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30 Names If You Like Benjamin But Are Looking For Something Less Popular

It’s a popular name for a reason, but you have other options

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There are lots of reasons to love the name Benjamin. It’s classic and strong. If you’re Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, it has religious significance: Benjamin was one of the twelve sons of Jacob, and among the most faithful and virtuous of them all. It has multiple fun nicknames — Benny, Ben, Benji — and means “son of the right hand.” It’s a vibe. But unique? Unfortunately, Benjamin isn’t a rare name these days — far from it actually. It is currently the ninth most popular boy’s name in the United States according to the Social Security Administration. But don’t worry, this list of names like Benjamin in sound, or meaning can help you find a less common alternative that retains the same sweetness, dignity, and good vibes.

Listen, if you love Benjamin or any of it’s variations, and you’ve dreamed giving your little boy that name ever since you read that biography of Ben Franklin in third grade, then by all means, you should. There’s a reason names get popular: they speak to a certain aesthetic in the air. Benajmin is a great name. But whether you’re looking for something with a little more mystique or if you like Benjamin but your little guy just doesn’t feel like a Benjamin, this list has you covered.



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This (slightly) more modern take on Jonah (another great option, by the way) means “dove” in Hebrew. (Just a heads up: because Benjamin is so distinctly Hebrew, most of the names on this list are as well.) It’s simple and classic without being common.



You could go with Simon if you’d like, but if you like Benjamin you probably also like a whole bunch of syllables and Simeon brings you up to three. The name comes from Hebrew and means “to hear.”



This name comes from Old Welsh and means “prince” or “king,” which is perfect for a baby since they’re going to be ruling your life for at least the next few years. (Yes, they will: don’t fight it.)



This Hebrew name means “God is my strength” and is one of the best known archangels in the Abrahamic traditions.



The name of a venerated Biblical prophet, Samuel means “God has placed.” It’s significantly less popular than Benjamin, ranking at #20 in 2022, but isn’t overwhelming popular: it’s a Goldilocks name — just right. It also offers great nicknames like Sam and Sammy.



Once the most popular name in the country for decades, David has fallen by the wayside (it happens) but it’s still a fantastic name and a great option if you like Benjamin but don’t want to risk your kid going by Benjamin C. or Benjamin R. all through school. The name itself means “beloved” or “uncle.”



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This is name has significantly increased in popularity over the past 25 years, but has still remained pretty unique. Judah is (yet another) Hebrew name on this list and means “praised.”



This name comes from antiquity and was popular among early Christians. Bartholomew means “son of rich land.” It’s a big name for a little boy, but that just makes it all the cuter, and it’s like Benjamin in that sense.



This name has grown in popularity, slow and steady, over the past 40 years, and while it’s now firmly in the Top 20 it still hasn’t reached Benjamin levels just yet. Depending on the origin, it can either mean “blessed/happy” (Hebrew), “ash-maker” (German), or “living near an ash tree” (Old English).



The only thing more beautiful than this Hebrew boy’s name is what it means: “he laughs.” What a sweet way to welcome a baby into the world.



Yes, it’s the name of a country, and it’s also historically (and Biblically) the name of a people. Israel means “God preserves,” and it’s a great name like Benjamin that’s far more unique.



This Latin name (see: they’re not all Hebrew on this list) means “light-bringer.” It’s a great name if you like Benjamin or Star Wars.



Doesn’t this name strike you like it belongs to a cool kid? It just has such a chill but really smart vibe. It’s also one that seemed to have peaked in the ’80s, so, unlike Benjamin, you don’t have to worry about it getting to popular. This name means “the Lord is God.”



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So not only could you get the nickname Ben with this name if you wanted, but the meaning is pretty on the nose for a baby boy: “Behold: a son.” It feels especially nice for a family that’s been longing for a baby for a while.



This sweet and simple name means “joined.” But if you like Benjamin but don’t want to use it due to popularity concerns, beware with Levi: it’s only a few spots behind on the SSA list at #12.



This French/German name means “strong, brave bear” and... sorry, there’s absolutely no other name that can top that. Also, Bernie is a really cute nickname. Yes, it sounds like a little old man: that’s why it’s so adorable.



This simple name has a simple but sweet meaning: “help” or “helper.” But, again, this name is growing in popularity, so if that’s why you’re not choosing Benjamin you might want to beware.



You can be assured with this guarantee: your child is not going to have another Bertrand in their class. (Guarantee void in Brooklyn and the Bay area, because anything goes there.) This German name means “bright raven.”



There was absolutely no cooler name than Zach if you were a kid in the ’90s and, frankly, it never stopped being pretty cool. In Hebrew, it means “the Lord called.”



Meaning “strong,” “enduring,” or “firm,”Ethan is a name that was getting pretty popular but has begun to decline recently, so it’s a good option if you like Benjamin but want something a bit more unique without getting too unique.



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This French name meaning “handsome” has the same kind of classic charm as Benjamin, and while its popularity appears to be increasing, it has a ways to go before it hits the Top 10.



This classic boy’s name means “venerable” or “revered” and comes from Greek. It’s not Benjamin-level popular, but has nevertheless become increasingly more popular over the past 20 years (There’s something about that crab from The Little Mermaid ...)



A German name meaning “stream,” this is a great option if you like Benjamin specifically because you like the nickname Ben. Beck definitely has a similar simple but boyish vibe.



This name means “messenger of God,” and is a great name for a little boy to grow up to be an adult with excellent communication skills.



This classic (but not overly-popular) Hebrew name means “mountain of strength.”



This name was wildly popular in the ’80s and ’90s —how many Millennial women do you know who are married to Joshes? But there’s a good reason for that: it’s just a great name, and it has a lovely religious meaning, “God is salvation.”



This Hebrew name has a sweet meaning “faithful” or “wholehearted.” It also has somewhat of a Western feel to it, so it’s perfect for your little cowboy.



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It’s a big name for a little baby, but your boy will surely grow into it. It means “lord protect the king.”



You are not going to find a name with a more badass meaning than Gideon, which comes from Hebrew and means “great destroyer.” You can practically hear the electric guitar solo when you say it. And yet in and of itself it has a sweet, gentle vibe.



From 1999 to 2012, Jacob was the most popular boy’s name in the U.S. While the popularity of this name has diminished, it remains a great name if you like Benjamin but want something less popular.

Hopefully this list of baby names that are similar to Benjamin in sound, meaning, or origin will help you find the perfect name for your little guy.

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