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27 Baby Names Perfect For January Babies

What's in a name?

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If you’re lucky enough to have a baby due any day now, you’re probably either sold on their name or racing to decide exactly what to call this new addition. It’s no easy choice. As Juliet famously said in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Oh sure, Juliet was talking about how the Montague name prevented her from associating with Romeo, but she makes a great point. What is in a name? For January babies with names that evoke the new year, a fresh beginning, and the joy of life — quite a lot. That’s why these January-inspired baby names might be great for your winter wonder baby.

January is just a fabulous time to be born. Everything is new and we’re all focused on doing our best with resolutions and new year goals. Plus, January babies have all kinds of advantages. Research suggests that they tend to be leaders, sports stars, relatively chill, bright and ambitious bundles of joy. With that in mind, consider this list of names that evokes the promise of these children — a pack of go-getters who will set the world ablaze.



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January kids are bright, so why not give them a name that means the same? In Korean this name means “first ray of sun” which is about as bright as it gets.



A great gender neutral name, Reagan in Irish translates to “little ruler,” ideal for these future bosses. Give your baby a January name that says “I’ll take the corner office.”



If your child feels like a star that’s suddenly burst upon life’s stage, you can’t do better than the name Nova. The term for a creation star, the name sums up the mystery and the majesty of the arrival of an enthusiastic January babe.



Not just a nod to George Clooney’s amazing wife, Amal is a beautiful name that comes from Arabic and means hope. If January isn’t about hope, what month is? This January baby name is timeless no matter the year or season.



Feel like you want to shout the news about your baby’s forthcoming entry to the world? Then go with the name Simone. In French, Simone means “hearkening.” And isn’t January all about making grand announcements?



Xavier means “the new house,” and if this is your second baby, you know that’s true. Your house is no longer your own. How’s that for an on-the-nose January name?



Liam means “strong-willed warrior” and isn’t that just what a January baby is? They arrive in the cold and bring with them the warmth of new life. January names can be tricky, but Liam certainly fits the season.



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Meaning “she who brings happiness,” Beatrice is apropos for a baby who arrives in the dark season. If you live in a cold climate and are awaiting the arrival of your bundle of joy, Beatrice is one of many January names to consider.



Nina Simone said, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day” and if that’s how you feel about the arrival of your baby, Dawn is a perfect choice for a name.



Latin for “gift,” your baby may arrive after the biggest gift giving season of the year but will likely be the best gift you ever received.



Ordell means “of the beginning.” January babies kick off the year and continue the beginning of a family. Plus, if you name your baby Ordell and share the meaning, they’ll always know they’re number one (in your heart and in birth order).



You don’t just have to have an appreciation for dishy Scottish actor Ewan McGregor to love the name Ewan. It’s a great name for January babies as it means “born of youth.” And as far as January names go, if you want to give a nod to your Scottish heritage, there’s no better choice.



Taken from Ancient Greek, Amaryllis means to sparkle or shine. It’s also the name of one of the most beautiful flowers ever. Shine on baby, girl, you little January surprise.



Generally a girl’s name, Dagny is Norse for “new day.” Whether you have Norse roots or not, that’s just a great story for your kid to tell for the rest of their life. Want your child to appreciate their viking roots? Go for Dagny.



In January we could all use good news and that’s exactly what Evangela means. Spread the good news by naming your child this ideal January name.



The name says it all. Hope for a new life, for new joys and shared time as a family.



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This unique name comes from Arabic and translates as beautiful and gorgeous. Isn’t that just what a January baby is?



“Red dawn” is what Altan means in Turkish. If you awake from the hospital to a gorgeous red sunrise, then Altan, out of all the possible January names, is obviously the one to go with.



The name Kit can work for a boy or a girl and comes from English, meaning “pure.” There’s a purity in a fresh new baby arriving in January, so Kit makes sense.



Happy and lucky, that’s what Felix means. But if you have a little girl and not a boy, go with its alternative Felicity. Or, if you have a twin boy and girl, how about Felix and Felicity?



French for “light,” Lucien is a lovely name for a family that has French roots or just a Francophile predilection. If a name meaning light is what you’re after, try Googling that specifically. You’ll be amazed how many January names you find.



Arman means “wish" and "hope” in Persian; “God’s man” in Armenian; “will,” “purpose,” and “honorable and good man” in Turkish. That’s a lot for a baby to live up to, but what a joy it will be watching them try.



Think of the aurora borealis, a.k.a. The Northern Lights. This incredible light show can be seen nearly 24 hours a day in places like Abisko, Sweden and Tromsø, Norway. If you’re looking for January names that celebrate your child’s extraordinary light, Aurora is just the one.



In Greek Chloe means blooming. And while that might not seem like a big part of winter, consider the camellia that blooms in Southern states every January. Perhaps Chloe is a more appropriate name than you think.



In Old English, Blythe means cheerful or pleasant. And in January, when everyone has a renewed sense of hope for the start of a new year, that name is very on time.



On New Year’s we wish everyone a “Happy New Year!” Feel that joy by naming a boy Ash which means happy in Hebrew.



Here’s the great thing about the name Edith, you can easily turn it into Eddie, a cute nickname for a moniker that means wisdom, something we could all use more of in January as we embark on a new year.

Get a head’s start on naming your winter baby with this list of January baby names that are full of optimism.

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