Childhood Cancer

children's hands next to the symbol of the fight against childhood cancer. go gold childhood cancer....

CNN Correspondent Pens Touching Post After Losing Her 2-Year-Old Son To Brain Cancer

by Alexia McKay

“I am dedicated to fighting pediatric cancer for the rest of my life. I will do it not just to spare other parents from this unbearable pain but I will do it to forever honor you, Blake...”


Germs Might Protect Kids From Leukemia, Study Says, So Go Easy On The Hand Sanitizer

by Alana Romain

It's Rare, But Kids *Can* Get Skin Cancer — Here's What You Need To Know

by Cat Bowen
A brown poodle Therapy Dog looking over its shoulder

Therapy Dogs Can Help Kids Coping With Cancer, According To Science

by Jen McGuire
A man taking out Medical Marijuana from a glass jar

Many Doctors Would Give Medical Marijuana To Kids With Cancer — Here's Why

by Karen Fratti

A Newly Approved Drug To Treat Childhood Leukemia Could Help Kids Survive The Disease

by Korey Lane

Childhood Cancer Genes Linked To Parents' Smoking

by Abby Norman
A portrait of a girl in a mint top who has had Leukemia

What Raising A Child With Leukemia Is Honestly Like

by Sarah Hosseini