Postpartum Sex Pain: Why It Hurts & What You Can Do

by Ashley Jones

You want to do it, but you literally just birthed a whole baby and everything hurts.

The Great Outdoors

Your Guide To Hiking During Pregnancy

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

Step one: Try not to fall down.

Planning For The Future

It's Not As Scary As You Think, Just Make Your Will Already

by Cat Bowen

But it is as important as it sounds.


Lately Kids Have Had A Serious PR Problem

by Emma Rosenblum

It seems many of us have internalized the message that it’s at best, kind of lame, and at worst, antifeminist, to be sentimental or gushy about our brood. I certainly have.


Oh Yeah, Orgasms While Masturbating Could Help Induce Labor, Too

by Meg Kehoe and Angelique Serrano

And you don’t even have to do any extra work.


Okay I May Have Accidentally Raised Mansplainers

by Jen McGuire

When my son was 2 years old, his favorite word was “actually.”


Are You Breastfeeding & Also *Starving* At Night?

by Alice Emory

Experts explain why so many breastfeeding moms are digging into the hummus at 2 a.m.

Sex & Relationships

The Nonmonogamous Moms Next Door

by Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Ten months after her husband died, Rebecca Woolf posted on Instagram that she was in a new relationship.


I Hope The Meaning Of My Daughter’s Name Will Guide Her Life, As Mine Ultimately Did

by Kavita Das

From mothers to daughters, our names tie us to our culture.


28 Subscription Boxes For Every Kind Of Kid

by Jennifer Parris

From fashion to art, there’s an option for every interest.


My Best Mom Friend Is A Dad

by Lynn Steger Strong

I joke sometimes that R is my best mom friend, except, honestly, I mean it.

Our Moms

Here’s To The Shoulder-Pad Moms

by Diana Weisman

Nerves of steel in pillowy-packaging.