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40 Goth Baby Names For Only The Most Metal Parents

Dark, mysterious, wistful — these names have it all.

Maybe you’re an elder emo who has favored all-black ensembles since middle school. Maybe you fell in love with dark romances and Victorian tragedies as an adult and the goth aesthetic just sort of comes with it (I mean, who doesn’t love Wednesday Addams right now?). If horror movies and heavy metal are just part of life for you, you might be considering goth baby names for your little one, and honestly, you should. No one will ever mess with your kid if their name is Azrael.

There are so many interests and hobbies that fall under the “goth” umbrella. You could be a total punk who feels most like yourself at a live show, or a Victorian goth who loves incorporating corsets, puff sleeves, and big bows into every outfit. You could just be a regular parent who loves rock or scary movies or stuff that’s kinda sorta witchy. In any case, don’t let anyone make you feel weird about shopping for the perfect goth baby name for your little devil.

Here, you’ll find baby names that capture the mystery, spookiness, darkness, and dreaminess from all aspects of goth culture. The one thing they all have in common: they’re anything but average.



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The name Amara has ties to a few different languages, from Latin to Spanish to Igbo. In all of them, it translates to “everlasting” or “immortal.” Pretty metal.



And for parents expecting a baby boy, the aristocratic sounding Ambrose also happens to mean “immortal.” There has been many an Ambrose in old British novels thanks to its upper crust energy.



In Hebrew scriptures, Azrael is recognized as the angel of death. If that sounds a little too intense, you should know he helps souls pass over to the other side and is considered a helper, not someone harmful.



While it sounds like a happy, almost princess-y name, Belinda has a dark side. The name has Italian origins and means “serpent” or “dragon.” Don’t mess with Belinda.



This name needs no definition. It’s short and, well, to the point. It’ll strike a special chord with fans of the Blade movies, which dive deep into vampire mythos.



Branwen is a Welsh name meaning “blessed raven.” It has a special dreamy quality — Branwen sounds like someone straight out of a novel where it’s always raining — that will appeal to parents looking for names off the beaten path.



Chibeni is one of many baby names that mean red that could also double as goth baby names. This one is Japanese, and translates more specifically to “as red as blood.” Bonus points: the adorable nickname Beni is built right in (though this name is typically used for girls).



In Greek mythology, Circe is a powerful goddess-slash-sorceress with the ability to turn people into all kinds of animals. If you want your daughter to be fierce — and maybe a bit wrathful — Circe could just be the name for her.



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While Raven is a beautiful spooky name for babies, you might think there’s no bird-related equivalent for boys. Enter Corbin, which means “crow.” If you’re hoping to use a K name, you could swap it in for the C.



Derived from similar root words as Corbin, there’s Corvina, a girl’s name which means “like a raven.” Can’t you just see a dark-haired little Corvina haunting the playground a few years from now?



This name means “to tame or subdue,” which is pretty intense for a baby name, to be sure. It also has ties to the classic horror movie The Omen, in which a child named Damien turns out to be the literal Antichrist.



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Similar in sound to Damien, Damon also shares its meaning. The name originates from a Greek myth about two friends — Damon and Pythias — who defied the odds and saved each other’s lives. If you want your baby to grow into an incredible friend, name them Damon.



Desdemona meets a tragic fate — she’s a character in Shakespeare’s Othello who meets an untimely end at the hands of her spouse. The moody sound of the name, coupled with its origins, make it a dark yet feminine baby name.



In Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray (probably the most notable use of the name), the handsome young protagonist sells his soul so that his portrait will grow old instead of him. As he ages and becomes corrupted, the portrait turns uglier, and well, no need to spoil the ending. Just know it qualifies as a goth baby name.



Yes, like Malfoy. Any self-respecting goth parent knows they’d be sorted into Slytherin if Hogwarts were real, sure. The name is also derived from the Greek word for “dragon” or “serpent.”



Eris is the Greek goddess of discord, known for creating mischief (and sometimes full-blown chaos) wherever she goes. It’s an uncommon name that is still easy to spell and pronounce, which can be a hard thing to find.



Speaking of goddesses, consider Freya. She is a goddess in Old Norse mythology who reigns over love, death, and battle. It’s also thought to mean “lady” or “noblewoman.”



