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11 Mother’s Day Sex Positions For Her


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Sure, you know that you should be completely and utterly spoiled on Mother’s Day. (And if we’re being honest, every day, really.) But chances are, you’re still going to be serving up snacks and folding a load of laundry on your special day. Still, one place you shouldn’t have to lift a finger is in the bedroom. So step aside, chocolates and flowers, because if you’re looking for the perfect present, these Mother’s Day sex positions will give you what you really want.

Sexy time with your sweetie should always be fun, but sometimes, it can also feel like a lot of work. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on expending a whole lot of effort to get yourself off, Zoë Ligon, a Detroit-based sex educator and author of Carnal Knowledge: Sex Education You Didn’t Get in School tells Romper. “Have whatever kind of day you want to have on Mother’s Day, but make sure you have the most amazing, pleasure-focused sex that we all deserve," she says.

Whether your preference is oral or doggy style, or you’re in the mood to switch up things in the sack, the shower — or just about anywhere you want to get lucky — with minimal effort… and maximum orgasms, here are some sex positions that prioritize a woman’s pleasure to try on Mother’s Day.


Missionary with Lifted Hips

Make over the missionary position simply by adjusting the height of your hips. Lignon suggests adding a pillow or even a sex wedge beneath your hips. “This turns the missionary into a more g-spot friendly position, and effortlessly gets penetration to target the front wall of the vagina where the g-spot lies,” she says. And since your clitoris is easily accessible in this position, you can do manual stimulation or use toys.


The Face-Sitting Queen

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“Any position works, but it should be one that promotes intimacy and focuses on a woman’s pleasure,” Dianis Graveris, a certified sex educator and relationship expert tells Romper in an email. That’s why nothing feels more empowering than a position that satisfies a queen who’s in control. Graveris suggests the face-sitting queen: With each leg on either side, straddle your partner’s face as they lay flat on the bed. Have your partner perform oral sex on you — ease your body up and down and enjoy the avalanche of orgasms.


Sleepy Spoons

Lie on your sides facing the same direction as your partner is behind you. Have your partner kiss your neck, whisper into your ear, smell your scent, and hold hands. Bring your butt closer to your partner as they enter from behind and use their free hand to stimulate your sensitive clitoris and breasts. Says Graveris: “There’s just something intimate about turning a simple cuddle into a feel-good rocking action.” And bonus: you’re already in position to fall asleep post-coital afterwards if you want to.


Sitting Upright

With your partner sitting with crossed legs, face them and sit on top while putting your legs around them. This can put more natural pressure on the clitoris during penetration, and it also gives your partner the ability to stimulate your breasts and nipples at the same time. You can look deeply into each other’s eyes and rock back and forth until you reach orgasm.


Sideways 69

If you’re not including 69 as part of your sexual repertoire, you should be. “Giving and receiving oral sex is one of the most intimate things that couples can do,” says Graveris. “It requires a lot of vulnerability and offers both the fun that oral sex offers and the closeness of spooning.” Lie down on a flat surface facing each other in opposite directions. Align your bodies while maintaining a little space so you can reach each other’s genitals, and do whatever feels right.


The Chairwoman

You’ll be the boss babe you already are in this erotic position. Have your partner sit on the edge of a bed or chair as you slowly sit on them while facing away. “This position allows a woman to control penetration depths and frees both partners’ hands to explore the woman’s erogenous zones,” explains Graveris. You can modify this position to make it more personal and intimate by guiding your partner’s hands all over your body.


Woman On Top

While being on top might mean more work, it actually puts you in control of your pleasure. “The beauty of being on top is that you can control the speed and depth of penetration more easily, and have easy clit stimulation access,” says Lignon. But because being on top can be tough on the knees, you might want to try various angles to see what feels pleasant — and not painful.



Who says you need a partner to experience pleasure? If you want some, ahem, alone time, then masturbation using sex toys or just your own hands is a good way to get off. “Bring in your favorite reinforcements to address your sexual needs and explore your sexuality,” suggests Graveris. “You can even invite your partner for a more intimate sesh and have them control your toys at whatever motion or speed you desire.”


Mutual Masturbation

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Sometimes, you don’t need mind-blowing sex in order to feel connected to your partner. That’s when playing together might be another avenue to orgasm. You can lay down and face each other while touching yourselves — or each other. “Show your partner how you want to be touched, or vice versa,” says Graveris. “Start slow, focus on pleasurable sensations, and add some dirty talk.” It can open the channels of communication, and makes for an incredible sexual experience.


Oral Sex

Forget about complicated positions. Give yourself an orgasmic start to your day by letting your partner perform straight up oral sex on you. Simply lie on your back, spread your legs, and do absolutely nothing but enjoy the show. You can offer up directions or move your sweetie’s head into a better spot, or just lie down, relax, and ride the waves of pleasure.


Shower Together

With all of the daily demands on your time and energy, bathing can sometimes take a backseat. So if your showers are short — and probably not so sweet — try a long luxurious bath or shower together. “Taking a shower together promotes intimacy between partners,” says Graveris. Start slowly by letting your partner bathe you as they explore your body with their hands. It’s a total turn on, and, dare we say, good clean (and sexy) fun.

You might be juggling a thousand balls in the air at any given time, that doesn’t mean that you’re not a sexual being or that you don’t have desires. Take time on Mother’s Day to cater to your own sexual needs, and be sure to start or end (or both) the day in orgasmic ecstasy.

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