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These Baby Boy Names That Start With "B" Are The Best

They’re bold and beautiful, like your babe.

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When you’re a child and first learning how to sound out letters and words, you learn quickly that “B is for boy.” And now, as an adult, that might be all the inspo you need to start making your baby name list with boy names that start with the letter “B.” The reason you need a B boy name can vary: perhaps you’re looking to carry on a family name, or maybe you’ve named your other kiddos with a first name that starts with the letter “B” and need to come up with one more that has a meaning you’ll love.

But just because you have the first letter to start off your search doesn’t always make it simpler. It’s hard to decide on a name for someone you don’t really know yet — apart from some spontaneous 3 a.m. dance parties happening in your belly. And it has to be a name you’ll love, too. That’s why you might find yourself putting off picking out a name until those contractions start to kick in. But it doesn’t have to be such a challenge, because there are an abundance of baby names to choose from, and no matter which one you choose, it will be lovely for your little dude.

Don’t believe us? These boy names that start with the letter “B” are beautiful and will be befitting of your baby boy.



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If you’re looking for a nature-inspired name, there’s no need to look beyond Bradley. It means “wide meadow” and is a gender-neutral name. It’s of English origin and goes all the way back to the beginning of the first millennium, making it a truly timeless name.



Benjamin is a Biblical name, as Benjamin was the youngest of Jacob’s 12 sons. Of Hebrew origin, Benjamin also serves as a surname as well as a gender-neutral name, too. As for its meaning, the name signifies “son of the right hand” or “son of the south.”



When you look at your baby and feel absolutely blessed, then Bennett might be the boy name for your bundle. Meaning “blessed,” Bennett is of English origin, although it may be of French and Latin origin as well. It’s often thought of as a surname, but it can be used as a first name as well.



Was baby born with a bunch of black hair on their head? Then Blake might be an ideal choice. The name means “black,” “bright,” or “shining,” but quite ironically, can also mean “pale blonde one” as well. Hmm. If you opt for the original origin, then you should know that Blake, once almost exclusively for boys, is now a gender-neutral name.



Although it might be hard to think of the name Brooklyn without thinking of that beloved New York borough, Brooklyn is actually a nature-inspired name. It means “beautiful brook” and is of English origin. It can easily be a gender-neutral name, and is especially cute when you break the name down into Brook and Lynn.



Sure the name Braxton might remind you of those crazy contractions, but it’s one of those boy names that start with “B” that isn’t too common. The meaning of the name (which is “badger” or “Brock’s Settlement”) might not hold a lot of significance, but like most names that have an X in them, the cute nicknames, like Brax, Brack, Braxster, or Braxx might sell you on this sweet name.



Of both Scottish and Celtic origin, Brice is a gender-neutral name. While it’s often spelled with a Y (think Bryce), the name means “speckled” or “freckled,” no matter which vowel you want to spell it with. Although it’s not likely that your little one will be born with freckles, if a family member or partner has them, you might want to give your child a name that connotes the cuteness of those sweet spots.



Unlike the herb you use to make your Sunday sauce with, the baby name Basil is of Greek origin. Pronounced “baz-el” (and not, you know “bay-zil”), the name means “royal” or “kingly.” It derives from the Greek name Basileios, which means “king.”



If you want your baby’s name to honor your Irish roots, (and have a boy name that starts with “B”), consider Brennan. It’s traditionally a boy’s name of Irish origin and means “tear,” “sorrow,” or “descendant of the sad one.” Yikes. But don’t let that detract from the beauty of Brennan, which originated as a Gaelic surname, and is now a gender-neutral name that is reminiscent of the Emerald Isle.



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When you want your baby to have a name that symbolizes strength, Barrett beats them all. It means “mighty as a bear” and is a name of Old English origin. At one time, it meant “strife” and was a surname that was given to someone who some considered surly or, ahem, challenging to deal with. Of course, thinking of your baby as a cuddly little (and mighty) bear might be better.



At once interesting and exotic, Bartolomeo is an Aramaic boy’s name. It means “hill,” “mound,” or “son of Talmai (the farmer).” The name might sound familiar to you, as Bartolomeo was one of the 12 Apostles of Christ. An alternative spelling for the name would be the (slightly) more common Bartholomew.



Benedetto is one of those names that start with “B” that you might not be familiar with, but could quickly become a contender on your baby name list. It means “blessed” and is of Italian origin. Benedetto also has a bunch of nicknames, like Benny, Ben, Betto, or Bené. Now that’s Italian.



