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30 Super Sweet "S" Names For Baby Girls

Sarah, Sophie, Sadie, anyone?

There is so much pressure to pick out the perfect name for your child. First of all, you want a name that you and your partner actually like (and hopefully your kiddo will love as they get older). But then once you pick out your baby’s name, you might want to share it with your loved ones — and that’s where the fun really begins. If you’re looking to carry on a family name, or want to honor a loved one and need a name that begins with the 19th letter of the alphabet, these girl names that start with “S” are sweet and sophisticated.

Truth be told, there aren’t a slew of baby girl names that start with the letter “S.” Sure, there are several, but many are variations of each other, so you’ll often find yourself choosing between spellings as opposed to actual names. When you do start making your list, though, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that there is a really nice mix of names, ranging from vintage baby girl names to more modern ones, as well as S-names that derive from many countries and cultures. In short, if you’re looking for girl names that start with “S,” you’ll definitely find one that is so suitable for your little sweetie.



The French version of the Greek name Sophia, Sophie is one of those sweet girl names that start with “S.” It means “wisdom,” and has cute nicknames like Soph, Fi, or Fifi.



It shouldn’t be too surprising that the meaning of the baby name Skye is, well, “sky” or “cloud.” Its origin is Old Norse, but most likely from Scotland. The name can be spelled with or without the “e” ending, and falls under those earthy names that some parents find pretty appealing.



Scarlett is a girl’s name of English origin. It means, of course, “scarlet” or “red.” While it may or may not make you think of Gone With the Wind and Scarlett O’Hara, it’s actually a working name – literally. Someone with the surname Scarlett often sold the fabric scarlett during the Middle Ages.



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If you’re looking for a Bible-based name, Sarah should be a strong contender. The name means “noblewoman” or “princess” and is of Hebrew origin. In the Old Testament, Sarah is the wife of Abraham, and according to the Bible, “a mother of nations.”



If your baby is due during June, July, or August, why not consider Summer as their name? It’s of Roman origin and means “sun,” which the summer is definitely full of. Nicknames include Summie, Sunshine, or Sunny, which perfectly describes your own little ray of sunshine.



Although Susan is often thought of as its own standalone name, it most likely is a nickname for Shushannah, a girl’s name of Hebrew origin. The name means “lily of the valley,” which coincidentally, is the flower for the month of May.



A gender-neutral name, Sloane is of Irish origin. Its meaning, “raider,” is pretty cool, although it’s also known to mean “man of arms,” too. The name itself derives form an ancient Irish clan called Ó Sluaghadháin.



Originating from both Hebrew and Old English, Shellie is one of those “everything that’s old is new again” names. It means “ewe,” “female sheep,” or “sloped meadow.” It can be a gender-neutral name, and is a variation on the Hebrew name Rachel.



Sage isn’t just a delish herb that you cook with; it can be the name for your baby that’s still baking in your belly. The name is of Latin origin and means “wise.” Sage is a gender-neutral name, but has become more popular for girls.



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Sure, it’s a location in Australia, but Sydney is also one of those adorable baby girl names that start with S. Despite its link to a land down under, Sydney is of Old English origin. It means “wide meadow,” or as the French (who also lay claim to the name) believe, it means “Saint Denis.”



A natural name, Savannah means “treeless plain” or “large grassy plain.” It’s of Spanish origin but is deeply rooted in the southern states of the U.S. Savannah can be spelled with one “n,” without the extra “h” at the end, giving it added appeal.



Samantha is a baby girl’s name of Aramic and Hebrew origin. In Aramaic, it means “listens well” (which you can only hope your little one will do as she transitions into her toddler years). In Hebrew, it means “as told by God.” Due to its sassy nicknames like Sam or Sammy, Samantha still holds strong as a popular baby girl’s name.



If you can have names like Summer which mean “sun,” well, why can’t you have a name that symbolizes stormy weather? Of course, the name Stormi is synonymous with Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner’s daughter. Still, the name is gender-neutral, of American origin, and means “unpredictable weather.”



