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If You Like The Letter "E," You'll Love These Girl Names

Esther, Eloise, Elizabeth, anyone?

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As you’re preparing for baby’s arrival, you start to begin a mental list of all the things you’ve done. Car seat? Check. Dozens and dozens of diapers? Check. But when it comes to naming your newborn, that to-do might fall far down on your list. At some point, though, you’re going to need to pick out a name for your pretty little lady, and there’s no better place to start than with girl names that start with “E”.

Why? Well, the letter “E” in of itself is cute. No matter what you name your baby, “E” alone is a sweet nickname. (Trust me, as a momma to an Elizabeth, “E” is a cute way to call your kid.) Many baby girl names that start with “E” are a throwback, (think Eloise or Eleanor), and those old lady names are definitely making a comeback. And then there are other girl names that start with “E” that were once gender-specific but now have become gender-neutral, like Elliott or Emerson. See all the possibilities that come with baby girl names that start with “E”? They’re endless! Of course, you might be looking for an “E” name to honor a relative, or just because it’s an easy name to say.

So if you’re still looking for some baby name inspo, consider some of these names. Because as far as baby girl names that start with “E” go, they’re kind of everything.



Easton is one of those location-inspired names (like Weston, for example) that is seeing a surge in popularity. The gender-neutral name is of English origin, and in the past was a surname rather than a first name. It means, “east-facing place,” which refers to the people who have settled in more Eastern locations.



You might be more familiar with Ezra, the boy version of this cool name for your kid. But Esra is gender-neutral, and means “helper”. It’s of Hebrew origin and can also mean “travel at night” or “night journey”.



If images of Etta James come to mind when you think of this name, you’re not alone. Of English origin, Etta is often thought of as a female name and means, “keeper of the hearth”. Although it’s a powerful name all on its own, Etta can be an abbreviated version of the name Henrietta. And when Baby finally arrives, all you’ll be thinking is, “At last”.



Spelled either as Evette or Yvette, this sweet name means “yew” or “life”. It derives from the French, which makes sense since so many names have the same “ette” ending, like Jeanette, Juliette, Colette, Violet, or Scarlett, for example.



Eliette is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin. It means, “God has answered” or “My God is the Lord”. It’s the female version of the names Eliyahu or Elijah, and it’s a name with strong religious ties. The “ette” ending to Eliette gives the name both its beauty and femininity.



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Meaning “God is my oath,” Elizabeth is of Hebrew origin, and can be spelled with either an “S” or a “Z”. Nicknames abound for Elizabeth, including Beth, Liz, Betty, Bets, Ellie, and Lizzy.



There is no one quite as adorbs as your baby. That’s why you might fall in love with Ender, a name which means “extremely rare”. It’s a popular Turkish name and gained popularity thanks to the sci-fi novel, Ender’s Game.



If you envision your baby to be a real go-getter, Emily is the name you’ll want. It means “hardworking” or “rival,” and it is of Latin origin. It’s thought to derive from the Roman name Aemilia, which may have been born from the Latin word “aemulus.” Either way, your baby will excel, thanks to her E name.



Eleanor is one of those old names that’s new again. It’s of French and Greek origin, and means “light-hearted” or simply “light.” It’s possible that it comes from the name Helen, but no matter, your little one will always be the light in your eyes with the name Eleanor.



When Baby’s arrival makes your family feel whole, you should consider naming her Emma. After all, Emma means “whole” or “universal,” which makes sense seeing as how your world will now revolve around this little being. As for its origin, Emma is an English name with old Germanic roots.



A lot of cultures are claiming Ella to be theirs, but we know that your Ella is all yours. It may come from an old German word “alia” which means “all,” or it could be from Spanish, where it means “a young girl.” And then, there’s the assumption that Ella is actually the ending of other girls’ names (think Gabriela, for example).



You want to give your girl a name that signifies strength, but yet is still feminine. Eloise is the answer. Of French origin, Eloise means “healthy” or “wide,” and it derives from the French name Heloise. Of course, the name might conjure up images of Eloise, the little girl who lived at The Plaza, too.



At one time, Ellie was a nickname for longer baby girl names that start with “E”, such as Elizabeth, Eleanor, or Ellen. But now, Ellie is standing all on her own as a proper girl’s name, and with good reason. Ellie is of English origin and means “bright shining one” — just like your little girl.



Of Greek and Hebrew origin, Eliana means “mercy.” The name is constructed from elements “el” (meaning “God”) and “ana” (which means “answered”). So if you feel like your prayers were answered with this beautiful bundle of joy, Eliana might be an excellent name for her.



There’s no doubt that you already adore your baby girl. That’s what makes Esme so awesome. It means “to esteem,” deriving from the Old French verb “esmer,” and can also mean “beloved,” too. Now, you can call your kiddo anything you want, but if you’re looking for the proper way to pronounce Esme, it’s “Ez-may,” not “Es-mee.”



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Erica means “eternal ruler” (ha), and is of Norse origin. It might be ideal for your “ever powerful” baby, and the fun part is that you can switch up the spellings for the name (think Erika, Ericka, Eryka, or even Erykah).



You’ll be golden if you pick Estelle for your baby. Not only is it the name of one of The Golden Girls (actress Estelle Getty played matriarch Sophia Petrillo on the hit show), but Estelle means “star,” too. It’s a French name that derives from the Latin “stella.”



