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90 Baby Names That Mean Red

Dahlia, Jasper, Flannery...the list goes on.

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Are you captivated by a certain red flower, or memories around red and orange campfires as a kid? Maybe you and your partner met in college, where wearing crimson or burgundy was a way of life. Color names for babies can be full of meaning, and names that mean red are no exception. Whether they’re pulled straight from nature and the elements, borrowed from other languages, or inspired by your baby’s hair color, there are so many names that mean red to choose from.

Naming your baby is kind of a big deal — you want to select something you’ll love for years to come, that will be meaningful to your child as they grow. But that means you’ll need as many options as possible to find the perfect moniker for your little one. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of beautiful, strong, unique names that mean red.

Girls’ names that mean red

  • Apple: Not saying you should do everything Gwyneth Paltrow does, but naming your little girl Apple is actually kind of a great idea (so is using any fruit baby name, really). It’s quirky, sweet, and brings to mind the classic image of a ripe, red fruit.
  • Aruna: You may not have heard this beautiful name before, but we bet you won’t stop thinking about it now. Aruna is a Sanskrit name meaning “crystalline reddish-brown.”
  • Autumn: In 2021, Autumn was the 66th most popular baby name for girls in the U.S., according to the Social Security Administration. It conjures images of all the red and orange leaves in the fall, and has a wistful, cottagecore vibe.
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  • Ayuna: Ayuna is a Japanese name that means “red,” but in other languages can be translated to “one who is the planner.” So, if you want your little one to someone who charts their own destiny, this could be a fitting name choice.
  • Cerise: Cerise is a stunning French name that means “cherry.” It seems poised for a big breakthrough, so maybe your little girl could start this trend.
  • Chibeni: Chibeni is a Japanese girls’ name meaning “as red as blood.” Maybe it’s a little on the morbid side for you, but for some, that just adds to its appeal.
  • Claret: Fans of Claire and Clara might take to this choice. Claret refers to a rich purplish red color, and can sometimes be used as an unofficial descriptor for Bordeaux wine.
  • Coral: Whether you’re into water-related names or not, you’ve got to admit that Coral has a beautiful ring to it. Some of the most sought-after coral is a vibrant shade of red, and often used to make jewelry, though it is now endangered (and all the more precious).
  • Dahlia: A deep red dahlia could rival any rose. As a name, Dahlia has never broken into the top 300 most popular names for girls in the U.S., so if you want a unique name for girls, add this one to your list.
  • Ember: Ember is a British name that means “burning low” or “spark.” If you want your little girl to keep a fiery red spark inside her whole life through, give her a name like Ember as a reminder.
  • Enya: This Irish name historically has more than one meaning: “fire,” “kernel,” and “little seed.” It’s still a popular name in Ireland and Scotland today (as evidenced by the musician Enya), but it has yet to catch on in the states.
  • Flannery: Flannery is a Gaelic name for girls meaning “russet haired” (and russet refers to a reddish brown color). Literature lovers will appreciate its ties to novelist Flannery O’Connor.