Even though she might be but mere minutes old, you can tell that your daughter is pretty brilliant. So think about naming her Sonya, which means “wisdom.” The name is of Greek and English origin, and can be spelled Sonja, Sonia, Sonyah, and more.



Maybe your baby was born with fiery red hair — and a personality to match. What better name for your little girl than Serafina? Of Italian origin, Serafina means “fiery” and “burning,” perfect for your little bundle.



Cue the waterworks. Shania is a name of Native American origin and its meaning of “I’m on my way” is sure to tug at the heartstrings of any parent-to-be. Although it might be hard to think of the name Shania without imagining country singer Shania Twain, when you consider that Shania also has Yiddish roots (specifically to the name Shaina, which means “beautiful”), it’s easy to see why this name is gonna getcha good.



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Of Hebrew origin, Sadie is another royal name. In fact, it means “princess” or “woman of high rank” and can be a nickname for Sarah. It’s a vintage name that’s making a strong comeback.



Sylvia might have several origins (think Latin, Italian, and Spanish), but the baby name still means the same thing: “from the woods.” Sylvia has a few spellings, such as Silvia, Sillvia, Syllvia, and Sylvya.



Looking for a girl’s name that starts with S and also has some Spanish flair? Then don’t ask for “help” because Socorro is coming to the rescue. The name means “aid” or “help” and is of Spanish and Portuguese origin. Socorro is one of those faith-based names (like Mercy or Faith) that is ideal to show your religious beliefs.



It’s all Greek when it comes to the name Stephanie. It derives from the Greek name Stephanos, which is the feminine version of the boy name Stephen. The name means “crown” — perfect for your little princess.



Ideally, you’d like an easy breezy birth, and bestowing the name Shiloh upon your baby just might create a calm atmosphere. That’s because the name itself means “tranquil.” The gender-neutral name is of Hebrew origin.



An Arabic girl’s name, Samira means several things, including “night companion,” which is kind of what your newborn will become, especially during those 2 a.m. feeding sessions. But it can also mean “the one with lively conversation,” a true wink and nod to those toddler years when your little one will probably jabber on a mile a minute. The name can also be spelled Samirah, Sameera, or Sameerah.



With ties back to the Bible, Sharon is a name that has been around for a long time. It means “of the fertile plain” and is of Hebrew origin. It’s also a location name, since Sharon is a real place that lies between the coast of Israel and the Samarian Hills.



Let’s say that you want to name your baby after a color. Well, you’ll be happy to know that hue-inspired names, such as Sienna, are popular. Sienna means “orange red” and is of Italian origin. There’s even a city in Italy by the same name, except it’s spelled Siena instead.



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Sutton is a name of English origin. It means “from the southern homestead,” and is also a name for both boys and girls.



Sure, there are a few vowels in the name Saoirse that can cause you to trip over your tongue, but you should give this baby girls name that starts with S a chance. For starters, the name is a love letter to Ireland, since it originates from there. It means “freedom” and in case you were curious, it’s pronounced Seer-sha.



With a meaning of “protector of humanity,” how could you not love the name Sandra? Sandra is a girl’s name of Greek origin and is a derivative of Alexandra or even Cassandra.



Stacy is a shortened version of Eustace, a Greek girl’s name. It means “good grapes” or “to stand.” Somewhat similarly, England also has ties to Stacy, where it means “fruitful” or “productive.”



A gender-neutral name of Irish origin, Shannon means “straw worker.” Again, it’s one of those occupational surnames (in Gaelic it’s “O'Sionain,” meaning someone who works with straw). It can also mean “old and wise” as well.



You might not feel like swinging from a chandelier at nine months pregnant, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking some inspo from singer Sia. Sia is one of those two-syllable baby names that are all the rage, and this Swedish name is derived from the Old Norse word sigr, which means “victory.” That’s exactly how you’ll feel (victorious, that is), when baby is born.

As you’re compiling your list of baby girl names that start with “S,” see if any of these names are appealing to you. After all, they’re simply irresistible — just like your baby will be.