While it’s often thought of as a nickname for William, Billy is becoming a solid first name all on its own. It hails from the Old High German name “Willahelm,” which breaks down into wil, meaning “will, desire” and helm, which means “helmet, protector.” Together, it comes together to symbolize “resolute protection.” Switch up the spelling to Billi, Bilee, Bili, Biellie, and you’ve got a really cool baby name.



Sure, the name Bowie might make you think of David, but it’s a really cool baby boy name to consider. Of Scottish and Irish origin, Bowie is both a boy’s and girl’s name that means “blonde,” perfect for your blondie baby.



If you’ve got an older sibling in the house who’s crazy about cartoons, don’t be surprised if Blaze makes it onto your top choice of baby names. But Blaze and the Monster Machines aside, the name Blaze is a name of Latin origin and means “fire.” It can also be spelled Blaise as well.



Another nature name, Beck means “small stream.” Its origin is up for grabs — it can be of both English and Old Norse origin, and can be a name for both boys as well as girls. And if you like the sound of Beck, you can spell it a bunch of fun ways, like Bek, Bec, or Becq.



Even though he might be minutes old, you already feel like your little guy is a prince. So that’s what makes Brenden a beautiful choice. It means “prince” and is of Irish/Gaelic/Celtic origin. It’s thought to be a version of the Irish name Brendan, which has roots to the Old Welsh word “breenhin,” meaning (you guessed it), “prince” or “king.”



No one needs to tell you that your babe is a beautiful little thing, and that’s why you must name your guy Beau. It means “handsome” and is of French origin. Pronounced “boh” (with a long o), Beau was once a cute way of calling someone your boyfriend. It has started to grow in popularity, and while it was once a nickname, is now one of those boy names that start with “B” that definitely needs to be on your list.



You can take your pick when it comes to the meaning of Brandon. It might mean “prince” or “chieftain” (yay), or it could also connote a “broom-covered hill.” The difference in meaning comes from its origin: Brandon can be a name of English origin (hence the broom), or the Old Irish form of Bréanainn, which gives it a more royal vibe.



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Brayden is another one of those boy names that start with “B” that has a mixed bag when it comes to meanings. It can signify “brave,” which is cute — or it could mean “salmon,” too. The name has roots in a few countries, including Ireland, England, and Scotland.



When it comes to Brooks, the name is all about location, location, location. Really. Because Brooks, once an English surname, meant someone who lived near a stream or brook. It originated from the word “broc,” an Old English word that means “stream.”



Both Ireland and Scotland are laying claim to the name Brody. The Gaelic origin means “ditch” or “mire,” while the Scottish version means “a Scottish castle.” It’s thought that Brody is a nickname for the surname Broderick, but overall, it’s meant to show ties to Moray, Scotland.



“Bee hive.” “Bee cottage.” “Little brook.” All are acceptable meanings for the name Beckett, which is of English origin. It was once a surname, but has now become a primarily gender-neutral name for boys as well as girls.



Like most names that end in “son,” Benson means, “son of Ben” for names like Benedict, Benjamin, and Bennett. It’s a male name of English origin and was once was a surname.



If you’re on the fence about Brody, switch the “o” for an “a” and consider Brady. Also an Irish baby name, Brady has quite a few meanings, from “descendant of Bradach” or “one with broad eyes,” to “broad meadow” and “large chested.” No matter which meaning moves you, Brady is a beautiful name which you might remember that Miranda Hobbes gave to her son on SATC.



Blaine is of Gaelic and Scottish origins. It means “yellow,” as well as “slender” or “angular.” It’s thought to have derived from Saint Blaan, a 6th century Scottish saint. Today, it’s a gender-neutral name and might work for a little blondie.



As a “son of a nobleman,” Bryson is a surname that has seen a resurgence as a first name. It can also mean “son of Brice” and is of English origin.



We don’t talk about… well, you know who. But Bruno can be a fun first name for your baby boy. Despite its “o” ending, Bruno is a boy’s name of German origin. It means “brown,” and once you name your baby Bruno, that might be all that people can talk about.



Of Hebrew origin, Barak is a boy’s name that means “lightning.” Over recent years the name rose in the ranks, thanks in great part to former President Barack Obama. The name also has Biblical roots, since Barak was an Ancient Israelite general, too.



Stemming from Sanskrit, the name Bodhi means “awakening” or “enlightenment,” which might be exactly how you feel once your baby is born. Bodhi represents a state of nirvana in which a person is awakened and freed from ego and hate — all sweet sentiments to bestow upon your baby.

Baby naming isn’t always easy, and the difficulty level can go up a notch when you have to have a specific letter starting the name. But armed with this list, naming your little one with boy names that start with “B” should hopefully be a breeze.

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