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Taylor Swift-Inspired Baby Names From All Her Eras

Because nearly every Swift song has a sweet name connection.

Taylor Swift is an icon, America’s sweetheart, a musical genius, but above all — she’s a storyteller. And every song of hers somehow puts you right in the middle of the story, it’s magic. But all of these stories also need names, and if you’re looking for some Taylor Swift-inspired baby names, it’s not a bad idea to just listen to a bunch of her songs in a row until you get a pretty great list.

Whether you’re a huge Swiftie fan or just like the vibes Taylor brings, finding baby names inspired by Swift really isn’t that hard. You can go fairly obvious and give your baby Taylor’s own name as a nod to the singer (the name has actually gotten less popular since Taylor’s 2006 album debut, so it could be a pretty unique option), or you could go more subtle and choose names that are part of Taylor Swift’s legacy, like Abigail from the song “Fifteen.” So many of the names in Taylor’s songs are from literature — Romeo and Juliet, Peter and Wendy — but this list includes some great options for baby names inspired by Taylor Swift without being too generic. If you’re a fan of vintage or retro names, you’re in extra good luck because Taylor really seems to choose those above other, more modern names in her songs. So pick a favorite here, even if you’re not sure of the song it comes from or know much about the lyrics — these Taylor Swift baby names are for everyone.



“When you hear Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me.” “Tim McGraw” is one of Taylor’s classic songs from her very first album, and I think a call back to the name Tim is a subtle Swiftie nod. The name Tim is short for Timothy, but stands well on its own and means “one who honors God.”



Another Taylor classic is the song “Fifteen,” a coming-of-age song about being young and experiencing your first of everything with love. In the song, Taylor references her best friend Abigail, and the name is a very sweet nod to your Swiftie love. Abigail means “my father’s joy” and can be shortened to Abi, Abby, or even Gail.



The name Betty is such a sweet, spunky, classic name, and Taylor directly used the name in her song “Betty” after one of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughters, so you’re getting a lot of pop culture action with this one. While Betty is usually a nickname for the formal Elizabeth, it’s really cute on its own and means “oath of God.”



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“So long, Daisy May,” Taylor sings in “You’re on Your Own, Kid” from her Midnights album. Everyone speculated for a while there that this was a secret look into Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child’s name, but that’s never been confirmed. Whether you go with Daisy May or just Daisy, it’s an adorable name for a little girl.



James is, yes, another nod to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s daughters, but is also the name of the other character in Taylor’s song “Betty.” James is a super classic name and is considered gender neutral these days, so use it for your little boy or girl. The name James also means “supplanter.”



Alison is Taylor’s middle name, so if you want to name your little one after the icon, this is a subtle way to do it. Alison means “noble, exalted” and was a big choice in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but has slowly become more unique.



This baby name has kind of a double meaning here. While the baby name August can come from the song “august” off of Taylor’s Folklore album, there’s also the character of Augustine in her song “Betty.” So give August a try for extra Swiftie vibes, especially since August has become a fairly popular and darling baby name.



Dorothea is such a sweet baby name and one you don’t hear hardly at all. It means “gift of God” and has a very romantic feel to it. It’s also directly inspired by Taylor’s song “dorothea” from Evermore.



From her 2019 album Lover comes the song “Cornelia Street,” inspired by one of Taylor’s actual addresses. But the name Cornelia is so darling for a little girl, and it means “horn.” I think that’s a nice foreshadowing that your girl will be loud and proud and strong.



Another song-inspired name from Taylor’s evermore is Marjorie. So many great classic baby names are inspired by Taylor, but Marjorie might be one of my favorites. It’s a derivative of the name Margaret, which means “pearl” and is just darling.



A delightfully retro baby boy name is Bobby. Short for Robert, which means “fame” and “bright,” the baby name Bobby is in Taylor’s song “Starlight” since it’s about Bobby and Ethel Kennedy. So sweet, and a great name choice for your little guy.

Classic, sweet, and lovely — those are the best words to describe these baby boy and girl names inspired by Taylor Swift. Don’t forget to make your baby a friendship bracelet.