Baby Showers

These Baby Shower Nail Design Ideas Work For Every Length & Style

Nailed it!

Think baby shower and your first thoughts might go to what to wear? But a party-ready look doesn’t have to begin and end with the dress or outfit you pick out. What about your nails? For the mama to be or even guests, getting a super amped up baby shower manicure can complete your look. And thanks to the brilliant work of nail artists, there’s plenty of inspo to be had with these baby shower nail ideas.

Nail art has come a long way from the basic manicures of yore. Today, with the help of gel polish innovations and acrylic changes, and nail forms, getting really intricate designs on the surface of a nail is not just possible, it’s remarkable. Want a baby foot print on your thumb nail? Nail artists can do that. Prefer illustrations of baby carriages across your digits? No problem. Looking for an over the top way to shout to the world “I’m gonna be a mom”? Have a nail artist write out “Mom to be” in bold colors across your tips.

Truly, anything is possible when it comes to decorating your hands with these baby shower nail ideas. So embrace the possibilities with the same enthusiasm you embrace motherhood.


Footprint Manicure for Baby Shower

In addition to being super durable, gel extensions afford the wearer more space to express themselves. And that means you’ll have plenty of room to tease your forthcoming bundle of joy with itty bitty footprints and even illustrations of teddy bears, as this set of nails shows. Here a traditional French manicure gets doctored up with some choice baby-themed decorations.


“It’s a Girl” Baby Shower Nails

Put your gender reveal right on your finger tips with this baby shower nail idea. Here, square-tipped acrylic nails leave enough room for the technician to write out “It’s a girl” on each middle finger. The nail artist then decorated the other nails with stuffed pink teddy bear images, heart shaped balloons, and white polka dots for a set that’s definitely baby shower ready.


Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Nail Idea

Baby bath time is one of the sweetest moments in a new parent’s life and if that has you extra excited, you can get ready for bath time fun with rubber ducky designed nails. This tasteful pastel set uses teal, pink, and yellow for a multi-hued design. The ducks pop on the thumb and ring fingers, while the rest of the digits get a polka dot motif.


A Baby Shower Manicure with Elephants and Jewels

If simply having a baby-themed concept painted on your nails isn’t enough, consider upping the look with the addition of a Swarovski crystal jewel. That’s what this nail artist did, hand painting an elephant and baby girl feet, then decorating the middle fingers in crystals. A high shine topcoat by Pink Diva makes the whole set sparkle.


Ultrasound Baby Shower Manicure

If you can find a truly gifted nail artist, they might be able to replicate this ultrasound baby shower nail art idea. What could be more on theme for your party than depicting your baby in utero on your nails? These press-on nails don’t stop there, however. One says Mama, another has an umbrella, while the final illustration is two baby feet with hearts in the middle.


Blue Polka Dot Baby Shower Nails

Looking for a more subtle manicure to rock at your baby shower? Consider this baby shower nail idea: Blue and white polka dots. Better yet, this is a nail idea perfect for moms of twins. Instead of one set of footprints, it includes two on each thumb and ring finger.


Pacifier Baby Shower Nail Idea

Baby shower nail ideas need not be limited to footprints. Take a look in any diaper bag or nursery and you’ll find plenty of baby symbols to choose from. For instance, in this gel fill manicure, the artist painted a pacifier on each thumb, then spelled out “baby” and “girl” on the middle and ring fingers in pink with a contrasting white background. To complete the set, she made the pointer finger a sparkly pink and the pinkie a light pink hue.


Modern “Baby” Manicure Idea

Want to spell out your baby love in a nontraditional manicure? Take a cue from Swoon Nails. Here the artist hand painted each letter in baby on a different nail using a Gothic font. With black letters atop pink, white and orange, the result is a totally modern take on the baby shower nail idea.


Illustrated Baby Carriage Manicure

If you prefer the old adage “show, don’t tell” then this set will certainly do the trick. Rather than spell out anything about a forthcoming baby, here the nail artist has delicately painted a hot pink carriage to let the cat, or should we say baby, out of the bag. Barbie pink polish coats the remaining digits for a perky party look.


“Boy Mom” Nail Idea for Baby Showers

Old English font shows up again, this time in a very over-the-top set of a bright blue nails loudly announcing “Boy Mom.” If there was ever a set of nails that said “celebration” this is it. Extra long for extra drama, these nails are perfect for a high energy baby shower, especially with the inclusion of a crystal encrusted sparkly pinky nail to add a disco ball-eque motif.


Baby Face Manicure

Prefer your baby shower nail ideas to be heavy on the sweet factor? Then take a look at this set. Here the artist has carefully drawn five different baby-centric illustrations including a baby face, two bows, a stork, a teddy, and footprints. Designed in glossy blue and pink, the nails are charmingly on theme.


Teal Baby Shower Nail Idea

Not a fan of blue or pink? Skip them and go for teal and gray instead. This set gives a playful, understated nod to the new baby’s arrival with a small illustration on just the ring fingers of a footprint and an itty bitty off-centered heart on the middle finger. You’d almost have to look twice to notice it, a nice “mama’s little secret” touch.


“I Love You” Baby Shower Manicure

Another fun idea that’s more outside the box is this manicure that uses pink and blue to send baby a very important message: I love you. Those words are hand painted on each ring finger using Wavegel polish for a glossy, sophisticated look that almost has a pop art vibe.


Stork-Centric Baby Shower Nails

What could be more perfect for a baby shower than a stork manicure? But rather than go with a cartoonish bird, here, a nail artist has used blue and white to almost mimic blue and white pottery with a delicately painted, tall white stork holding a tiny bundle of cloth. This dramatic painting is accompanied by baby footprints on the pinkies for a gorgeous baby shower nail idea.


Be-jeweled Baby Shower Nails

Polka dots: check. Baby footprint: check. Pink polish: check. Cuticle crystals? Hello! Like wearing little crowns around your nail bed, this nail artist uses crystals to amp up the baby shower nail idea look. The added sparkle will make it more than obvious who the guest of honor is at the shower.


Bunny Illustrated Baby Shower Manicure

Already imagining what will become your baby’s future stuffy? Maybe it’ll be a teddy bear. Or maybe it’ll be a bunny, as showcased in this gorgeous baby shower manicure. This sweet little rabbit ears and nose get star treatment painting on the middle finger. Meanwhile the rest are color coordinated in pink, white and grey for a tasteful overall look.


Pastel Party-Ready Manicure

The use of teal and pink in a manicure can be a great subtle way to tell your mother-in-law “stop asking what gender the baby is!” And you can have your nails send even more of a message to baby shower attendees that you’re there to have fun by giving your nails a little extra sparkle with some glitter applied as a halo around the nail bed.


Re-usable Baby Shower Nails

Reusable nails allow a nail artist to apply intricate illustrations and designs prior to applying them. That’s the case here with this lovely pink and blue set. The square shaped nails not only include two baby footprints in white, but also the ring finger is a two-toned design in pink and blue.


Teddy Baby Shower Manicure

Love a French manicure with a twist? Well then here’s a baby shower nail idea. Nix the pink and blue for brown and decorate your nails with tiny teddy bears. The clear classic manicure gets a delicate elevated look with the addition of hand painted bears and a clever swap out for an all white nail, with brown instead on the pointer and pinkie fingers.

Picked your favorite design? Great. Now all you have to do is find the right nail artist to make your baby shower nail idea come true.