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30 Girl Names That Start With “O”

Olivia, and beyond.

Trying to think of the perfect name for your baby girl just might take up most of your time during your pregnancy. It’s always a little easier to narrow down your choices by deciding on one thing that’s important to you. Do you want the name to have a specific meaning? Are you looking for a name that sounds a certain way? Or would you like the name to begin with a particular letter? If you’re looking for girl names that start with “O”, your search options may feel slim.

However, don’t let your initial brainstorm fool you. There are so many girl names that start with the letter “O”, and most of them are unique, special, and one-of-a-kind. If you want your girl’s name to really stand out, then selecting a name that starts with “O” is a good place to start. So many of the below names are ones you won’t often hear, which can be a good thing. Trendy and popular baby girl names are fun, but picking something no one else has heard of can be exciting. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some girl names that start with “O” to start your search.



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Of course, this list had to start with Olivia. Olivia has been one of the most popular girl names for the last several years and has gotten progressively more popular in the last few years. Spunky, cute, and feminine, this sweet name also has a host of fun nicknames (Liv, Livi, Olive, Ollie, just to name a few).



Ophelia is a beautiful name with Greek origins that has a Shakespearean association, because it was a name that was famously featured in Hamlet. Sure, it has tragically heroic roots, but Ophelia also means “aid” or “benefit,” which is sweet.



If you hear Octavia and immediately think of Octavia Spencer, you’re probably not alone. And then, honestly, your baby is in good company. Octavia means “born eighth” in Latin and is another Shakespearean name for literature lovers.



Beach lovers, consider using Ocean as the name for your daughter. This is a cool, gender-neutral pick that feels modern and interesting. This name has Greek origins and is the female version of Oceanus.



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Skip the name Olivia and go straight to the name Olive. There’s something so cute about this spunky name. It also means more than the food you’re thinking of: it brings up the feeling of peace because of the symbolism of an olive tree.



Oakley is another great choice if you’re looking for a gender-neutral name. It means “meadow of oak trees” and is quickly becoming a popular baby girl name option.



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Olga is a name with strong Russian roots and religious ones as well. It means “holy,” but was also the name of the princess who was the first recorded female ruler in Russia. Not a bad legacy for your daughter to live up to.



Nature lovers, you may want to think about the name Oaklynn. It means “ beautiful oak,” and brings to mind the stately tree. Oak trees have been symbolic of strength, stability, endurance, and power, giving this choice a lot of meaning.



Opal is such a pretty and unique name. It’s the name of a jewel, so the meaning is “jewel” or “gemstone.” The gem opal is also symbolic of confidence and faithfulness.



If you want something very unique, consider Odalis, which isn’t a girl name you hear very often. The meaning — “chambermaid” — isn’t too exciting, but the name still has a really pretty ring to it.



Odessa is another unique option with several meanings. In Greek, it means “wrathful.” In Hebrew, it’s the feminine version of Odysseus, which often symbolizes wandering, travel, and adventure thanks to The Odyssey.



Odilia is a girl’s name you likely haven’t heard before. In Hebrew, it means “praise God” or “fortunate or prosperous in battle,” both of which are interesting.



Go for short and sweet with the name Oni. This is a religious option if you go by the Native American meaning, which is “born on holy ground.” The Egyptian meaning is “wanted.” Either way, it’s a beautiful name.




Ollie is often thought of as a nickname for Oliver, but there is no rule that say it can’t be a fun name of its own.



The name Orietta derives from a Latin word that means “gold, golden” or gilded.” All of these sound regal and beautiful, and it’s definitely a stand-out pick.



There’s only one Oprah... or is there? This name might bring the media mogul to mind, but there’s still no reason you can’t name your daughter after her.



Odell is a pretty and unique gender-neutral baby name that originates in Old English and means “woad hill.” Woad is a flowering plant that produces a blue dye, so it’s nice for nature lovers.



Another Native American name is Oneida. It means “long-awaited,” making this a lovely choice for a baby you’ve been waiting a long time for.



Looking for a name that symbolizes strength? Onora has Latin origins and means “honor.” It’s so unique and unexpectedly cool.



Oana has Romanian origins and is the equivalent of the name Joan, yet somehow it sounds much cooler. It means “God is gracious,” so it’s nice for parents who are religious.



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If you like the idea of Ocean, but you want something that feels a little more feminine, opt for Oceana. It translates to Ocean and brings the sea to mind, of course.



Who says you can’t name your baby after the best month of the year (objectively)? October is a cool and interesting name that no one would really expect.



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The name Odele is Greek and has such a beautiful meaning. It means “harmonious,” which just makes it feel elegant and delicate.



Odyssey is often thought of as a boy’s name, but it can be a gender neutral option too. In Greek it means “widely known and esteemed,” so who knows, maybe it will mean your daughter is going to become famous.



Go for a unique sound with the name Olea. It translates to olive, but related to both olive and oil. Amy Adams used this name as the middle name for her daughter, Aviana, and is also makes a lovely first name.



Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, so you are totally allowed to name your daughter Orange. This is such a cute and spunky choice, and brings to mind summer and lots of color, which is always a good thing.



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Flower baby names can be so feminine and pretty, and Orchid is no exception. It’s less common than names like Rose or Lily, and and symbolizes love, beauty, and sophistication.



Orlanda is so unique with a really different meaning. It’s the feminine version of Orlando and means “renowned land.”



Orinda has a few different meanings. The Hebrew origin means “pine tree,” while the Spanish version could be considered a combination of the word “oro” (gold) and the word “linda” (pretty).



Okimi is a Japenese girl’s name that means “bright shining light.” It sounds just as pretty as what it stands for.

Any of these sweet baby girl “O” names feel unique and special (aside from Olivia, which, while very popular, is still special). You really can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose.