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These spring baby names for girls are just too perfect.
These Baby Names Are Sweet Choices For Your Spring Girl

They all bring a feeling of sunshine and love.

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In February, where the days are still short and the sidewalks are still covered in slush, it can be hard to believe that spring will ever come. But it always does, running between March 20th and June 20th. It’s no surprise that the season of sunnier days, blooming flowers, and singing birds is the inspiration for so many beautiful spring baby names for girls.

Some of the most obvious spring names for girls are ones inspired by flowers that grow in the spring, the months of spring, and gemstones. While these baby girl names used to be considered old-fashioned, the current generation of parents has brought them back into vogue, and you’re just as likely to meet a 2-year-old named Pearl or Lily as you are a much more mature woman. Other spring baby girl names draw inspiration from spring-like words in other languages. Many cultures have a goddess of spring (sometimes many!), and those names are often both unique and beautiful.

If you’re expecting a little girl to join your family in the upcoming spring months, these spring baby girl names might be just perfect to celebrate your own family’s new season!



Lillian, or its sweet nickname Lily, is perfect for a girl born any time, but especially for one born in May, since Lily-of-the-Valley is May’s birth flower. Per What’, the flower’s message is “you’ve made my life complete” — a lovely sentiment for a new arrival. It’s a fairly popular name, having always appeared in the Social Security Administration’s list of top 100 names in the last 20 years. It’s not overwhelmingly popular, though, and is yet to crack the top 10.



Few things are more associated with spring than the red-breasted bird who shows up with the warm weather. In addition to evoking that beautiful bird, the name Robin means “bright, famed, and shining. And, if you go with this name, there’s a gorgeous passage from an Emily Dickinson poem to hang in your little one’s nursery: “The Robin is the One / That overflow the Noon / With her cherubic quantity — An April but begun.”



The birthstone for May is Emerald, and Emmy, Emily, Emma, or Emmaline are all nice baby girl names for spring to subtly evoke the stunning gem for a little girl who joins your family in the month of May. All of these names are related to the name Amelia, which means “striving” or “eager” — wonderful qualities for your spring-born babe.




One particularly lovely passage of Proverbs: “She is more precious than pearls —nothing you want can compare with her.” The passage is talking about wisdom and truth, but it’s sure to also describe your baby girl. Pearl is one of the three birthstones for June, according to the American Gem Society, and just perfect for a girl whose birthday falls in the late spring. This classic name crept back into the top thousands of popularity in 2007, and has stayed there ever since, but it’s never come close to the top 100, and is thus still pretty rare, just like pearls themselves.



Freya is a Norse goddess who “abandons the earth during the cold months, but returns in the spring to restore nature's beauty.” It’s a super-cute choice for a springtime girl. Sometimes it can also be spelled Freyja or Freja. This name has been rising up the ranks in recent years — in 2020, it was the 179th most common name for girls in the United States.



Most famously associated with the singer who asked why we had to “go and make things so complicated,” Avril is the French word for April, and is a lovely choice for a baby born in April, or really any time! (Avril Lavigne herself was born in September!) Of course, you can also go with the English word “April,” which also makes a gorgeous spring baby girl name.



It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it’s the month of sunnier days, graduations, and Star Wars day. Who wouldn’t want to be named for this special month? The spring baby girl name May can also be spelled Mae, or be appended to other names to jazz them up, either with or without a hyphen (Sally-Mae, Ella-Mae, and Annamae, Jessamae — the list goes on). May can mean both “wished-for child” and “rebellion” in Hebrew, so you might have some exciting teenage years if you go with this name!



Thalia is both the name of one of three Graces in Greek mythology and of one of the Muses. The name means “flourishing” in Greek and also has a Hebrew meaning: “God’s dew.” Spring is a time of both dewdrops and flourishing, so either meaning is just perfect for a spring baby girl.



Another “dewy” name, this Hebrew name, Maytal, for “dewdrop,” is simply too cute. You can also spell it as Meital or Maital, and, of course, you could use the lovely nickname “May.”



This spunky name of Zoe comes from the Greek word meaning “life,” and new life is what spring is all about. It’s a name that works beautifully for any time of year, but whose meaning feels especially apt if your little girl is born in the time of new baby ducklings and blossoming flowers.



A name-cousin of Zoe, there could hardly be a more apt spring baby girl name than Chloe. It is a Greek name that literally translates to “young green shoot” , something that gardens are full of in the spring. It also appears in Greek mythology as a nickname for the Greek goddess Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. As any Kardashian fan knows, it can also be spelled Khloe.



It doesn’t get much more on-the-nose than this: Laverna means “born in the spring.” It’s a more unusual choice; the last time it cracked the top thousands in name popularity was 1939. Laverne had a slightly longer run, but it also hasn’t been in the top thousands since 1971. Laverne Cox has made this once older name seem pretty cool again, and maybe your little one can be part of bringing it back.



Like Zoe, this lovely name means “life” in Arabic. Aisha was the Prophet Mohammed’s wife, and the name is in the top 10 in the nations of United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Malaysia. In the U.S. in 2020, however, it was the 533rd most popular name.



According to Mythopedia, Brigid was the Irish goddess of spring, fertility, and life. This is a great baby girl spring name for a family that wants to honor its Irish heritage, and who wants a subtle nod to your baby’s connection to spring.



It doesn’t get much more classic than this beautiful flower or the name Rose, and you can even expand to Rosalie, Rosa, or Rosemary for other fun variations. It’s a beautiful choice for a little girl making a spring debut.



Spring rains mean that a dry creek bed can turn into a babbling brook, and the sweet name of Brooke is perfect for a water-loving baby. The name had a heyday from the early ‘80s to the early 2000s, but since has fallen to 200th on the list. Any Brooke is likely to be the only one in her class.



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The cute spring baby girl name Daisy is light and airy, and not quite as much of a mouthful as other flower names. The literal meaning of the name is “day’s eye,” since the flower opens in the morning and closes at night. Every new parent hopes that their baby’s eyes will do the same, so maybe using this name will get you a good sleeper!



A cute name that today’s kids won’t have any connection to the 90’s sitcom, Blossom means — you guessed it — to bloom, or to flower. Nothing is more spring-like than cherry blossoms blooming, and this pretty name will give your little girl a connection to that beautiful time of year.



Nothing feels more spring-like than sitting under the shade of a willow tree, with its gorgeous branches hanging in the water. If you go with the spring baby name Willow, your girl will be in famous company: Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith, Pink, and Roger Daltrey of The Who have all given their kids this name.



This too-sweet name of Melissa means honeybee, something you’re likely to see a lot of more of in the spring. There’s a cute poem that you could decorate your baby’s name with that begins: “Melissa, Melissa, little honeybee, you’re sweet as the nectar on the honey tree!”



A gorgeous flower and a gorgeous color, Violet is a great name choice for a spring baby girl, and can be shortened to the sweet nickname “Vi.” The meaning of the name, unsurprisingly, is the beautiful deep purple that you can see every time there’s a rainbow, and it’s gotten some attention as a pretty unique, fun baby girl name.



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The poppy flower has a color like none other, and it makes for a fresh, bright spring name for a baby girl. Seriously, how bold does Poppy sound?

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