Mother's Day

Pick some games and activities to celebrate Mother's Day

Think Outside Of Breakfast In Bed With These Mother’s Day Ideas

Of course she loves handmade cards and flowers, but why not have some fun, too?

For many moms I know, Mother’s Day can really go either way. Sometimes it feels like a bummer when things immediately go back to normal as soon as the cards are handed out or the breakfast has been given in bed. Then it’s into the kitchen to clean up the mess from making breakfast, or back to refereeing children and getting them all the snacks. If you’re hoping to give the mom in your life a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget, consider mixing in some games and activities. Trust me. She deserves something special — an entire day of something special, to be honest — and she’ll love these thoughtful activities and games that were carried out just for her.

Whether it’s playing games that are all about mom, or games that require the children to not say her name or ask her for anything, there are plenty of fun family games that mom can enjoy, too. And as far as activities go, the main goal here is to ensure mom feels loved, appreciated, and above all, well-rested. Give mom the break she deserves without sacrificing time with the family — unless she really just wants to get away, and in that case make that as easy for her as possible.

Mother’s Day Games

  • Play the “Don’t Say Mom” game, suggested the Play Dates to Parties website. Challenge the children to not say mom for a certain timeframe. Whoever can go the longest can win a prize. Let’s face it, this can be the most fun game of all for mom, who hears her name said at least one billion times a day.
  • Challenge mom to refrain from saying one of her beloved catch phrases for an hour, or even the entire day. Whether it’s “Because I said so,” “Stop,” or even “I love you,” figure out what she says all the time and challenge her.
  • Create a game of Madlibs specific to your mom. Good Housekeeping suggested creating a story about mom, whether it’s true or fictional, and substituting key words with blanks and have everyone fill in the words. Read it aloud when it’s complete.
  • Do a Mother’s Day-themed karaoke day. Choose songs that have Mama in the title and have a blast.
  • Play the “Give Mom a Break” game. Everybody wins! Like the classic baby shower game, give each person five safety pins. The rule of the game is that no one is permitted to say mom. Whoever hears another person say the word gets to steal one of their pins. The one with the most pins at the end wins. As an added bonus, everyone will realize just how much they call for mom to do everything.
  • This sweet game, as suggested by Good Housekeeping, brings out everyone’s inner poet. In “Pass the Poem,” everyone adds a line to a poem about mom as they pass it along. This can turn out incredibly sweet or incredibly funny. Either way, make sure it’s something mom will love and enjoy.

Mother’s Day Activities

  • Send Mom away for a day and night (or two) to a fancy luxury hotel to get pampered and have some much needed rest and relaxation.
  • Go as a family to the park and have a picnic that you and the kids prepared.
  • Get a babysitter and spend time with her one-on-one. Do a day date like hitting up a winery, going to a coffee shop, getting brunch, going hiking, hitting a record store, etc.
  • Let her sleep in.
  • Do all of the house chores — laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. And don’t let her lift a finger or ask her a million questions.
  • Have an award ceremony and use categories, suggested the Play Dates to Parties website. Have the kids each say what makes mom special.
  • Hire a professional photographer and have beautiful photographs taken on this day. Plan everything for mom, including the outfits, and make sure she doesn’t have to decide or plan any of it.
  • Plant an herb garden (or themed garden) with the entire family.
  • Give mom a shopping spree and lunch all alone — whether that means online shopping and a delicious meal made just for her, or sending her off to her favorite stores and place to eat.
  • Create an at-home spa for mom and have you or the kids pamper her with foot soaks, massages, painting fingernails and toenails, the works. Just make sure she doesn’t have to clean anything up.
  • Host a virtual tea party (or wine party) for mom and her other mom friends (and maybe even her own mother) via Zoom. Send out invitations a couple of weeks before so everyone can be on the same page and have their beverage and snacks of choice.
  • Watch movies about moms.
  • Rent mom’s dream car for the day and let her cruise wherever her heart desires. Alone.
  • Take a family day trip somewhere pretty.