  • Garnet: A great name that means red for a January baby, garnet is the official birth stone of the month. It symbolizes love, friendship, and trust. It hasn’t ranked in the top 1,000 most commonly used names since 1944, so it’s due for a comeback.
  • Holly: Bright red holly berries bring joy and festivity to all who see them, and it’s safe to assume your baby will have the same effect. Holly just so happens to be a fitting name for a December baby.
  • Jade: Yes, red jade is a thing — the gemstone is said to dispel fear and inspire action. If you want your girl to be a fearless go-getter her whole life through, consider naming her Jade.
  • Kamala: Of course U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is the most famous person bearing this first name. It’s a Sanskrit name meaning “lotus flower,” which are typically pink, but can be found in red hues too.
  • Kiara: Meaning “first ray of sun,” Kiara isn’t directly related to the color red, but don’t all sunrises come with a splash of red in them? It’s considered to have both Italian and Irish origins, as well as some bonus meanings, like “light” and “clear.”
  • Maple: Have you ever seen the bright red leaves on a maple tree before winter comes? Aside from their connection to the color red, maple trees symbolize longevity, abundance, and stability.
  • Miaka: This Japanese name means “beautiful red.” It sounds sweet, spunky, and totally unique compared to the most popular names in the U.S.
  • Omaira: Omaira is a name of Arabic origins, meaning “red.” But it also has another special meaning: “long life,” which of course every parent hopes their child will enjoy.
  • Poppy: Few flowers are quite as joyful as a bright red poppy. The name itself is bubbly and happy sounding, perfect for a little girl you think will have a smile on wherever she goes.
  • Roisin: Roisin (pronounced ro-SHEEN) is a Gaelic girls’ name meaning “little rose.” Honestly, it doesn’t get much cuter than that.
  • Rose: If you like the idea of Roisin but want everyone to know how to say your little one’s name, stick with the well-known Rose. The flower symbolizes so many things depending on its color, but everyone knows a red rose is the universal symbol of love.
  • Roselle: Another take on a classic, Roselle also means “rose,” but adds an extra syllable for those who prefer a longer name.
  • Rouge: This French name means “red-colored,” and harkens back to red and pink creams and powders used as blush throughout history.
  • Rubina: Rubina is derived from the Latin word ruber, which means “ruby” and “red.”
  • Ruby: These precious gems symbolize love and commitment, and they’re even supposed to protect those who wear them. Why not give your baby a little safeguard in their name?
  • Scarlett: It’s a classic for a reason folks. Scarlett is a gorgeous girl’s name, originally French, and refers to a deep red hue. It was the 20th most popular name for girls in the U.S. in 2021.
  • Shani: This Swahili name has a few different meanings — “crimson,” “a marvel,” or “wondrous” — and happens to belong to a Hindu god as well.
  • Sienna: A historic town in Tuscany named Siena was known for its red orange clay. Today, it’s known both as a beautiful baby girl’s name and that signature hue.
  • Terra: If you happen to love earthy girl names, Terra might be the right fit for you. It means “earth,” but also calls to mind images of burnt red terracotta.