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Godric just sounds a little medieval, right? This baby name means “god-ruler,” which is a great name for a heavy metal band, and was most popular in the 11th century.



Now for the Greek goddess of all things goth: Hecate (sometimes spelled Hekate). She reigned supreme over thing like witchcraft, the moon, ghosts, and necromancy.



Jasper is a type of quartz that’s most often red, and has been used as a stone of protection for centuries. It’s also believed to create a more balanced energy in fiery folks. Soft goths who grew up loving the Twilight series will appreciate this pick.



A jinx is like an evil spell that brings bad luck upon a person, and could be a one-syllable, really rare name for a baby girl.



Kali is a Sanskrit name meaning “black one,” and it belongs to a Hindi goddess who destroys wicked souls and champions innocent ones.



Layla is a timeless girl’s name with Arabic origins that means “night.” Classic rock fans will love that it doubles as a music baby name, too.



A girl’s name with Assyrian roots, Lilith means “night monster.” Lilith, according to Jewish folklore, is Adam’s first wife who was transformed into a demon for refusing to obey him. It has been used for many a spooky character in literature, television, and movies, and frankly, sounds like it would make your baby a feminist icon from Day One.



Lisha is a Hindi name with many meanings, including “sweet” and “honest.” However, the goth translations include “full of mystery” and “darkness before midnight.” So, choose your own adventure with Lisha.



If Lucien sounds like the name of a medieval werewolf, well, it’s because in some movies it is (Underworld stans, rise up). The name is based on the Latin word for light, but still has the same feel as Godric or Damien.



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Luna is a moon- and night-inspired name perfect for a little girl. In 2021 it was the 11th most popular girls’ name given in the U.S., but hey, it has all the feminine goth vibes you could ask for.



A Hebrew name meaning “bitter,” Mara was the name Ruth assumed to convey her grief after the death of the family in the Bible. Because of this, Mara is symbolic of grief and death.



The Morrigan is a goddess of war from Irish mythology who inspires soldiers to do brave deeds and strikes fear into the hearts of her enemies. She’s often depicted in her animal form: a crow. Morrigan is a witchy spin on the more common Morgan.



This English boys’ name means “dead sea.” It was traditionally a surname, but could be a fun first name choice for a little baby who you plan to dress in all black finery.



In Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of night. She’s the daughter of Chaos who created Death, Sleep, and Old Age (thanks a lot, lady), and legend has it even Zeus was scared of her. So, if you want an all-powerful little girl who fears absolutely no one, Nyx should be her name.



Of course, onyx is a hard, black type of quartz believed to give its wearer wisdom, strength, and confidence. In ancient Roman times, Onyx was a popular name for boys, so why not bring it back?



Want a name that has a little poetic sadness to it? Ophelia is the name of a tragic figure in Shakespeare’s Hamlet (it’s believed he created the name). If you like the sound of Olivia but want something a little different, Ophelia could be the one.



Ah yes, the queen of the underworld — Persephone translates to “bringer of destruction,” and she’s a powerful figure in Greek mythology.



Phelan is an Irish name meaning “like a wolf.” While it has traditionally been used for baby boys, it could easily become a gender-neutral sensation.



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“The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” and of course, “The Raven” — Edgar Allen Poe is the author of many a macabre, creepy tale. If you enjoy his tales of ye olde horror, his last name could be a fun first name option for your babe.



This moody, astrological name means “evening star.” It would be especially fitting for a baby who was born at night, and for parents who want something gender neutral.



*Snap snap.* No parent can consider goth baby names without thinking of The Addams Family members, including the queen of snarky remarks and pallid complexions herself. If you’re not willing to commit to Morticia, Wednesday is a more palatable goth baby name.



Naming your baby after a season where everything shrivels and dies might feel a bit on the nose, sure. But winter has its own brand of cold, bracing beauty, and if the snow and mountains have special meaning in your life, Winter is an even more appropriate name choice.



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What sounds like a super tough, werewolf-inspired name may actually roll off the tongue better than you think. This one-syllable name worked beautifully for Wolf Blitzer, and is fairly common in German families.

Whether you want a subtle nod to your goth roots or want to go full-on baby in a black sleeper, there is a goth baby name for your family here.