A shot of a two tier cake decorated with flowers and topped with a 'Its a Girl' sign.
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These 17 Baby Shower Cakes Will Look So Cute On Instagram

Because it’s all about the cake.

You know who loves cake? A pregnant lady. If you’re throwing a baby shower, by god you better bring a moist sponge with plenty of frosting. And, if you really want to impress the guests, use one of these baby shower cake ideas to wow the crowd.

The years of rolling out a simple sheet cake are no more. Bakers around the world are coming up with more and more wild and wonderful twists on baby shower cakes every day. So why not steal their ideas? Whether it’s a themed affair (take a look at that darling baby bee cake below) or pretty in pink motifs, fondant has become a remarkable medium for playfully celebrating a new bundle of joy.

Plus, it’s not like you have to limit yourself to just a cake when it comes to a sweet baby shower dessert. The cake can be the center of the dessert table, but why not add some sugary additions? For instance, send your guests home cake pop party favors to match, or cakesicles. (A cakesicle is a cake in the shape of a popsicle on a stick.) Bottom line: Have fun with your baby shower cake(s).


A Show-Stopper Cake

All too often really over-the-top cakes are saved just for weddings. But why? Isn’t the arrival of a new baby worthy of an audacious tower of sugar? Like this?


An Elephant Cake

If Disney’s Dumbo gets you all up in your feels, this baby shower cake is for you. Animal cake toppers can provide a sweet addition to any baby shower cake.


Clothesline Baby Shower Cake

The concept of this cake is so simple and yet makes such a big impact, every DIY baker could do it at home. Using two striped straws, the toppers is a clothesline with a tiny paper onesie hanging on itsy bitsy clothes pins.


Pooh Bear Cake

When a new mom is thinking about her forthcoming child, thoughts of children’s books they’ll read together often come to mind and Winnie the Pooh is often high on the list. Here the cuddly bear takes the cake.


Buzzy Bee Baby Shower Cake Pops

When you’re sitting around a living room watching a mom-to-be open shower gifts, eating cake can be messy. Cake pops make enjoying a sweet easier. And these bee pops are as special as the event they’re celebrating.


Little Sneaker Cake

Believe it or not, these sneakers are made out of fondant! Baby shoes as a cake? Yep, doesn’t get more darling than that for a baby shower.


Moonbeam Cake

To new mamas, babies are little moon beams. This cake perfectly depicts this sweetness with a gorgeous moon cookie and stars.


Buck And Baby Deer

There’s something so whimsical and lovely about this buck and baby deer cake. The golden forest motif is a big departure from traditional baby shower cakes, making it a unique option.


Countdown Baby Shower Cake

The countdown to a baby’s arrival is something kept by not just the parents of a new baby, but the whole family. This lovely bear cake embodies that with a little clock and date to show when the new arrival will make its debut.


A Baby Shower Cake For Twins

Expecting twins? There’s no better cake than this for the shower. Here two itty bitty babies peak out of a pea pod for a super darling cake.


Baby In Bloom Cake

A tiny baby rests inside a bubble with the words baby in bloom at the base. Accented in petals this cake epitomizes the idea of a new season in a family’s life.


Baby Shower Cakesicles

Want to amp up the chic at your baby shower? Try reproducing these gorgeous cakesicles. The geometric shape makes them even more appealing and adds an element of glamour to the event.


Oh Baby Cake

What’s better than cake? A cake topped with macarons. This one also features a fun calligraphy “Oh Baby” topper that adds a playful note to your party.


Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag Cake

Swapping out a purse for a diaper bag is one of the big life changes new moms have to make. And this cake has fun with that idea. Yes, even the baby powder is edible!


Safari-Themed Shower Cake

Having a baby is an adventure. At times it might even feel like a wild safari. That makes this cake all the more appropriate. Jungle creature decorate the opulent two-tier sponge.


Nautical Baby Shower Cake

Nautical nurseries are all the rage. So why not extend the theme to the baby shower. With this anchor decorated cake, you can showcase your love of all things sea.


Nighty Night Cake

File under: Unbelievably darling. On top of this cake with the charming “Oh Baby” topper, rests a sleeping baby atop a blend of vanilla and chocolate sponge.

Now, who has a fork?