It might not seem like it, but Erin is one of those location names that are becoming more popular. It means “from the island to the west” and is of Irish origin. But it can also derive from the Irish name Éirinn, which means, well, Ireland. If you’ve got some proud Irish roots, Erin is a lovely ode to the Emerald Isle.



Once a nickname for Elizabeth, Elsie is standing all on her own now. It actually started out as a shortened version of Elspeth, which is Scotland’s Elizabeth. It means “pledged to God,” and is a happy, wholesome little baby girl’s name. It’s pronounced “El-see.”



A gender-neutral name of British origin, Emerson means “brave” or “powerful.” Originally it was a boy’s name, and derived from the German meaning of “son of Emery.” It’s also been a popular surname (remember Ralph Waldo Emerson from high school English lit classes?), but now can be used for either girls or boys as a first name.



Origins abound for Emilia, from Spain to Italy and even Hungary. No matter what country claims ties, Emilia still means one thing: “rival.” Emilia is the feminine version of the Roman clan name Aemilius (which derives from the Latin “aemulus”). But when it comes to how cute your kiddo is, there really are no rivals, are there?



Greek gods are the inspo for Elina. Meaning “bright light” or “torch,” Elina is often associated with the name Helen (i.e. Helen of Troy, or Zeus’ daughter). The name can also mean “noble” or “kind” and might even be a diminutive of Adeline.



Although you might not associate your beautiful babe with a boar, that’s kind of what Everley means. Actually, “boar in a meadow,” which helps to soften the image! The gender-neutral name is of Old English origin, and might derive from the Germanic name Eberhard, which coincidentally means “brave as a wild boar.”



Eisley is a strong name for a baby girl — literally. It means “iron strong,” thanks to its ties to the Swiss surname Eisele. It can also be a “hazel grove,” as a variation on the name Isley. It’s pronounced “Ice-lee,” and it’s not too common… yet.



A riff on Emma, Emme is a little girl’s name that means “universal.” It can be a shortened version of Emmeline as well, and is Old French and Old German in origin.



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Eileen is a girl’s name of both Gaelic and Scottish origin. It means “desired” or “water island.” It can also mean “beautiful bird” and is an Irish version of Evelyn.



Elyse is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin and means “pledged to God,” and can also be a nickname for Elizabeth.



Once an English surname, Elliott is a derivative to the medieval name Elias. It means “high” or “Jehovah is God.” As a boy’s name, Elliott has been super popular, but recently, it has shown up as a girl’s name, too.



When Cairo is calling your name, you’d best name your baby Egypt. A gender-neutral name, Egypt can be of Greek origin and mean “Temple of the Soul of Ptah.” Or, you know, it could just mean the country. As far as baby girl names that start with “E”, it’s fairly uncommon, which just adds to its cool factor.



Everything old is new again… along with the name Esther. Esther is of Persian origin and means “star.” Esther’s name has Biblical beginnings, since the Book of Esther details her heroic efforts to save the Jewish people of Persia. And perhaps your own little Esther will be a heroine one day, too, especially when she has such a strong and powerful name.



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You might have given life to her, but your little Eva is bringing life to yours. And that makes sense, since the meaning of her name is “life.” It’s a name of Hebrew origin, and is often recognized as a variation of Eve. Despite having just three letters, Eva has awesome nicknames, like Evie or even Evita.



Who can say where Emmaline originated, truly? It can be traced to Emeline, a German name, Emma and Emmeline, which are Old French and Old German names, or even Emily, with its Latin roots. But no matter its origin, it’s the precious meaning of “peaceful home” that just might make you pick it over any other baby girl’s name.



Meaning “bright, shining light,” Elena is of Italian, Spanish, German, and even Greek origin. It comes from the name Helen, which also originated from “Helene,” a Greek word meaning “torch.” But when it comes to how precious your baby is, no one can hold a torch, er, candle to your little cutie.



As soon as you saw those two positive lines on the pregnancy test, you wanted to share it with everyone. That’s fitting, because Evangeline means to be the bearer of good a message; the name is of Greek origin, and is starting to see a resurgence again. You can spell Evangeline a bunch of ways, like Evangelina, or Evangaline — nicknames include Lina, Vangie, Evie, and Angie.



Of Spanish origin, Esperanza is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It’s easy to see why: it means “hope” or “expectation.” So if you’ve been hoping for a baby, and are now expecting one, Esperanza incorporates all of those emotions. If Esperanza is a mouthful, its nicknames — Espie, Essie, Ranza, Rani, Pera, and Zaza — aren’t, and are darling, too.



Having a baby brings a new sense of clarity to life. And the name Eliora beautifully captures that sentiment, since it means “God is my light”. It’s a Hebrew name and has cute nicknames like Eli, Lora, Lee, or Elle.



Meaning “place of pleasure” or “delight,” Eden is both a boy’s and girl’s name. It’s of Hebrew origin and can be a biblical reference (read: the Garden of Eden). Although it’s only got four letters, Eden has a bunch of cute nicknames, like Edie, Ed, Eddie, Den, or Denny.

If you’ve decided that “E” is going to be your little one’s first initial, you’re sure to find a name on this list that fits. Whether you’re looking for unique or classic or trendy, there’s an “E” name that’s perfect for your baby.

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