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New Hot Wheels Flippin' Fast cars on green track
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The Hot Wheels Flippin' Fast Car Is Basically A Rolling Fidget Spinner

There are endless ways to play with this bad boy.

At some point in your child’s life, they’ll probably have a fascination with toy cars — it’s super common. And what kid doesn’t want a car that promises to be “flippin’ fast?” Well, in the case of this newly released Hot Wheels die-cast, this race car is about more than just speed. Now available in major retail stores, the Hot Wheels Flippin’ Fast car is the brand’s first vehicle designed specifically for open-ended play. It was created in collaboration with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), a nonprofit disability rights organization run by and for people on the autism spectrum.

The Flippin’ Fast die-cast cars can be flipped, spun, rolled, and raced; there’s no right or wrong way to play with them (you can even drive them around upside down). Hot Wheels based the car’s design on fidget spinners in order to make a new kind of vehicle — one that does all the stuff kids want from a race car toy, and that can also provide a sensory play experience. The ASAN weighed in to approve the design, ensuring it’s perfect for kids with brains that work in all different ways, including those who benefit from open-ended play and sensory toys.

Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels

Mattel has worked with ASAN in the past to develop Bruno the Brake Car for Thomas & Friends — the show’s first-ever character with autism — back in 2022. In April 2023, a new special starring Bruno, Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain, debuted during National Autism Acceptance Month. This year, the April launch of the Hot Wheels’ Flippin’ Fast car is Mattel’s way of promoting inclusivity and visibility for the autism community.

This special little toy is now available in stores nationwide for $1.25, in the same section as all the other Hot Wheels your little one will want to collect. It’s recommended for kids ages 3 years and older. And it comes at a great time, right on the heels of Netflix’s new animated kids’ series, Hot Wheels Let’s Race, which debuted in March. So, grab another car to add to your child’s garage and settle in to watch all those new episodes.