Mother's Day

Baby shower celebration
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Everything You Need to Throw A Memorable Mother’s Day Baby Shower

Make your party extra special.

If someone special in your life is about to become a mother, there’s a day in May that might work perfectly to throw them a shower. From invitations to decorations, food, and favor bags, we have everything you need to take the idea of a Mother’s Day baby shower and make it a reality.

As for the question of whether you can really count yourself as a Mother’s Day celebrant while you’re pregnant, of course you can! If you’re close enough to being a mother to be thinking about all the baby gear you need, you’re a mother. Mother’s Day is coming a little bit earlier than it usually does this year, on May 8. Even if you don’t do it on Mother’s Day itself, a Mother’s Day-themed baby shower is a cute idea that’s a little bit unusual. You can really use it year-round since the day you become a mother is always going to be mother’s day for the person you’re celebrating. (I know two women whose babies arrived on Mother’s Day itself — it happens! That would make your Mother’s Day baby shower even more exciting if the baby decided to make an appearance.) Whenever you have it, the mom-to-be will be delighted by your thought and care.

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Mother’s Day baby shower decorations

Decorations can really make the party pop, and give the guest of honor some amazing pictures to look back on and remember when she’s deep in diapers and spit up. One cute idea is to do something really creative with the ultrasound picture and make it a centerpiece of the room. There are also great ideas that work for any mother-to-be, whether or not she has an ultrasound picture to showcase. Either way, this party is going to look stunning.

Mother’s Day baby shower invitations

Zazzle and Etsy are two places to find an adorable array of cards to let your guests know all the details they need, along with some really pretty art. Flowers are the traditional way to go for Mother’s Day, so a lot of the invitations for mother’s day brunches have flowers, but there are of course some other designs if your honoree isn’t really a watercolor flower girl. Some cute ideas:

No matter whether you go all in on every one of these Mother’s Day baby shower ideas or do some DIY, it’s the thought that counts, and your guest of honor is sure to appreciate your efforts. She’ll always remember where she was on her first Mother’s Day — at a great party that’s celebrating this new chapter of her life.