The Cutest St. Patrick’s Day Outfits & Accessories For Kids Of All Ages

Don’t forget the pajamas!

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St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday this year — what are your family’s plans? Maybe you have your own festive traditions to celebrate, like building leprechaun traps together or hitting up your local St. Patty’s Day parade, or at most you’re planning to chill on the couch and watch an on-theme movie or two. Whether your kid needs a sparkly tutu or a cute set of pajamas, these are the cutest kids’ St. Patrick’s Day outfits and accessories out right now (including clothes for babies and toddlers, of course).

St. Patrick’s Day may not be as big a deal to us grownups as Christmas, Halloween, or even Valentine’s Day. But when you’re a kid, all holidays deserve to feel a little extra fun. Besides, having a festive St. Patrick’s Day outfit will maybe, just maybe, get your kid up and excited to get dressed for once (no promises though). So chat it up with them about leprechaun lore, make a green breakfast, and yeah, throw a few St. Patrick’s Day tees in your cart.

St. Patrick’s Day outfits for babies

Whether you’re taking your baby to a get-together for St. Patrick’s Day or just lounging around the house, it’s fun to get them a little dressed up for the occasion. These outfits and little accessories will help you feel festive, even if your family is in the newborn haze right now.

Toddler St. Patrick’s Day outfits

If your little one wants to get in the spirit of St. Patty’s Day this year, there’s no shortage of cute outfit options online. You could spring for a new dress or matching set, or buy one statement skirt. You could opt for a clover-free, but very green item, like pants, you know they’ll wear again, or keep things simple with a bright green accessory of some kind worn with clothes they already own.

Big kids’ St. Patrick’s Day outfits

Maybe your big kid is still all about glitter and dressing up, or maybe they’ve become a little more meh about the minor holidays (sob). In any case, you can still get them a fun little T-shirt to wear for the day, or indulge their dreams of rainbow hair clips and twirly dresses.

St. Patrick’s Day pajamas for kids of all ages

Leprechauns are sneaky little beings, and the last thing you need is for your kid to get pinched in the wee hours of the night, right? At least, that’s what you can tell yourself if you want to justify buying some super cute St. Patty’s Day PJs for your little ones.

So, which of these outfits will your little one wear this year? Take lots of pics of your little leprechaun!