What Happens To Your Body When It Feels Like Your Baby Is Kicking Your Bladder

There is no cooler feeling than that first fluttering in your belly when you’re pregnant. You feel the baby move for the first time, and it’s magical — until it’s more frequent, it happens all night long, you can’t sleep, and your internal organs feel like punching bags for your baby. They gain great pleasure from popping you when you least expect it, especially on your bladder when there’s no restroom in sight. Why do they do that? Are they strong enough to kick through your bladder? What does it mean when your baby is kicking your bladder?

According to Dr. Eva Martin, CEO of Elm Tree Medical Inc., "The baby isn't necessarily kicking your bladder directly, but the inside of the uterus." She tells Romper in an email, "The bladder sits right next to the uterus, so if the baby kicks the inside of the uterus next to the bladder, you might feel it at your bladder."

Other than possibly making more frequent trips to the bathroom day and night, Martin says it’s entirely safe for you and baby when you feel kicking on your bladder. Thank god, since it feels like they’re punching a hole through that organ sometimes.

"The baby is cushioned inside the uterus and can't harm your bladder," Martin says. "The baby wouldn't kick so hard as to affect bladder function or cause urine loss, however, the weight of the uterus over the pelvic floor can cause urine loss in later pregnancy, so it's important to do your Kegel exercises every day."

And she's absolutely right, according to the American Pregnancy Association. During week 35 of pregnancy, your baby will have settled deeper into your pelvis and increased the pressure to your bladder. And "because your baby has grown so much, you may notice a change in their movements as there is less room to move around … however, this does not mean you will not feel your baby move, [and] your baby’s kicking pattern should stay about the same."

Still uncomfortable? Unfortunately, according to Martin, there isn't really a way to make your baby stop. "But rest assured that feeling the baby move is a good sign of health," she adds.

Even though it’s uncomfortable and frustrating now, as long as you’re feeling that baby moving around in there — even if they are doing some kickboxing training — it’s typically a sign of good health for your baby. And don’t worry, they won’t kick through your bladder.