Boys’ names that mean red

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  • Adam: Adam is a Hebrew name meaning “son of the red Earth.” It’s familiar, so everyone will know how to say and spell it, and of course, it has strong religious ties if that’s meaningful to you.
  • Admon: Another Hebrew name, which is not-so-subtly related to Adam, Admon means “red.” It was given to only five babies in the U.S. in 2021, according to Nameberry.
  • Aiden: Meaning “little fire,” Aiden feels fitting for a rowdy little boy. It’s derived from Aodhan, a name of many royals in Ireland, and Aidan, a Scottish saint.
  • Alroy: This Irish name means “red-haired.” It has never gained enough traction in the U.S. to break into the top 1,000 names, so your little one’s name would definitely stand out from their peers’.
  • Altan: This stunning name is Turkish and means either “golden” or “red dawn.” It definitely speaks to the intense love that will be dawning in your life when your baby arrives.
  • Brando: Brando is a masculine Norse name with a lot of bravado (and brings to mind actor Marlon Brando). It has two meanings: “sword,” and “fiery torch.”
  • Brick: Bricks have lots of associations, aside from their red color: they’re strong, sturdy, and reliable. The name has roots in Great Britain, Ireland, and Germany, so its origins are just as varied as its connotations.
  • Clancy: Clancy definitely has vintage appeal. Depending on who you ask, it means either “red-haired warrior” or “son of the red warrior.” Either way, your wee lad could take on the world with a name like this.
  • Clay: This name’s connection to the color red doesn’t need much explaining. Red clay can be found in regions throughout the U.S., and as a name, it feels grounded and natural.
  • Corcoran: A boy’s name of Gaelic origin, Corcoran means “ruddy” (having a healthy, red color).
  • Cosmo: Not like the pink cocktail, but like the flowers. Cosmos come in a wide array of colors, but the chocolate cosmos have a deep, rich red hue that stands out from the rest. There aren’t many floral names for boys out there, but Cosmo checks that box too.
  • Edom: Reminiscent of the name Adam in sound, Edom has Hebrew origins, and translates to “red.”
  • Flynn: Flynn has Irish roots and means “red complexion,” a perfect choice for a baby with rosy cherub cheeks.
  • Ignatius: Ignatius means “fiery,” a fitting name for a rambunctious baby boy. And with a nickname like Iggy, well, this name meaning red really has it all.
  • Jasper: Jasper is a red gemstone, a member of the quartz family said to boost physical strength and imbue its owner with creativity. Perhaps giving a name like this to your little one will pass along those important traits just the same.
  • Kasai: This Japanese name means “fire.” It’s similar to Kai, which means “sea” and currently ranks in the top 100 most popular names in the U.S. So, if you want something a little less popular, consider Kasai.
  • Leroux: This French boys’ name means “red-haired one,” perfect if your little man pops out with bright copper locks.
  • Mars: You know, like the red planet? Mars also happens to be the Roman god of war and agriculture, if the idea of having a little warrior or plant tender speaks to you.
  • Pyrrhus: In Greek mythology, Pyrrhus is the son of the mighty warrior Achilles. The name itself means “flaming red.”
  • Red: This name meaning red hardly needs explaining. It’s perfect if you want something that’s only one syllable and gets the point across.
  • Reed: Reed is a British name meaning “red” or “red-haired.” While it’s more commonly used as a boy name, a strong case could be made for it as a girls’ name too. It’s also a nice option if you’re drawn to earthy boy names.
  • Rohit: Rohit is an Indian name that means “red” and “first rays of the sun.” In Sanskrit tradition, it referenced a red-colored deer, and is also one of the names of Vishnu (a Hindu god), who is symbolized by a red fish.
  • Roth: Are you browsing for the perfect one-syllable boy name that just so happens to be red-related? Roth has German roots as a nickname for redheads.
  • Roy: In French, Roy means “king,” but the Celtic version refers to being “red-haired.”
  • Ruadhan: Pronounced ROO-awn, this name is Irish, and means “red-haired.” It’s the original form of the more modern Rowan.
  • Rudyard: This English name means “red enclosure.” You may recognize it thanks to The Jungle Book author, Rudyard Kipling.
  • Rufus: Rufus was wildly popular in the late 1800s and early to mid-1900s, but has fallen off since the ‘60s. Perhaps your little one will be the one to bring this name, which means “red-haired,” back into the mainstream.
  • Rumen: If your little one has picture-perfect rosy cheeks, this name is fitting. Rumen means “ruddy” or “red-cheeked.”
  • Rumo: If you like the sound of Rumen but it’s not quite right, consider Rumo. The name has Cornish roots and means “red.”
  • Russell: Originally a surname, Russell means “little red.” It has slowly risen in popularity in recent years, ranking in the top 1,000 names, but is still relatively uncommon.
  • Rusty: Traditionally, Rusty was a nickname for Russell, but it’s pretty adorable as a standalone name. It means “redhead” or “fox-colored.”
  • Titan: Titian was an Italian painter who often created portraits of people with striking red hair, and his name became synonmous with the trait. You could remove an “i” and use Titan for a strong boy’s name that very subtly nods to the color red.
  • Tyson: This name means “high-spirited,” but is derived from the French word tison, which means “ember” or “firebrand.”
  • Uri: A boy’s name of Hebrew origin, Uri means “my flame, my light.”
  • Vulcan: In Roman mythology, Vulcan was the god of fire who was said to have invented metalworking. Today, it’s a masculine sounding name that conjures images of red-hot fires and forges.
  • Zurab: Another form of the name Sohrab, Zurab can mean a few different things: “red water” or “illustrious.”

