The woman lies on her back and raises one leg up over the man’s shoulders, while the man straddles the woman’s other thigh and penetrates during sex. This allows the depth of the penetration to be easily controlled, and allows the women to give a signal to move to the left, move to the right, go deeper.


The Drill

Another variation on the missionary, the drill position has the man on top,with the woman’s legs pulled up so her knees are at his side. This allows for a deeper penetration, as well as intense intimacy, which is nice to have when you’re making a baby together.


The Union of The Oyster

Although this sounds like an avant-garde dish, the union of the oyster is actually a sex position that provides deep penetration. The woman lies on her back and brings her legs up, so that her knees are on the man’s side. The man then holds her thighs with his hands, even leaning against


Viennese Oyster

Meet the viennese oyster, a sex romp for flexible women. Basically, this is the union of the oyster — legs drawn up, man on top — but the woman extends her legs all the way behind her head. It may be a little tough, but remember, it’s all for a good cause.



Sometimes the hardest thing about getting pregnant is how tense you can become. Spooning during sex can be comforting and relaxing, two states of being that doctors say increase your odds of conceiving. So cuddle up together, and spoon your way into parenthood.


Legs on Shoulders

If you’re tired of lying completely flat in the missionary style, the Legs On Shoulders position might be more your style (via The Bump). Similar to the Splitting Bamboo position, you’ll lift both your legs up onto your partner’s shoulders. Not only does it raise you off the bed more, but this position will get your partner’s sperm closer to your cervix, due to that whole gravity thing.


Side by Side Scissors

There’s nothing like a lot of intimacy to make sex even more, well, sexy. So if you’re looking to really bond with your partner, the Side By Side Scissors position might be a total turn on. With both of you lying on your side, you’ll face each other while your partner enters you. The position allows for deep entry, which gets that sperm closer to the egg (via The Bump).


Rear Entry

No, it’s not that kind of rear entry. With you lying on your stomach, your partner will enter you from behind while grabbing your shoulders or back. And apparently, this position allows for even deeper penetration than missionary style, a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found.

Trying to get pregnant can still be sexy and fun. And by trying something new, and (re)productive when you practice these positions. And you just might discover some new ways to have sex will make baby making a blast — literally.

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Dr. Kim Langdon, MD, an OB/GYN

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