Megan Whitaker

Megan is a registered nurse turned full-time writer and total hippie mom. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, two busy babies and three backyard chickens. When she's not pregnant or running after toddlers she's rock-climbing or hiding on her porch with tea and a book.
Recent Articles

I Thought My Baby Had The Flu, But It Was Something Equally Common & Deadly

By 4 a.m., the sinking feeling that something was wrong had become too strong to ignore. I’d already woken my husband up three times because our two-week-old daughter was not having a good night. It seemed like reflux at first — a little dry cough, g…
By Megan Whitaker

If You're Buying My Kid A Toy This Christmas, PLEASE READ

Buying gifts for the people you love is so special, especially when that person is yourself. For everyone else, it’s haaard. Finding something age-appropriate, gender-neutral, meaningful, and available on Amazon Prime for two-day delivery (just being…
By Megan Whitaker

I Didn't Want To Give Birth Naked, & Here's How That Went

It was during our second natural birth prep class that I heard it for the first time. We sat on the floor in the dim yoga studio, with tapestries and pillows under us to really up the hippie-factor. Our instructor was walking us through a “birth laby…
By Megan Whitaker