Unisex names that mean red

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  • Akari: This Japanese name means “vermillion,” a bold shade of red. It’s typically used as a girl name in Japan, but in the U.S. it has been used for boys and girls alike.
  • Auburn: Auburn is a gender-neutral name with Old English and roots, and some ties to French. It means “reddish brown,” and is usually used to describe a specific color of hair.
  • Blaze: Blaze has been in the top 1,000 names for the past 20 years, but has never crept above the 700s. It’s perfect for a girl or boy who you think will come into the world and set the world on fire with their big personality.
  • Cardinal: A distinctive red bird, cardinals represent faith, hope, and joy. To many, seeing a cardinal is a sign someone you love who has passed away is visiting you.
  • Carmine: Carmine is derived from an Aramaic word and translates to either “crimson” or “purplish red.” It has a similar sound to carmen but feels slightly more masculine. It won’t be for everyone, but if you like it, you love it.
  • Carnelian: Carnelian is a kind of semi-precious stone with bold red and orange coloring. It’s sometimes called the singer’s stone or the artist’s stone because it is said to boost creativity.
  • Corsen: Corsen is a strong but not overly masculine name, making it a perfect fit for boys and girls alike. Its Welsh and means “reed,” which you know is another red-haired reference.
  • Crimson: If you want a name that means red, why not choose your favorite shade? Crimson could be a seriously cool, artistic feeling name. Move over, Lavender.
  • Derry: With Irish and German roots, Derry means “red-haired.” Derry sounds like the sweet, shy student who’s secretly the funniest person in class.
  • Flanagan: A girl’s or boy’s name, this Irish moniker means “red” or “ruddy.”
  • Fox: Why isn’t everyone naming their baby Fox? It’s modern, edgy, fun to say, and in this case, calls to mind the animal’s beautiful red coat.
  • Harkin: Meaning “dark red,” Harkin feels like a solid alternative for parents who want a name that sounds like Harper, but isn’t so common.
  • Keegan: What started as a boys’ name has gradually become more common among girls. Keegan has Old Irish origins and means “fiery.”
  • Phoenix: The mythical bird that rises from the ashes and flames has been depicted in many colors, but most often, it’s red, orange, and gold all over. If you want to instill resilience in your child, a name like this will keep it top of mind for life.
  • Radley: Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird may come to mind here, luring in the literature fans. Radley is derived from an Old English word that means “red meadow.”
  • Reading: This British name means “son of the red-haired.” So, your baby doesn’t actually need red hair to rock this one, but you do.
  • Rhodes: Rhodes means “where roses grow,” which sounds like a place awash in red. With a charming Greek island and prestigious scholarship by the same name, Rhodes definitely has an air of sophistication to it.
  • Rooney: This unisex name is Irish, and means “descendant of the champion.” The Gaelic-derived Rooney, however, means “red-haired.”
  • Rory: Rory comes from a few different root words meaning “red” and “red king.” But if you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, you know this name is equally suited for a queen.
  • Rousseau: This lilting name is French for “little red-haired one.” Even if it’s not first name material, Rousseau has major middle name potential.
  • Roux: Roux has the same appeal as Rue, made popular by The Hunger Games and Euphoria, but without the same spelling, if you’d like a few degrees of separation from pop culture. It’s a French name that means “reddish” or “russet.”
  • Rowan: Another “red-haired” moniker, Rowan is an Irish and Scottish name. While it used to be firmly situated as a boys’ name, it has begun gaining traction as a girls’ name too.
  • Sorrell: Sorrell is a reddish brown color, and has been used as both a boys’ and girls’ name historically. It can also be spelled Sorrel.

What name will you choose for your little fire-starter? No matter which name comes out on top, one day your child is sure to appreciate all the effort you put in to choosing the perfect name for them.

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